Friday, July 31, 2009

Ms. Grace Jones Leaving LAX Photos

I need to get rich really quick and/or get an agent who can afford to send me to New York or London to video artists like Ms. Grace Jones. I do the best with what I have a small inexpensive camera and persistence.

I'm posting these of the Dominatrix of Disco leaving LAX on her way to New York. No doubt the show in NYC got the finale of Slave to the Rhythm and didn't have a curfew.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kira Plastinina - 17 year old is Back in Bizness

Kira Plastinina is a young Russian heiress whose daddy Sergei Plastinin is one of the richest men in Russia. Kira started a fashion line when she was 15. And already K.P. is discovering the hard knocks of doing buisness several months ago her company filed for banckruptcy with $54 million in debt.
The store on Robertson as well as others were shut down 7 months ago many thought permanently but the power of money can make anything possible and Kira Plastinina store on Robertson has reopened. Other US stores have followed. Kira is friend with Paris Hilton and so I'm sure Paris will help bring media attention to KP's store.

Media Darlings? Heidi & Spencer

Spawns of Aryan Republicans Heidi & Spencer were out and about a few moments ago on Robertson putting on a show for all the paparazzi.
They smiled, kissed and laughed it up took pictures with fans and all the stuff that makes contrived pictures.
The more they are shot the more they sell that is the point.

Ms. Grace Jones Leaving LAX

Ms. Grace Jones leaving Los Angles triumphant after a orgasmic performance...

Ms. Grace Jones Backstage at the Hollywood Bowl

Join the festivities backstage at the Hollywood Bowl with Grace Jones, Bishop Noel Jones, Laurence Fishbourne, Billy Zane, Tichina Arnold, KAT and other fans...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Here's Grace.... Backstage After Hollywood Bowl Performance

The one and only Grace Jones held court backstage after the show. I was thankful to accept. The Diva Extraordinaire was wearing a comfy velvet robe. Her beautiful head wrapped and big dark sunglasses added to her ensemble. She liked having people close to her. And was gracious in so many ways.
Much fun was had backstage alot of attractive men wearing very nice attire...Billy Zane looked hot old school Frankie Sinatra look.

Bishop Noel Jones, seen here below with his girl friend Mimi O'Donnell and Billy Zane, is one of the coolest cats on the planet. The duality of being a religious man while at the same time connecting with the realities of the world can be a tight rope to walk. Bishop Noel Jones also Grace Jones' brother handles it with intelligent dexterity. And still looks fly while doing it. Man does he know how to dress.

Actor Rondell Sheridan and I used to play basketball together at the Y. It was so good to see him out again. He is doing great. He is directing alot now. He also is a photographer.

Sven-Ole Thorsen another actor was big and burly. He had a lot of fun teasing me about my picture taking. I was prepared to fight him. The gorgeous Mimi O'Donnell is so sweet and beautiful. Love her.

Monday, July 27, 2009

KAT TALES TV the Videos: Ladies & Gentlemen Ms. Grace Jones @ the Hollywood Bowl

As promised via twitter, all the GRACE JONES videos of the Hollywood Bowl that I shot in order. I didn't include Pull Up to the Bumper because I was dancing too hard (I changed my mind). For those of you who don't know this, I'm not intending to shoot her entire performance or an entire song, my desire is to give a taste, to tease, to whet the appetite of the viewer and hopefully if they are a newbie to someone as FABULOUS as Ms. Grace Jones is, they will be inspired to purchase her albums or go to her concerts. As I can see from the youtube responses, the world wants more Grace Jones and it is my pleasure to feed from the Vamp...

Ladies & Gentlemen Ms. Grace Jones...

To say I love Grace Jones would be redundant. To say I had so much fun at her concert last night would be an understatement. First off let me say what a wonderful family Ms. Jones has. I had the pleasure of meeting her mom and son last night. Such nice people. Bishop Noel Jones (Grace's brother) is so cool. He gave me his phone last year and told me that there was someone on the line who wanted to speak to me and that person was Grace Jones. So to say I had a SPLENDID Time with all last night would be not enough. But I will try to tell those who didn't attend the show and do not know the Icon Grace Jones what they need to know.
First off, Ms. Jones now 60 looks great at any age, started off as a Super Model in the 70's. Her exploits were and are legendary. Grace soon took over a new wave of disco. She with the help of her son's father Jean Paul Goude (photographer and graphic artist) crafted an image that would make her legendary.
Grace Jones' fashion sense, singing abilities & theatrical training combined with J.P.C.'s visionary talent were a perfect cyclone to hit MTV. As music videos grew in popularity, Jones hit a global following. Jones' collaborations with Trevor Horn and Nile Rogers escalated Grace to Electronic Stardom. Her gay following is huge and has supported her for decades. Jones is popularity is also based on her film work. Some of her most popular roles are in BOOMERANG, CONAN the Destroyer and A VIEW TO A KILL.
Grace Jones unconventional look and demeanor is a great part of her success. Jones has the duplicity of both Male & Female power. Grace Jones was the first person that I thought was FIERCE! Jones is unapologetic for who she is and what she wants. She is GRACE JONES. Who else would open a concert and sing an entire song shrouded and get away with it?

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bert Schneider: The House the MONKEES Made

The last month has been a surreal trip. Figures that were Icons to me, especially since I was a child, have crossed my path. If someone told me I would be meeting Michael Jackson, Carol Burnett, as well as one of the people that created the Monkees in a span of a few weeks and then one of them would die a few days later, I would have thought it was a bad nightmare. The story is true however and truth is stranger than fiction. This is one of the stories of Hollywood. Bert Schneider who I was introduced to by Quween, days after Michael Jackson's death and I spent hours together over the last few weeks. Schneider is a fascinating man who like all of us (in our own unique ways) has his cross to bare. In a whirlwind of Charlie Chaplin, Michael Jackson and the Monkees and the Black Panthers, Schneider and I had much to talk about. The following is just a snippet of a larger story...

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Newly Crowned Miss California Steps Out with Boyfriend

Tami Farrell who took over Carrie Prejean duties representing Miss California, was shopping on Robertson this afternoon with her boyfriend. Tami shopped at LF and seemed pleasant enough although at the time I didn't know who she was LOL.

Jesus & SuperMan Discuss Michael Jackson

For the people who work and walk on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, there is a constant reminder of Michael Jackson, his star. Over the past month, thousands have shared their stories, memories, tears, artwork and flowers at MJ's star. Working next to his star is like working in a cememtary. One is constantly asked where is Michael Jackson's Star although there is a constant circle around it.
I believe that it is essential in the grieving process to talk about it.
Here are Jesus of Hollywood & SuperMan discussing the Icon.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Vittorio Brumotti the Video shot by KAT of KAT TALES TV

First off, when I saw Vittorio Brumotti I had no idea what he did. He looked like a HOT guy. I just spent a half an hour looking at some of his bike tricks on youtube. Vittorio is impressive and a World Record Holder. This is my encounter with Brumotti a few days ago...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

KAT Sounds OFF: Stop Bitching About Michael Jackson's Memorial Service

I am sick and tired of hearing certain news media organizations putting gasoline on the fire regarding Michael Jackson's Memorial Service. When I think about how many billions of dollars YES BILLIONS of $$$$ The King of Pop generated not only in album sales, concert tickets, merchandise, air travel for fans as well as his entourage, tourism dollars, clothing, jobs created by his music videos and concerts, I can't help but want to scream "STFU!" Everyday I see people selling MJ's T-shirts and programs. Every moment TMZ, Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight etc run a story about the deceased star. They are still making money off of his death. Have those media sources given a dime to the Memorial Service? And speaking of the Memorial Service, does anyone know how much money came into Los Angeles because of Michael Jackson's unfortunate demise? I met news media from all over the WORLD. I met fans from Japan that flew in. How many hotel rooms, airline flights, taxis, restaurant revenue, subway/bus fares, gas sales, clothing, batteries, SD cards, tapes for camcorders etc were purchased during the last month that were directly related to Jackson's death? We will never know exactly but I'm sure if an accountant tracked the spike in sales tax alone over the course of the last month, we would be astounded. If Los Angeles is too cheap to pay homage to Michael Jackson than I don't want to live here. The cost of his Memorial Service was pennies in comparison to what that man brought to the WORLD. Los Angeles can afford to take care of Michael Jackson we owe him at least that. 1.5 or 1.6 Million is chicken scratch to what MJ delivered to the world.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

F.C. Internazionale Milano Photos in Beverly Hills

Here some shots of Inter Milan...Defender, Zanetti Javier who has a very handsome old school face who could easily be cast in the series MADMEN,
The Lion, Materazzi Marco.
The Swede and most talked about player on Inter Milan, Ibrahimovic Zlatan,

Chivu Cristian from Romania
The team made many happy by taking time to sign autographs, take photos and chat with fans. One lucky autograph seeker was given a free ticket to the game.

F.C. Internazionale Milano in Beverly Hills

More Italian I was shooting some more in shape hot men yesterday F.C. Internazionale Milano aka Inter Milan. The squad is comprised of talented football players from all over the world, Argentina, Italy, Sweden & Africa.

I'm amazed how they are able to communicate and play together. Inter Milan wish you the best of luck.

Vittorio Brumotti Italy's Criss Angel?

So I'm walking around Hollywood after going by Madame Tossaud's Wax Museum and I see this handsome guy riding a motor cross bike. With wild hair and lots of tats, he looked like some kind of rock star. I didn't know who he was so I asked him.
Vittorio Brumotti is a dare devil on a bicycle. He also modeled for Emporio Armani in June during fashion week.

I checked out some of his pictures on the net and that is where the comparison between Chris Angel (magic) and Brumotti (bike stunts) started for me. Angel has a crazy cut body and so does Vittorio. They both look like rock stars and take their specialty to an entirely different level. They add coolness and incredible marketing prowess to their perspective fields. With the looks of things, Vittorio Brumotti is looking to conquer America possibly in the XGames.

Madame Tussaud's Opens in Hollywood

Hoping to put some bank in the tourism business of Hollywood, Madame Tussaud's opened yesterday. With ribbon cutting from the Mayor and fan fare supplied by a marching band, Madame Tussaud's opened it's doors. A necrophilia fantasy perhaps but I'm not into wax figures and taking photos with them. It is a little creepy. However, no doubt Madame Tussaud's will do well and put money into the local economy.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle's 25th Anniversary

Is it possible that the TMNT franchise is 25 years young? Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles decided to throw a party by holding auditions for their next movie scheduled for 2011 at Hollywood & Highland. Martial Artists from different schools and styles showed up and showed off their skills and talents for the director and producers (Ernie Reyes Jr., Jason Morgan from the American Taekwondo Association, 2011 TMNT movie producers Scott Mednick and Galen Walker). Here is a sample of the try outs...

Friday, July 17, 2009

Quween is Dlisted Hot Slutt of the Month

Above is a picture of Dlister Phoebe Price, her mother Flo and Quween.
Trust me I hate to interrupt kissing Ms. Christina Aguilera's ass because I adore her but I just got finished perusing Michael K's and noticed that Quween on the Scene won Dlisted Hot Slutt of the Month competition. Plus Dlisted used my photo so THANKS!!!! I love Michael and Dlisted is mad funny so I have to give him props although he has something against Christina which I don't understand. Anyway, Quween is a pain in the ass who drove me to DRINK!!! Bert Schneider and her kept interrupting me while I was shooting the Michael Jackson Coroner's Interview at MJ's Dermatologist Dr. Arnold Klien's office. Quween got all in it and that really pissed me off considering Michael Jackson's death is a serious matter and quite possibly a Homicide. For me I take this situation VERY SERIOUSLY. Not to say Quween doesn't but I think it is in very poor taste to grand stand during a SERIOUS press conference especially one that concerns the death of someone who meant so much to so many as well to both myself and Quween. Quween and I see things differently right now. And I have to work. I dont have the luxury to be taking care of people who don't respect my work or valuable time. Michael Jackson's death has changed me. I have zero tolerance for Bullshit.

Christina Aguilera...An Angel Hits Hollywood

Christina Aguilera is a new spokesperson for World Hunger Relief. Ms. Aguilera was shooting a PSA for the program at Hollywood and Highland. Performing under blistering sun, Christina took occassional shade under a huge umbrella.

Aguilera brought some much needed magic to Hollywood

which hasn't been the same since the falling of a star, Michael Jackson.

It is so wonderful to see a gifted performer live. What a voice! What expressions!!! What lipstick is she wearing? LOVE IT!!!

Phil Joneau of U2's Rattle & Hum fame, directed Christina Aguilera in the World Hunger Relief PSA.

Side note of all the celebrities that I have photographed and videoed, I have to say Christina Aguilera is side by side with David Beckham. She reminded me how much I love shooting. Thanks Christina!!!!