Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Juice Fountain On Hollywood Blvd Great Place For A Healthy Snack

Hollywood Blvd looks like a depressive bomb exploded. I haven't been walking around there for a while but I did recently and I checked out one of my favorite places to eat a healthy bite.
The Juice Fountain on 6332 Hollywood Blvd., is a inexpensive and tasty place if you are in the area. There are so many great juice and smoothie combinations that it may take you a while to make up your mind on what to get but it is well worth it. The area was looking shady with the desperate tour guides, solicitors trying to hustle cosmetic gift bags and the people asking for money sitting up and down the sidewalk but if you are looking to film some local color and the real Hollyweird, take a walk around Ivar and Vine. Anyway, The Juice Fountain is a great place so stop by if you are in the neighborhood.

Eric The Actor Dies Before Becoming A Hologram

Eric The Actor formerly known as Eric The Midget from the Howard Stern Show passed away yesterday. Eric Shaun Lynch was one of the "disabled" side kicks that was used as entertainment fodder on the Howard Stern Radio Show for many years. As a member of the "Wack Pack" Eric drew laughs and a fan based partly due to his size and partly due to his anger. Eric wanted to be taken seriously as a man and as an actor so he changed his moniker from Eric The Midget to Eric The Actor. Johnny Fratto his manager was desperately trying to get Eric to travel to Beverly Hills so he could be turned into a hologram. Luckily for Eric Lynch that didn't happened. Sometimes it is better to go out without being the butt of a sadistic prick's jokes. RIP Eric.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Brittny Gastineau Looking Much Better Since Miami Incident

Brittny Gastineau was looking great yesterday as she was seen going to lunch. Last time Brittny was seen she was a hot mess in Miami and at Villa Blanca last month. But everyone has their bad days. Gastineau was seen having lunch with Shiva Safai. Both women were wearing sexy shoes...

Mickey Rourke Spends Birthday Dinner At Russian Restaraunt

Mickey Rourke spent his birthday with his girlfriend at a Russian Restaurant. I think some crazy cake was involved. He seemed that he had a great time. Mickey spent some quality time with his pals for over 25 years Giuseppe Franco and Richie Palmer yesterday...

Hedo Turkoglu - "You Gave Me Promises Promises" Back With The LA Clippers

Well look who the KAT dragged in. The last time I saw Hedo was right before the NBA Playoffs in April. Unfortunately Turkoglu had a back injury and was out and then all hell broke loose with the Donald Sterling tapes and the rest is history.
Hedo's back is now back in line which is great news and he is re-signed to the LA Clippers for another year.
Here are some blasts from the past Hedo Turkoglu KAT TALES TV videos...

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Robbie Keane Says Happy Birthday To Mickey Rourke

I bumped into Robbie Keane and his lovely wife Claudine Palmer earlier today after they enjoyed a very long lunch LOL! Anyway, it turns out today is Mickey Rourke's birthday. And the rest is history. Happy B-day Mickey!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Goodbye To The Hardest Working Women In Show Biz - Joan Rivers

When I heard Joan Rivers was in the hospital I didn't feel like talking. I just wanted to keep quiet and lay low. At 81 to go under the knife is risky and I had a feeling Joan Rivers being the competitive talent that she was would want to go out in a way that garnered the most attention, a place where she felt the most comfortable and on her own terms. What better place to leave than at the top of her game? Who else but Joan Rivers would kill it at a comedy club the night before, go out to dinner with a friend and the next day get some work on her throat done? Part of me thinks she was jealous of the top billing Robin Williams was getting in heaven so Joan Rivers had to tell Johnny Carson what was up! All kidding aside, Joan Rivers was a force of nature, an icon, a true talent, a bitch, a doll a mother and a grandmother. Mad Respect to a woman that made her way in a male dominated field where women weren't taken seriously until she walked into the room. I didn't like all the things she said but that is OK. I liked her anyway. RIP Joan and to your family and loved ones you are suffering a great loss but she loved you as sure and as fiercely as she was talented......

Monday, August 25, 2014

Eduardo Verástegui - Caliente But Not In A Promiscuous Kind Of Way

So my Spanish is weak and I found out "caliente" can have several meanings like "boner" and "promiscuous" etc. I strictly mean it as a compliment in the most positive sense. HOT, Sexy, Handsome etc. I wasn't familiar with Eduardo Verástegui but Now I am. LOL! He has gorgeous eyes...

V.Stiviano How The Mighty Have Fallen - Driving A Hyundai

The woman or maybe she should be nicknamed the WoeMan, the right hand man of Donald Sterling also known as V.Stiviano was back to the same restaurant she was at the day before on Friday. Maybe money is running low, because gone were her variety of fancy cars. Stiviano rolled up in a Hyundai. She tried to hide the fact several times. First she parked on the street. When her Koi (owner) pal Nick Haque arrived she asked the valet to move it in the parking lot. Maybe Nick gave her some money. When V.Stiviano and Nick had finished their lunch, Nick got into his waiting SUV. Stiviano answered questions by TMZ and then realized that it wasn't smart to to go her car so she knocked on the door of Nick Haque's ride, spoke to the Valet in Spanish about her Hyundai and then got into Haque's car. Why the deception? All for appearances. Hey there is nothing wrong with driving an affordable and economical car. It is slightly amusing that the WoeMan whose life's mission was to show off her plunder: the designer bags, shoes, court side seats and expensive cars on her Instagram, is now hiding the fact that she is driving a Hyundai. God forbid she has to earn a living honestly like the rest of us.

Ray Donovan's Guest Star Rosanna Arquette Seen Leaving Lunch

Rosanna Arquette who most recently had an acting arc on 'Ray Donovan' (which will probably win several Emmy's tonight) seen leaving lunch recently in Beverly Hills. Arquette comes from one of the most successful acting families in Hollywood.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

V. Stiviano Despite Love Child Tale Says Donald Sterling Is Gay

TMZ is reporting that V. Stiviano just outed Donald Sterling. According to their story, TMZ is quoting that V. Stiviano said that "she was his beard and that Donald Sterling is gay." Didn't she say she was Donald's "right hand man". Then she said she never slept with him. Later V. said she had a love child with Sterling. Now Stiviano claims pimp daddy Donald Sterling is gay. I think V. stands for Vendetta in more ways than one. Which story is it. The funny thing is I heard a rumor a while ago that Sterling was gay but their was no proof just gossip. But nothing in Hollyweird surprises me. I think Diary of A Hollywood Street King was first to drop that bomb about the former Clippers owners being a homosexual. Regardless, money talks and freaks walk.
After seeing Donald Sterling over the weekend, then his wife earlier this week and then to see V. Stiviano today, I just couldn't bring myself to talk to her/him/beard/mistress/mother/famewhore.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Shelly Sterling Drive By In Beverly Hills

Honestly, I don't know what the universe is doing. I think it is having a laugh at me. First V. Stiviano, then seeing her again, then seeing Blake Griffin last week having lunch in Beverly Hills, over the weekend running into Donald Sterling and today SHELLY STERLING. Lions and tigers and bears Oh My.............

Expendables Star Dolph Lundgren Still Hot & Handsome

Ran into Dolph Lundgren earlier today and he looked HOT....

Former DWTS Contestant Billy Dee Williams Chats With KAT

Lando Calrissian also known as Billy Dee Williams was out shopping over the weekend in Beverly Hills. Unfortunately the "force" gave him a parking ticket.

Rock Star Sebastian Bach Seen Enjoying Lunch With Wife

Heavy Metal vocalist Sebastian Bach took his wife Minnie Gupta to lunch recently in Beverly Hills. Sebastian has a new album "Give 'Em Hell" that is out now.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Donald Sterling Hides From KAT

In a interesting twist of fate, I saw Donald Sterling yesterday. A car was getting towed and it turns out it was his at the time I had no idea but when he was leaving the restaurant I noticed that belly. He went back inside to order a driver to pick him up and his lady. Several months ago, I wanted to bump into Sterling in the height of the frenzy it didn't happen. I ran into V. Stiviano instead. Yesterday was a trippy day, I was in Zen. Donald Sterling is what he is. He can not change. It is unfortunate that so many were hurt in the process and that his family will be $2 Billion richer.

Blake Griffin Ignores Question On Clippers Sale

It is a tricky thing but NBA players are controlled. They can't say what they want which makes the whole "ownership" thing even more distasteful. After going to so many Clippers games in the past, I'm still torn about going to any more in the future. The Donald Sterling fiasco and not being aware of his discriminatory housing practices as well as his racism and other negatives, made me realize that what I give my money to means I'm supporting the views of the people who own the business. It was a sobering thought. Who owns what and who plays is a serious issue. The Lords and the serfs - the masters and slaves - the owners and the workers is a disturbing dance that has been going on for eons.
But it seem to come down that most of us will do just about anything for money. It is the world we live in.

Blake Griffin & Sasha Vujacic Hanging Out With Beverly Hills Fans

This was funny seeing Blake Griffin up close after seeing so many times at Los Angeles Clippers games. I don't know much about Sasha Vujacic but he is a hottie in those sunglasses he is sporting. Anyway, after practice the two had lunch at Il Pastaio and made some fans happy by taking some pictures.

Dolph Lundgren & When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong

Dolph Lundgren was supposed to be the main story but something different happened. While photographing Dolph and his friend, I was repeatedly blocked and bumped much like when I used to play basketball. So after a few times, I held my position. I don't even know the pap's name, lets just call him saggy pants. By the way, the whole sagging pants fashion where a man's ass crack is showing started in the penal system. In prison, men who wear their pants low are saying they are "bottoms" that they are available for sex by other inmates so I don't get the fashion of men not in prison walking around free wearing their pants so low that you can almost see their balls. Only another man would find that attractive not a lady in my opinion. In the video, I remark, "Go back to prison!" because of his sagging pants just to be clear. Anyway, saggy pants accused me of physically attacking him. Now let's look at this logically why would I do that when my job is to get the best pictures and video possible of the the celeb that I'm shooting? Why would I have to attack to get a shot of Lundgren when I've shot him so many times in the past and want to shoot him in the future? Why would I fuck up a chance for a great video that possibly could be sold since Dolph Lundgren is hot right now due to Expendables 3. Lastly, I love Grace Jones, I would not mess with any old or new flames in her crew. But besides all that, it is so sad that saggy pants said in the video that "He has nothing to live for..." That is more disturbing than his tirade and his verbal abuse. For me it isn't that serious. I come across celebs all the time without really trying. I don't have to fight to photograph them or get them to chat with me. I'm not desperate for shots. They come to me so in the future when I have to shoot around someone like saggy pants. I'll ignore him. It is hard though to turn the other cheek when a person is threatening you. Seriously. If I was a man, it would be the norm for me to knock him out but because I'm a woman, it is a strange paradox.

Scottish Actor Tony Curran Got A Good Thing Going

Defiance star Tony Curran is hard working Scottish actor with a wonderful family. His wife was such a dear and their daughter is adorably smart. Curran and his family were leaving lunch when I got to ask about his SyFy show.

Mickey Rourke: A Bat & A KAT In A Tailor's Shop

Here is a small slice of cheese of the the funny Mickey Rourke before he appeared on JKL, flew to Russia and made a B-Line to New York. Only Mickey would bring a Louisville Slugger baseball bat inside his tailor's shop.

Monday, August 11, 2014

R.I.P. Robin Williams

I have no photo to post of Robin Williams. I have never had the pleasure of photographing him. I was shocked to read that he took his life like most people. Depression, drug addiction, alcoholism and sobriety is a battle a never ending war.
Recently, I met Christopher Lambert and he reminded me my love for Queen, Freddie Mercury and David Bowie. One of my favorite songs is "Under Pressure".
Robin Williams spent most of his adult life making people who never met him in the flesh, Laugh.
Thanks Robin rest in peace.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Mickey Rourke Heads To Russia

Sometimes I procrastinate updating my blog because saying how one really feels is something that can get one in trouble. But WTH, I'm going to live large. A few days ago, I spent some quality time with Mickey Rourke shooting the shit LOL! and spilling some TEA. To say, I had a great time would be an understatement. Rourke had an appointment with his tailor Gary Gagossian. Gary was gracious and gave us strong coffee. I learned a little about "Houndstooth" fabric and Mickey's favorite color (periwinkle/lavender). We both share an admiration for Viggo Mortensen especially in "Eastern Promises."
Some things I recorded and others I did not. But there was some GEMS. LOL! I really appreciate the access and the opportunity to spend time as well as take some amazing pictures. Yes I said amazing. I'm going to claim it. I saw some of the responses from one of my photographs of Mickey Rourke and many people commented that he was looking great. That makes me very happy. We all can use some redemption and we all can improve. So here is to Mickey Rourke getting what he deserves and wants out of his acting career. He is very proud of his work in "Ashby" which he just wrapped. Sin City 2 is going to be in theaters soon so Rourke will be doing a media blitz which includes going to Russia.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

It's Vanderpump Rules For Lisa Vanderpump

I photographed Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd earlier in the day yesterday and made the assumption that they were shooting Real House Wives Of Beverly Hills. They were actually shooting Vanderpump Rules...

Steven Hirsch Of Vivid Entertainment Has A Porn Offer For V. Stiviano

V. Stiviano has a way of popping up like a pimple just when you least expect it. Anyway, Donald Sterling's "right hand man" as she claimed in an interview with Barbara Walters arrived at the same restaurant as porn king Steven Hirsch of Vivid was lunching. Later I asked Hirsch about the lucrative porn career that a person who might be transgender could obtain...

Christopher Lambert Seen In Beverly Hills

I literally got tongue tied because I heard this man talking French and I kept staring at his body posture and I'm thinking to myself, "I know this body!" Christopher HIGHLANDER Lambert!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Former DWTS Contestant Stacy Keibler Happily Pregnant

Well pregnancy sure does agree with Stacy Keibler who was out yesterday with her husband Jared Porbre enjoying lunch with friends.

Yolanda Foster & Brandi Glanville Excited About RHOBH New Season & New Cast

Lovely Yolanda Foster and Brandi Glanville were out shooting Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills yesterday. Yolanda was seen wearing a black tank with yellow pants and Brandi looked skinny in over sized blue jeans. Many fans were concerned about Brandi's weight loss and sad appearance . They said they wanted her to be happy and well.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Gene Simmons Big Hit In Beverly Hills

The man with more than a plan, Gene Simmons rocked out Beverly Hills yesterday. The above videos just give a little taste of the fun.

Ronen Cohen A Prime Example Of Whats Wrong With Paparazzi

Let's be clear. I feel there is a difference between PHOTOGRAPHERS and Paparazzi. Photographers don't scare celebs, are polite, take their job professionally, take great pictures/videos and are fun to be photographed by. Photographers build the Brand of the Star. It makes sense to treat people well.
I as well as other people have had to deal with the immature antics of Ronen Cohen. He recently was cited by the Police for harassing Hilary Duff and her family. Ronen has made many celebs uncomfortable while he is aggressively taking their pictures. There are ton of videos and stills demonstrating that fact. In the past, I have attempted to talk to him and share in a non combative way that he is free to do what he wants but not to impede me in working. In the past he has blocked me as well as other photographers, trespassed inside businesses to shoot celebs, continued to shoot celebs when they have asked not to be as well as other shenanigans.
Last week he took things to another level so I documented his harassment, physical attack and his spitting in my camera. This was all witnessed by fans that were waiting for Real Madrid at the Montage. Real martial arts is avoiding violence. A weak minded person uses violence and terrorism to get their point across. What I think is so amusing, is that Ronen behaves like each shot will be his last. That he will cease to exist if he doesn't get one more shot of a celeb. Where does that greed, lack of self control and insecurity come from? Why is he so desperate to take a picture of people who don't care if he lives or dies? I don't get it but I'm tired of ignoring his insane behavior.

Dear Chelsea White of Daily Mail UK: Please Don't Make Up Stories About Mickey Rourke & KAT

Normally, I wouldn't even address fake stories and innuendos however due to Mickey Rourke's assistant telling me about my photos being in the Daily Mail UK with Mickey and then me reading over the "story". I'm writing a response. I'm not perfect yet I do my best to get the story right and not hurt others in the process. The Daily Mail UK article by Chelsea White makes it look like something more is going on than what is actually happening. Notice there are 3 people talking in my video not 2 as the pictures ran by the Daily Mail UK suggest. The photos were shot from across the street. I shot photos as well that were submitted to the Daily Mail UK that Ms. White didn't run.
Anyway, not that anyone cares but I have to deal with a lot of shit from being one of the only few female celebrity photographers. I've been harassed, bullied and attacked. When you try to do your art with talent and care and actually get paid for the skill, it can be an arduous task. So little respect is given to people who work for a living and don't use people or sell their bodies to get ahead. So I don't appreciate any implication of something nefarious going on with Mickey Rourke and myself. Rourke has given me some amazing photographs and videos in the past and I hope it will continue in the future. He is in a relationship. Mickey Rourke doesn't need manufactured plot lines and unwanted publicity.

By the way Sin City 2 is coming out this month so go check out his movie. As for Chelsea, I'm sure you wouldn't like someone taking photographs of you talking with your boss or a celeb and implying that you were doing something you weren't. We were actually talking about a paparazzo named Ronen Cohen who shoved me and spit in my camera while I was covering Real Madrid. So that is the TRUE story. I should thank you Chelsea White, I haven't been up to date on my blog due to other business ventures but your "story" made me respond in kind. Feel free to Google Mickey Rourke KAT TALES TV and you will see several videos of our business relationship.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Pagani Huayra Supercar Seen In Beverly Hills

If you like expensive cars the Pagani Huayra Supercar, may be the one for you. With a sticker price at $1,300,000, it is a car lover's dream.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Justin Bieber And His Selena Gomez Look A Like GF Share Good Times

Life is good for Justin Bieber regardless of the Miami video where he is wining about how tough his life is. Yesterday, the three pro photographers that were there gave Justin and his entourage plenty of breathing room so much so we were being blocked by tourists and fans. No big deal but slightly irritating however everyone got great pictures/videos and Justin was cool with the fans. His body guards were respectful to us as we were respectful to them. Win/Win!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

George St-Pierre 070714

GSP was in the house yesterday after a trip to Vegas for a huge UFC fight event. There is some serious Gossip going on regarding the UFC. I have to do some more research. But if it is true a big story or two will break.

Renaissance Man: Dolph Lundgren - Grace Jones Has Great Taste!

Everyone knows I LOVE GRACE JONES. Case in point of her marvelousness is that she help make Dolph Lundgren a star. The story is they met backstage at one of her concerts and the rest is history or herstory depending how you like it. Anyway, Dolph besides being Gorgeous, he is a martial artist, a musician, has a master degree in chemical engineering, he speaks 7 or so languages, I think he is a painter, an actor, action star and a father. I'm sure I left out some other great qualities. Brains & brawn are SEXY.

'Botched' Star Dr. Paul Nassif Plays Coy On ExWife Adrienne Maloof Rejoining RHOBH

I bumped into Dr. Paul Nassif yesterday and I asked him what he thought about his ex Adrienne Maloff rejoining RHOBH. He played coy like he didn't know. LOL! Dr. Paul is on another reality TV show on E! called 'Botched'. It is an entertaining program where victims of bad plastic jobs come to two surgeons for help in corrective measures and surgeries. What makes it also fascinating, is that sometimes the disasters can't be fixed and the doctors have to tell the patients. Check out the show.
Anyway, Dr. Paul Nassif was having lunch with Mohamed Hadid.

RHOBH's New Season Is On An Popping - Kyle Richards & Lisa Vanderpump Prepare To Do Battle

Something tells me that this season of Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills will have some major fireworks. The new season has already begun filming. Recently, I saw Lisa Vanderpump after a long absence. Our paths hadn't crossed in a while. Did she get some work done? She looks great and I saw her over seeing a party for her daughter Pandora. A while back I saw Kyle Richards enjoying a big lunch party that included her husband Mauricio. So what is in store for these two reigning Queens of Reality? Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump will be up to their old tricks and some new ones (I'm sure) vying for power as Adrienne Maloof and Camile Grammer are set to return in small doses.

Star Jones, Vanessa Bell Calloway & Vivica A. Fox: 3 Divas Lunch

Well this was a nice surprise except for the TMZ guy, Vanessa Bell Calloway and Vivica A. Fox joined Star Jones (formerly of The View) for lunch in Beverly Hills. What we didn't know at the time was that ABC was going to announce the firing of Jenny McCarthy and Sherri Shepherd. I think the clever Ms. Jones may have known there was going to be blood in the water because she is rarely seen in public unless something MAJOR is going to happen or she has a project to promote. That is the way it is done. So anyway, every thing was cool until Dante from TMZ started asking questions that the trio didn't want to answer which became a little uncomfortable as you will see in the video.

Downtown LA: A Great Place To Visit

Recently, I took a trip to downtown Los Angeles to buy a bathing suit. I haven't bought a new one in ages so I took the opportunity to make two quick videos about Downtown Los Angles. The Fashion Alley which is part of the Fashion District and the L.A. Pinata District.
Surprising there are many Angelenos who haven't ventured to this fun part of the La La land.
I love the fashion district especially when I'm making clothes and looking for fabrics. As for the Pinata district, I have always driven by there but never stopped. I took the time walking by foot to check out a very cool place which is perfect for shopping for birthday party ideas.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Filmmaker Paul Mazursky Transitions To A Star "Yippee"

Paul Mazursky passed away on Monday. Paul Mazursky was a very talented film maker. Innovative, experimental, brutally honest at times as well as funny. In a modern world that seems to have ADD, an addiction to reality stars, repeating the same old movie formulas and a love for all things shallow with little depth, Mazursky’s film legacy will be a reminder to the to what is possible with those who truly love story telling, honest emotions, fine acting and the art of movie making. For cinemaphile who has not seen Bob & Carol & Ted &Alice (1969), An Unmarried Women (1978), Down And Out In Beverly Hills (1986),  these films definitely need to be viewed and re-viewed. Mazursky has a body of work that has some of the best actors in Hollywood.
I met Paul Mazursky at a painful part of his life. At the beginning I had no idea how much pain he was in. I was just a fan of his work and was honored to have access to him as well as his friends. Sometimes my love for photographing the people I admire can be misread and/or misunderstood for that I apologize. I’m glad I had the opportunity to meet him, talk to him and photograph him. So for all that loved Paul Mazursky, his films and his legacy, I say "Yippee!" May he find his Joy!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Brandi Glanville Ready For RHOBH New Season

The always interesting Brandi Glanville is ready for the latest season of Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills.  Glanville calls it like she sees it which is refreshing for reality T.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Justin Bieber Involved In Car Accident In Beverly Hills

Rough day for the guy that got into a car accident with a SUV carrying Justin Bieber and his security team. Imagine being in this guy's shoes, colliding into JB and then being photographed and videoed while being interviewed by several police officers. Everyone involved in the accident appeared OK. Hopefully everyone is fine. This is a day the other motorist will be talking about for a long time while trying to forget.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Not Easy Being A Dick - Andy Dick Battles Substance Abuse

  We love fairy tales. Many of us were brainwashed with them as children and believed in happy endings even when we were repeatedly shown evidence to the contrary. Don't get me wrong I fell under the spell of a happy ending for Andy Dick while he was on DWTS. I remember talking to Jon Lovitz in Beverly Hills and he warned me that Andy wasn't sober and never would be.
  Recently, during the DWTS 18 finale, it was reported that Andy Dick was escorted out of the show after being wasted. Sad but that was all the recent news when you Google, the comic.
  It brings up an interesting discussion about whether people prefer Andy Dick wasted. It appears that Dick shot his own foot. It is like the "Boy Who Cried Wolf" one too many times except Andy has been wasted then sober then wasted again. So many times has he gone up and down the roller coaster elevator addiction ride that he is a caricature of himself. An aging Pan that keeps playing the same tune who only gets casts  as a self deprecating reality TV star. Gone are any roles that show him otherwise. Whose fault is it? Andy Dick. It begs the question if the "Powers That Be" will ever cast him in anything besides the wasted Fool that people are used to and have grown fond of.
  Addicts always think that I'm mean when I tell the truth. They don't like it but I don't like the excuses that Addicts always give for their addictions and for hurting the people who give them (repeated) chances. There is only so much a person that respects themselves can put up with someone who destroys themselves and others. I sincerely wish Andy Dick gets his shit together. I think a new show with his daughter Meg would be amazing. I think Andy's sincere love for his children is the purest thing he has. I no longer believe in fairy tales though. Reality beat it out of me. In my personal life I've dealt with family members and friends that battled addiction. It is a devastating war that leaves serious scars. It takes you to a point where you have to cut them off to save yourself. And you can only allow them back if they are sober for a considerable amount of time.

Mickey Rourke Has A New Film Role "Ashby"

Mickey Rourke has a new film "Ashby" that he didn't want to talk about before he is set to shoot the Gareth Thomas bio pic. Mickey now is rocking silver hair for his new role.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

George St Pierre Gives A Message To His Fans

UFC fighter GSP was enjoying lunch with some fine friends (no comment) in Beverly Hills. George ST-Pierre appears to be on the mend from surgery and is working hard on his rehab...

Patrick Schwarzenegger Ready To Go Into Acting?

Is the eldest male spawn of Arnold Schwarzenegger ready to follow in his father's footsteps? Patrick Schwarzenegger was seen recently in Beverly Hills having a business lunch. So it could be a good guess that young Patrick may take a foray into acting.

CBS Head Les Moonves: Can A Black Or An Asian Talk Show Host Get A Late Night Job?

CBS CEO & President Les Moonves was leaving a power lunch when I asked him about the class ceiling for Late Night Talk Show Hosts with color..........

RHOBH's Kyle Richards, Portia & Mauricio Umansky Have Fun Summer Plans

The happy couple were seen with their youngest, the adorable Portia recently at Il Pastaio. Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umanksy have some exciting plans for the summer...