Friday, February 28, 2014

Mohammed Hadid & Fiance Shiva Safi Seem Happy To Join RHOBH

A little bit of rain didn't stop the bliss that Mohammed Hadid and his fiance Shiva Safi shared earlier today.
After a meeting with a RHOBH producer, the pair were seen snuggling in the rain waiting for their car.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hollywood Royalty: Kirk Douglas & Michael Douglas Enjoy Lunch In Beverly Hills

Well you don't see two Hollywood legends everyday that are father and son enjoying lunch every day.
Kirk Douglas and Michael Douglas had lunch earlier today in Beverly Hills much to the delight of fans.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Brooklyn Nets Star Joe Johnson Enjoys Win Against Lakers By Shopping At Cartier

Brooklyn Nets star Joe Johnson was seen today in Beverly Hills enjoying a win against the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Blacklist's Harry Lennix At The Los Angeles Italia Film Fest Opening

I got to chat with one of the stars of the hot show The Blacklist and Harry Lennix told what fans should expect.

Bono Reads Some Romantic Words From A Young Mandela

In one of the most touching moments of the 9th Annual Los Angeles Italia Film Fest opening night, Bono read a letter that Nelson Mandela while incarcerated wrote to Winnie Mandela. The romantic words showed a side of Mandela that most were not privy to know.

Naomie Harris Talks About Bono

Naomie Harris who plays Winnie Mandela in Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom, gave a speech for Bono at the Los Angeles Italia Film Fest opening.

Al Pacino Tells A Bono Story At The Los Angeles Italia Film Fest

Al Pacino gave a heart warming speech about Bono before the U2 frontman and activist received an award for "Ordinary Love" an original song for the Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom film.

Bono, Al Pacino & More Stars Front Row For 9th Annual LA - Italia Film Fest Opening

An amazing front row of Al Pacino, Bono, Naomie Harris, David O. Russell were ready for the start of the 9th Annual Los Angeles - Italia Film, Fashion and Art Festival at the TCL theater. Elisabetta Canalis former DWTS contestant was the Mistress of Ceremonies.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Tupac, Bruce Lee & More The Future Is Musion Holograms

When I saw the Tupac Shakur hologram used during a Snoop Dogg performance, I was amazed. I also wondered about the legal ramifications of turning someone into a holograph after their death. "Who owns the copyright?" and other legal issues crossed my mind. Fast forwarded to Thursday, in a strange turn of events  I met Giovanni Palma and Uwe Maass the power behind MUSION which created the Tupak hologram. Giovanni hints at the big future in Holographic Technology that is coming down the pike as well as introducing me to Maass who shares more about the Holographic entertainment frontier.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

LA Galaxy Forward Robbie Keane Talks New Season

Robbie Keane was in Beverly Hills enjoying lunch with a friend after his first preseason game with the LA Galaxy. The Team Captain and star forward is back after corrective surgeries on previous injuries.

Kym Johnson - Will She Or Won't She Be On DWTS Season 18?

Well what a nice surprise to see the lovely Kym Johnson in Beverly Hills today. The popular pro who sat out on DWTS Season 17, doesn't know if she will be dancing on Season 18. Or is it all a tease?!

Brian Grazer Sports Black Eye Talks James Brown Movie

Brian Grazer left lunch earlier today sporting a black eye. The producer was mum on how he got it but was happy to let it be known that a new James Brown movie was in the can. The movie stars Chadwick Boseman and the title is listed as "Get On Up".

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Paris Hilton Unaware That Celebrity Designer Michele Savoia Was Found Dead

Paris Hilton denies knowing that celebrity designer Michele Savoia was found dead in NYC after attending her birthday party. According to reports Michele Savoia attending Hilton's party in New York and after a missing report was found dead in the Hudson River.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Me & Ms (Star) Jones - We Got A Thang Going On

Well that was a shocker! I bumped into Star Jones looking gorgeous in Red. From her dog's sweater to her cell cover, to her long flowing dress, the Diva was enjoying a day after Valentine's Day Brunch complete with Champagne with a muscular man...

Friday, February 14, 2014

Mel Brooks Will Talk Sid Caesar On Conan

Mel Brooks put on a brave face today while preparing to be on Conan to share his thoughts on his good friend Sid Caesar's passing. Sid Caesar died two days ago at the age of 91 and he influenced legion of comedic actors and writers of sketch comedy.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Courteney Cox Seen Sans Fard In Beverly Hills

'Cougar Town' star Courteney Cox was seen early today with a fresh face and no makeup. Cox looked lovely in her work out clothes and appeared to be enjoying herself with her friends.

Larry King Hasn't Seen Billy Ray Cyrus Achy Breaky Heart Rap Remix Twerk Music Video

Straight out of the horses' mouth, Larry King states he doesn't know what twerking is and that he hasn't seen the Billy Ray Cyrus Rap Remix of "Achy Breaky Heart 2" yet even though King does the introduction...

KAT'S Sexy Red Glitter Lips Tutorial For Valentines & Beyond

This is a little Valentine's Day makeup tutorial on how to give your red lipstick some extra sparkle with a little glitter.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Andy Samberg Too Busy With Brooklyn Nine-Nine To Do BBC's Cuckoo

Andy Samberg is too busy with his hit show Brooklyn Nine-Nine to do BBC's comedy Cuckoo. Taylor Lautner is now signed on as his replacement. Above video is Andy Samberg leaving the set of his Fox show after shooting in Los Angeles.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

James 'Munky' Shaffer & Evis Xheneti With Baby In Beverly Hills

KORN guitarist James Shaffer was seen dining with his lovely wife Evis and their cute baby...

Michael Bublé, Luisana Lopilato & Baby Noah Seen In Beverly Hills

What a beautiful family. OK won't say that I'm NOT JEALOUS but I can't hate on such a lovely trio.
The talented Michael Bublé, his gorgeous wife Luisana Lopilato and their bundle of joy baby Noah were seen in Beverly Hills earlier today. Oh and my heart still hurts......................................

Monday, February 10, 2014

TNT's Franklin & Bash Start Season 4

Well who doesn't like handsome men in suits? TNT's Franklin & Bash are back with season 4. The Breckin Meyer, Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Reed Diamond were seen shooting in downtown Los Angeles earlier today.

Mel Brooks Is Alive & Well No Thanks To "Globe" Article

Recently while at the supermarket, I saw the Globe and a picture of Mel Brooks and Bob Newhart on the cover saying something to the effect that they were on their final days and knocking on death's door. I can't say I've seen Bob Newhart BUT I see Mel Brooks almost EVERY WEEK for years so I was slightly annoyed that they said  he was ill and dying or whatever spin they tried to tell. Meanwhile, the photo that they used in the "story" was from the same week Brooks had lunch with Bette Midler. The photo the Globe used was one while Mel was eating lunch and having fun with his friends. So imagine you are having a great lunch with pals and a photographer snaps you while your mouth is opened and then someone decides at a tabloid to make up a story that you are miserable and want to die? Not cool. I get it that it sells rags but still not cool. I love Mel Brooks. He is a comic genius and he is very nice. I as well as all of his fans in Beverly Hills enjoy having him around for a long long time. Shame on You GLOBE! By the way, February 7th was the 40th Anniversary of Blazing Saddles so thank you very much for all the laughs Mel Brooks! Lastly, in the above video, Mel says Bob Newhart goes to parties all the time.

Neal H. Moritz Producer of Fast & Furious 7 Talks TONY JAA

Anyone that knows me knows that I LOVE Martial Arts and that I've been talking about TONY JAA for years. I finally got closer to the reality that he will be a huge star in the states by asking Neal H. Moritz about the Ong-Bak actor and his next big feature Fast & Furious 7.

'Vampire Academy' Sucks At The Box Office Comes In 7th

The 'Lego Movie" does $69 million while "Vampire Academy" makes close to $4million. At the premiere,
the cast of Vampire Academy looked sharp.  Even though it was very chilly, the stars were very nice to the fans.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Kylie Jenner Goes To Salon While Dad Bruce Jenner Sex Change Appears Imminent

Early Friday evening Kylie Jenner left a WeHo hair salon. All the photo agencies knew about it so a large number of paps showed up to cover a non -event. The far more fascinating story is what is going on with Bruce Jenner. Is the former Olympian really going through with sex reassignment surgery? At his age is the father of  so many children (I'm including his step children who love him and think of Jenner as their father) taking female hormones and developing breasts? Will Kris Jenner who prefers to be Kris Kardashian really going to make money off this story and bleed it for all its worth? I think so. This on going saga is better than a soap opera.