Saturday, March 31, 2012

Politrix of Being Black In A Dred Scott Trayvon Martin America

Artist Bobby Ras of Ras Designs and KAT discuss racial injustice, white superiority complex and the chess game of control over Blacks in America with a focus on Trayvon Martin and the Dred Scott Decision.

Roshon Fegan His Career Is His Girl Friend

The more I know about Roshon Fegan the more I like him. Roshon gave some wisdom about his career while the Glitter Gays took pictures...

Exclusive Karina Smirnoff Lets Gavin DeGraw Drive Her Car

A member of the Glitter Gays serenades Gavin DeGraw then Karina Smirnoff lets Gavin DRIVE HER CAR that her ex Fiancé gave her! You know what it means when a woman lets you drive her car. A romance may be brewing between the two.

Exclusive Smirnoff, DeGraw, Hightower and The Glitter Gays

The Glitter Gays get their photos with stars Karina Smirnoff, Gavin DeGraw and Chelsie Hightower...

Exclusive KAT Asks Gavin DeGraw An Important Question

KAT gets help by a member of the Glitter Gays to film Gavin DeGraw as she professes her new love for him and asks him a very important question...

Exclusive Melissa & Maks Meet The Glitter Gays

Melissa Gilbert finally signs for the Glitter Gays...

Anna Trebunskaya & Jack Wagner Meet The Glitter Gays

Anna and Jack go down the hill and get some Glitter...

Roshon Fegan on KAT's Kamera Kam

Roshon Fegan on KAT's Kamera Kam...

Roshon Fegan Shot by Carlos Fuentes For KAT TALES TV

Roshon shoots with my video camera while I concentrate on stills of Disney Star Roshon Fegan...

Sherri Shepherd Talks Tina Turner

Here is Sherri Shepherd talking about Tina Turner on KAT's Kamera Kam...

WIlliam Levy Shot by A Glitter Gay

I asked a member of the Glitter Gays to shoot video so I could concentrate on doing stills of the man that everyone wants, William Levy...

Maria Menounos and Jaleel White shot by Carlos for KAT TALES TV

Sometimes angels fall and give a hand, here is footage that my friend Carlos Fuentes shot for me while I concentrated on stills of Maria Menounos & Jaleel White.

Katherine Jenkins Gives Cold Shoulder To Splash Pap

Katherine signs an autograph while giving the cold shoulder...

Exclusive Jaleel White Meets The Glitter Gays

Glitter Gays are back...

Sherri Shepherd & Don Driver Positive Role Models

Here is DWTS Sherri Shepherd and Donald Driver at Dancing With The Stars rehearsals kaptured by KAT's Kamera Kam...

Mark Ballas Takes Time For DWTS Fans

Here is Mark Ballas taking pix for fans after rehearsals.

Exclusive DWTS Gavin DeGraw & Karina Smirnoff Late Night

Some late night shenanigans at DWTS with Gavin, Karina and some fans...

Exclusive Roshon Fegan and Roy Fegan DWTS Late Night

Roy Fegan cracks jokes while son Roshon Fegan hands out autographs late night at DWTS.

DWTS Exclusive Maria Menounos Gets Some Green Greens from Carlos Fuentes

A nice surprise late night at DWTS, after working really hard and banged up Maria Menounos gets some Green Greens by horticulturist Carlos Fuentes...

Exclusive Donald Drive and Derek Hough Do Some Night Moves

"They work hard for the money". Here is Donald Driver and Derek Hough coming and going to late night DWTS rehearsals.

Exclusive Sherri Shepherd and Val C Bumping In The Night

Sherri Shepherd and Val Chmerkovskiy working late into the night. Shepherd gets a laugh when she finds out there has been some bumping going on near by.

Derek Hough Got on KAT's Kamera Kam

Here is Derek Hough going to rehearsal you can hear the shots fire off KAT's Kamera Kam as the action unfolds.

Tristan MacManus Checks Out KAT's Kamera Kam

I got a brand new KAMERA set up. Here is Dancing With The Stars Tristan MacManus checking it out...

Bobby Brown DUI His Perogative

Hollywood Hulk aka Joe McQueen and Hollywood Superman from "Confessions of A Super Hero" say what they think about Bobby Brown getting arrested (again) for a DUI.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

DWTS Donald Driver: Success Is A Family Affair

Good to know that Donald Driver's adorable family are key to his success.

DWTS Cheryl Burke Rushing To Get to Rehearsal

We can totally understand the reasons why Cheryl Burke could be seen rushing to rehearsals for Dancing With The Stars. Being partnered up with Cuban William Levy has caused Cheryl to come early.

DWTS William Levy: Everybody Wants A Peace

I've shot some celebs before some of the biggest in the world but I honestly can't think of one (with the exception of Michael Jackson) that caused such intense fervor over the internet. Few things please me more than photographing gorgeous men so William Levy is a treat to shoot. It is amazing to watch how many people want a piece of Levy. By the way, I shot over 80 pix of Levy yesterday contact me via email if you are interested in digital downloads of photos.

Grace Kelly Reincarnate DWTS Katherine Jenkins

Talented Katherine Jenkins leaving rehearsal yesterday as graceful as Grace Kelly.

DWTS Exclusive Tristan MacManus Rocks Beats By Dre

My Irish partner in six degrees of separation rocks Beats by Dr. Dre headphones.

DWTS Exclusive Val Chemerkovskiy All Smiles After "Rolling On The River" Injury

Val Chemerkovskiy was all smiles before arriving to rehearsal although he has an injury from his previous dance with partner Sherri Shepherd.

Exlclusive DWTS Derek Hough Trips

Dancing With The Stars Fave Derek Hough gets a little tripsy while walking to rehearsal yesterday. But he recovered well.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

DWTS Gavin DeGraw: A Different Kind of Sexy

Funny thing Gavin DeGraw reminds me of a friend of mine by the name of Larry Marciano. Both are into wearing hats and have amazing soulful voices. There is something about Gavin DeGraw that takes one by surprise. His speaking voice, his singing voice, his powerful arms and legs, his ability to take risks and go beyond his comfort zone as well as his genuine sweetness makes him a different kind of sexy.

William Levy El Conquistador del DWTS

I know William Levy is from Cuba but everyone considers him the Mexican Brad Pitt. Regardless, William is bringing the fire to Dancing With The Stars whether he wears a tuxedo or not. He has some beautiful lips, chest and back. I'm sure the creators of the show are thanking their lucky stars Levy is on season 14 of Dancing With The Stars.