Wednesday, December 15, 2010

HIV Big In The News This Week

With the reporting of the first HIV+ man being cured by the help of stem cell research by German doctors, the airing of ESPN Homecoming with Magic Johnson who has had HIV since 1991, as well as December 1st being National AIDS Day, and Patient Zeta, Derrick Burts outing himself, the world and the subworld of the internet has been buzzing about HIV and AIDS. With the hopes of stem cell research "curing" HIV and anti-viral drugs making the disease livable, many young people are naive about catching the disease or getting sexually transmitted diseases. Contrary to some beliefs, there are no "magic" cures. Each individual's resistance to diseases is based on varying factors too numerous to mention. The risks are still real. In the past week since the airing of Derrick Burts press conference, AIM's (The Adult Industry Medical Care facility where porn actors/actresses get tested for STDs) clinic was shut down due to incomplete paperwork and operating without a proper license. So after a decade of being in operation, within a week and after Burts blast of his treatment at AIM, the clinic was closed. Porn stars are going to other clinics for their testing and follow up care. According to their website and other reports, AIM believes the closure is temporary. The battle between Derrick Burts and AIM seems to be having lasting effects. Here is Derrick Burts breaking down at the press conference held at the AIDS Healthcare Foundation while he accuses AIM of abandoning him.

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