Friday, December 31, 2010

Antoine Dodson One of The Best Things of 2010

Here is a video of Antoine Dodson holding court outside Katsuya...

SouthLand Back On TNT January 4th For 3rd Season

NBC canceled SouthLand during the Jay Leno fiasco. Not only was that a major mistake, but it caused many devoted fans to resurrect the gritty drama to another network. Everybody knows I'm a big fan of the talented & tight cast, the realistic directing and the engaging scripts. That is why you will find several videos of SouthLand on my blog and youtube. I said along time ago, SouthLand deserves EMMYs. One day I'm sure the show will get them. Here is another video of SouthLand shooting on location in Los Angeles...

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Monica Foster Fingers NAILS aka Lenny Dykstra with Fake Check Fraud

Monica Foster is a person who does porn. I found her on a blog regarding Derrick Burts and the porn industry. Some of her thoughts were insightful so I followed her on twitter. A short time after, Monica posted a story about Lenny Dkystra. Foster accused NAILS as he was called when he played MLB, of giving her a $1,000 bounced check for escorting services. I asked her if I could interview her and this is one of the interviews that I did before Christmas. Since then the check that she mentioned during the interview has been returned to her from her bank and she has posted a copy on her blog...

Josyln James & Michael Lohan Hang Out

Here's video of Josyln James on the way to her party at the House of Blues and Michael Lohan arrives...

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Woody Harrelson On Location For Rampart

Here's a look of Woody Harrelson playing a cop in the movie Rampart...

Hollywood JC At The Comedy Store

An old favorite Hollywood JC shows up at the Comedy Store. Here's the video...

David Lyons Does The CAPE

Here's over head video David Lyons as The Cape...

More SouthLand: Michael Cudlitz & Ben McKenzie On Location

Here's another video of Michael Cudlitz & Ben McKenzie on location in Los Angeles filming SouthLand now on TNT.

NeNe Leakes Teases KAT of KAT TALES TV (Again)

NeNe Leakes teases me about my short skirt which is actually a skort...

NeNe Leakes of RHOA Singing Stevie Wonder

Here's a video of NeNe Leakes singing after having lunch at the Ivy on Robertson...

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Amanda Seyfried & Justin Timberlake Shooting NOW in Skid Row Los Angeles Videos

Here's a glimpse of Amanda Seyfried and Justin Timberlake in between filming and taking a break on the set of NOW...

NOW Filming In Skid Row Causes Locals Inconvenience

There is nothing like filming in downtown Los Angeles. Recently, Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried have been shooting the futuristic NOW. As the pair shot across the street, a Production Assistant have the dubious job of making people wait to go on the way which gave me the opportunity to document the outcome...

Monday, December 27, 2010

KAT Catches CASTLE with Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic

Another reason why I love downtown skid row besides the people, you can find TV productions and movie sets. Here's a quick taste of ABC's CASTLE with Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic

Exclusive Southland Hunks Ben McKenzie & Michael Cudlitz Seen Texting

SouthLand's Ben McKenzie and Michael Cudlitz seen on location in Los Angeles...

Jason Segel and Amy Adams On The MUPPETS Movie Set

Sneak peak of Jason Segel and Amy Adams shooting on Hollywood Blvd recently...

What Does Matthew Morrison Want For Xmas?

Glee's Matthew Morrison tells me what he wants for Christmas...

Gwyneth Paltrow Leaving Star Ceremony Video

Here's video of Gwyneth Paltrow leaving her Star Ceremony...

Tim McGraw & Faith Hill Happy Holidays Video

After attending Gwyneth Paltrow's Hollywood Star Ceremony, I wish Tim McGraw and his wife Faith Hill Happy Holidays...

Thursday, December 23, 2010

KAT Katches A Rainbow Video

KAT Katches A Rainbow in Hollywood

While running errands in Hollywood before doing an interview with Monica Foster, I saw the biggest and most amazing rainbow I have ever seen. It lasted for about an hour and then disappeared. Gorgeous!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Nene Leakes Confirms She Is NOT Pregnant Via twitter

Just read NeNe Leakes twitter. She says "SHOP IS CLOSED". Confirmation from the possible grandmother her self that she is NOT PREGNANT.

Lindsay Wagner,Nancy Lieberman & Pam Grier: 3 Super Heroines

Lindsay Wagner aka The Bionic Woman, Nancy Lieberman aka Lady Magic and Pam Grier aka Foxy Brown were at the Celebrity & Stuntwomen's Award Luncheon hosted by the Diamond In The RAW Foundation which helps to empower and transforms the lives of young girls that are at risk between the ages of 12-18. The organization helps to mentor girls with opportunities in the entertainment industry. Wagner, Lieberman and Grier were honored for their outstanding contributions in their fields and for empowering so many people. It was an awesome event.

Will Nene Leakes Join The Pregnancy Club? Or Just Be A Proud Grandma!

Rumors, and that is just what they are, say Real Housewives of Atlanta's Nene Leakes is pregnant. Trying to get a confirmation from Nene's publicist but have yet to get an answer. This is a fascinating rumor since Nene told me how excited she was that she had shed several pounds on the 7th of December while she was in Los Angeles. Before doing the George Lopez show, Nene avoided questions on her pending divorce from husband Greg Leakes. Nene was more focused on shopping and enjoying her time away from ATL. She also mentioned a new hosting gig that she had in the works which she was very excited about.Meanwhile her son, Bryson Bryant (20)who has had some trouble with the law, may have gotten his girlfriend pregnant. This latest drama would make Nene Leakes a grandmother and a new mother at 42 at the same time if all the rumors are true.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Pam Grier Movie About Pam Grier In The Works

Pam Grier says she has a movie in the works about herself. I need a job...

Pam Grier On People Stereotyping Her As A Lesbian

Many women who are martial artists, know how to handle a gun and don't take any shit are considered Lesbians. As if being a women who can defend her self can't like penis. So many people are confused, Pam Grier sets them straight (so to speak). It is an odd thing that so many people are threaten by independent women and that the first stereotype out of their mouth is that a woman must be a Lesbian if she can speak up for herself and kick ass if necessary instead of waiting for a man to do it for her...

Exclusive Pam Grier On Black Economics

The legendary and very wise Pam Grier talking about the power of Black dollars...

Exclusive Pam Grier Talks Spirituality

The original Foxy Brown talks spirituality...

Exclusive Nancy Lieberman Talks Brett Favre Scandal

I spoke with the first NBA female coach Nancy Lieberman about her sextexting friend Brett Favre and his scandal regarding Jenn Sterger at the Stuntwomen's Association Luncheon benefiting Diamond In The Raw Charity...

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Aussie Actor David Lyons Is A Sexy As The Cape

Who doesn't love a Hero? NBC is betting on it with The Cape. Australian Actor David Lyons takes the lead as an unlikely hero. There is a bit of the Roman Soldier look to his modern costume. A little Gladiator sexiness thrown in. Look for The Cape January 9, 2011 on NBC.

What's More Over The Top Than The Kardashians' Christmas Card? Norwood Young: The King of Hancock Park

What can I say about Norwood Young's annual Christmas decorations that you can't surmise for yourself? A house can be more famous than the person that lives there? Norwood Young the self imposed King of Hancock Park takes narcissism to a whole new level. The Kardashians may have a painted photo for Xmas but Norwood Young has an ostentatious house that gets even more so inside during his annual Christmas party.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

SouthLand is Back on TNT in January

SouthLand returns for its 3rd Season January 4, 2011 on TNT. I happened to bump into them shooting on location yesterday and here are some pix of Ben McKenzie and Michael Cudlitz...

Best of luck to the cast and crew. SouthLand as I said before is a well acted drama that deserves to be on TV.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Chasen Conspiracy: Famed Publicist Ronni Chasen Murder A Mafia Hit?

Ronni Chasen famed Hollywood Publicist was murdered on 11/16/2010. Beverly Hills Police Chief Dave Snowden announced on 12/07/2010 that Chasen’s murder was solved. As if the murder mystery solution was a Pre-Christmas gift, Snowden claimed in a press conference that Harold Martin Smith a man who apparently committed suicide, killed Ms. Chasen on a botched car jacking/robbery even though Ronni’s jewelry and purse were not stolen. Allegedly, Smith was on a bicycle when he shot Ronni Chasen in her car.
A few days ago, I was at Mayfair Market on Franklin. While I was checking out, I heard a woman laughing at the scenario that the Beverly Hills Police had put out in the solving of the Ronni Chasen murder. She scoffed at the idea that a man on a bicycle could roll up to Chasen and shoot her. The woman was talking so loud that the conversation stuck in my head.
While I was in Beverly Hills on Saturday, I heard more rumblings about the murder investigation. The buzz is from the people who knew and lived near Ronni that the story is not over and the crime is not solved. Many believe it was a hit.
Many believe that the Chief Dave Snowden was forced to make a rapid solution to the high profile murder. If he didn’t solve it soon, he would loose his job.
Also, the car Ronni Chasen was driving showed no gun shots to the outside. The Mercedes was unscathed. No bullet holes on any windows, nor on the exterior of the car. Would Ronni leave her windows down late night on her way home on a deserted street? Not likely.
Chasen’s car window was shattered but not by a gun. Was the damage done from the outside or the inside? The damage to the window can be determine by the glass fragments left in or outside the car. Where were most of the glass fragments?
There were no gun casings found at the scene. How is that possible or plausible if witnesses said they heard multiple gun shots. Also witnesses who arrived on the scene said that they didn’t smell gun fire, or see much damage to the inside of Chasen’s Mercedes.
Did she try to make a call for help by her phone? Was she shot earlier and kept driving?
Was Ronni Chasen murdered by someone hiding in her car? How was she shot in the torso with no left over evidence inside the car? Was it a professional hit with a clean up crew?
Rumors also swirled that Ronni Chasen had been robbed of not only jewelry recently but an inside source claims that either one or more of Ronni’s Picasso Paintings were stolen.
If what the police say is true, how did a man on a bicycle roll up to a Mercedes? Why didn’t Ronni just run a red light if she saw a man coming close to her car late night. Did the attacker out peddle Ronni’s car? Did he hide in the bushes near the stop light and wait for a car to roll up and stop? If Smith intended to hijack Ronni's car, leaving his bicycle would have left evidence with his prints. Was it a random act? A man so bold to carjack or rob a late model Mercedes is too afraid to grab the jewelry and purse after he murdered her?
Was Ronni Chasen’s murder a calculated crime where someone or a group of people tracked her whereabouts, knew what time she was heading home and knew exactly which route? Lastly, in a world with millions of satellites and numerous surveillance cameras blanketing every metropolitan city, where is the footage of the accused riding on his bike? How is it possible that he was not seen by any witnesses or on camera footage? In a city like Beverly Hills, you mean a Black man riding on a bicycle at night who looks suspect, is not going to be seen by someone or the police? Was Harold Martin Smith just a patsy? A known repeated looser who was an easy fall guy that no one would miss or question?
Is it true that Ronni was supposed to testify against organize crime in a robbery investigation? These are just a few of the questions still swirling in regards to the Chasen Conspiracy.

What Happened To Tracey?

Today, I spent most of it walking around downtown in sneakers I have had for too long that actually hurt my feet. I was tempted to give them away to a lady I saw with no shoes. I realized my car was far away and although it would have been charitable, the gesture would be unwise to walk for blocks in my socks in the cold. I'll come back another day prepared with extra clothes and my sneakers to give away.
There is something hypnotic and intoxicating about Downtown Los Angeles as if Charles Bukowski was singing in my ear, "hang out, get dirty, see and smell the real people. The ugly and the beautiful." Many times when I walk around downtown, I look up and take in the splendor of the old buildings and their early 20th Century architecture. And sometimes I gaze in the huge windows in the lofts that use to be hotels that look like one could fall easily to one's death if one leaned on the ledge. I was looking into one window and commenting as such when a person told me a heart breaking story of a girl named Tracey who lived in the Rosslyn Lofts. Tracey was a 24 year old who had an addiction to drugs and to abusive men. I was told she had did stints in porn and that her boyfriend would try to dominate her by taking/breaking her phone etc. About 3 weeks ago, Tracey was found dead in her bathtub by her boyfriend said a source. The source said he (the boyfriend) could have made it look like an over dose. The boyfriend was questioned by the police and let go. I asked him if there was any press about it. Was it in the Downtown newspapers, the insider said no but the Coroner's blue tape was still on Tracey's door which broke my source's heart. Did Tracey die of an overdose? Was she murdered? Did she want out of the world of addiction and mental illness, we may never know. But the next time you look at the big windows opened in the old buildings downtown, think of Tracey a 24 year old girl from New Jersey who was a long way from home.

HIV Big In The News This Week

With the reporting of the first HIV+ man being cured by the help of stem cell research by German doctors, the airing of ESPN Homecoming with Magic Johnson who has had HIV since 1991, as well as December 1st being National AIDS Day, and Patient Zeta, Derrick Burts outing himself, the world and the subworld of the internet has been buzzing about HIV and AIDS. With the hopes of stem cell research "curing" HIV and anti-viral drugs making the disease livable, many young people are naive about catching the disease or getting sexually transmitted diseases. Contrary to some beliefs, there are no "magic" cures. Each individual's resistance to diseases is based on varying factors too numerous to mention. The risks are still real. In the past week since the airing of Derrick Burts press conference, AIM's (The Adult Industry Medical Care facility where porn actors/actresses get tested for STDs) clinic was shut down due to incomplete paperwork and operating without a proper license. So after a decade of being in operation, within a week and after Burts blast of his treatment at AIM, the clinic was closed. Porn stars are going to other clinics for their testing and follow up care. According to their website and other reports, AIM believes the closure is temporary. The battle between Derrick Burts and AIM seems to be having lasting effects. Here is Derrick Burts breaking down at the press conference held at the AIDS Healthcare Foundation while he accuses AIM of abandoning him.

TRON Legacy in 3D's Olivia Wilde, James Frain & Anis Cheurfa

While searching for something from my archives, I came across a clear photo of the lovely and sweet Olivia Wilde. I saw her at a AFI event last year. At the Tron premiere on Saturday, she was wearing a sparkling long gold gown but I didn't get a good shot. James Frain and Anis Cheurfa looked very dapper as they signed for autographs.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Giuseppe Franco's X-Mas Party What A Bash!

Giuseppe Franco, hairstylist and good friend to the Uber Stars in Hollywood, had his annual Christmas party Sunday at Cafe Roma. I drank two glasses of Champagne and some fantastic Pinot Grigio so I was feeling in the holiday spirit. The party was a blast. Stunning ladies in hot dresses and men in suits as well as the latest jeans. A great time was had by all. Exiting Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger and close friend of Giuseppe was in attendance so was Maria Shriver and their daughter Katherine who is also an author. Sylvester Stallone also was at the party but left after too many people requested photos.

Gwyneth Paltrow Gets A Hollywood STAR

Co-Stars and Friends of Glee Matthew Morrison and Tim McGraw of Country Strong attended Gwyneth Paltrow's Star on the Walk of Fame Ceremony. Faith Hill was there with Tim looking stunning. Gwyneth looked lovely in a white form fitting skirt and blouse.
Gwyneth's recent stint on Glee was so popular that her character will be returning. Meanwhile Country Strong will hit the theatres in a limited release 12/22/2010 and nation wide Friday, 01/07/2010. Absent from the ceremony was Chris Martin front man for Coldplay and married to Paltrow. Recent says Coldplay is working on an album with the legendary music producer Brian Eno.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

TRON Legacy in 3D Premiere on The Blue Carpet with KAT of KAT TALES TV

After complaining about a RUDE publicist, KAT and a friend get to go to the premiere...

TRON Legacy Premiere Anis Cheurfa & James Frain

Here is a taste of the TRON Legacy in 3D Premiere. Only a few stars came over to sign for autographs. A publicist in a light colored suit told several of the stars NOT to come over to the crowd. But Anis Cheura and James Frain came over close to where I was.

TRON Legacy Premiere Preview

Preview of TRON Legacy in 3D and the amazing motorcycle...

Saturday, December 11, 2010

TRON Motorcylce First Look Up Close

This is a fierce motorcycle. Becoming ONE with a motorcycle to a whole new level...

Friday, December 10, 2010

Patient Zeta, Derrick Burts Introduces Himself At Press Conference

Patient Zeta, Derrick Burts "Doing It To Get the Money"

Harsh lesson learn in the game of life. Derrick Burts speaks frankly about the porn industry, what he saw and what he got...

Chi Chi LaRue Got It Right Years Ago: Wrap It UP!

I have to give a shout out to Chi Chi LaRue for making this video two years ago. Chi Chi LaRue is a DJ, as well as an entrepreneur and a porn director. LaRue has directed both gay and straight porn and stopped working with Vivid because the actors weren't using condoms. Although this video is targeted to men, it can be helpful to all. Women need to know this as well so they can avoid STD's and unwanted pregnancies...

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Derrick Burts' Story a Little Fishy

As I said in a previous post, I tried to do some checking on Derrick Burts before the press conference in which he blasted AIM. I did mention a video that I saw on in which Burts says he likes being bottomed by James Jamesson. I'm embedding the video by dirsteele here:

But there is more. Here is also websites declaring that Derrick worked as a male rent boy/escort
and so did his girlfriend Those two links were provided by Deke Masters on the Huffington Post replies to the Derrick Burts story.
Well AIM may not be the scoundrel that Burts portrays. We may never know the truth. But what we do know is that each individual is responsible for his/her safety during sex.

Patient Zeta, Derrick Burts Discusses HIV Contraction

This is mature subject matter and a frank discussion on how to avoid getting HIV and STDs. Derrick Burts at his press conference at the AIDS HealthCare Foundation is asked how he believes he contracted HIV...

Black Swan's Marvelous Mila Kunis Signs for Fans

Marvelously talented Mila Kunis signed for awaiting fans Monday night in Hollywood. Mila had numerous photographs to autograph and one of her fans gave her a bracelet that I believed he made which Kunis accepted. Black Swan the film in which she stars with Natalie Portman has gotten rave reviews and there is buzz about Oscar nominations.