Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sylvester Stallone Adds Another Talent to His A-List: PAINTER

After an art exhibit in Russia of his painting, actor, writer, director and action star Sylvester Stallone is seen in Beverly Hills earlier today.

Jimmy Kimmel Pisses Off Protesters

Jimmy Kimmel brought some pissed off protesters out on Hollywood Blvd today. Jimmy Kimmel is known for using the Hollywood Blvd characters as the butt of his jokes, got a taste of some bitter medicine when protesters arrived at his studio on Hollywood Blvd to compare him to Hitler. The irony was not lost on the Green Monster who gave his two cents on the situation.

Protesters Compare Jimmy Kimmel To Hitler

Racism and/or racist comments are no joking matter to protesters hoping to get Jimmy Kimmel fired from ABC after a joke about "Killing All The Chinese to pay off America's Debt" goes too far.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Eric Garcetti Goes After Hollywood Hustlers What About The Homeless

I think it is a great thing that the new mayor is going to clean up Hollywood Blvd. I hope Eric Garcetti will also do something about the growing number of mentally challenged homeless people all over the city.

Elizabeth Berkley, Sasha Farber and Emma Slater At DWTS Rehearsals

It is more than likely that one of these three will be eliminated tonight on DWTS. Here are Elizabeth Berkley who dances with Val Chmerkovskiy arriving solo and Sasha Farber who dances with Nicole Polizzi arriving with his girlfriend Emma Slater who dances with Bill Engvall..

Sunday Night Party For DWTS Crew

The DWTS crew was partying on Sunday with music so loud I had to cut the audio out of many of the videos. They were having a good time letting off some steam before the dreaded double elimination happens tonight on Dancing With The Stars.

The Best Worst Halloween Costume EVER

This is the best costume I've seen so far...Oscar Pistorious complete with gun.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Music Legend Johnny Winter Has A Poetry Book Coming

Nothing cooler than to see STORM's white brother out and about. That was a joke in case you didn't get it. Anyway, bumped into legendary musician Johnny Winter and his wife Susie on Robertson recently.  They were kind enough to share some big news. Mr. Winter has a poetry book coming out.

English Actor Mike Beckingham Explains Why He Bought A CD On Hollywood

Sometimes I stand on Hollywood and I'm hypnotized by what is happening. What makes a stranger stop? What kind of person knows who to target to sell a CD to? Why would a person buy a CD from a stranger on the street? A few days ago, I watched as a guy was walking on Hollywood Blvd with his earphones in his ear and a CD guy was able to stop him and although he originally said "No," the CD guy was able to turn the situation upside down into a yes and a sale. So afterwards, I asked the buyer whose name is Mike Beckingham an actor in the upcoming movie "Subconscious" why he bought the CD. Later we end up talking about movies. By the way Peter O'Toole is the actor I couldn't recollect during our conversation and the film which is one of my favorites is "THE RULING CLASS".

Stan Lee & The Lack Of Black Heroes

I asked Stan Lee a long time ago in a previous videos about more Black Super Heroes being created. He mentioned "The Black Panther". Fast forward to NOW,  Marvel has a new show on NBC called "Agents of The Shield". One of the complaints from some fans of the show, is that there are NO main characters that are BLACK on the series. During the first episode they had a character played by a Black Actor who was hunted down and shot in the head (not killed but taken back to the laboratory to fix). The main cast is all White with one Asian actress. Come on even FOX has a lead Black actress in "Sleepy Hollow". I expect more from NBC and Marvel. Although Samuel Jackson made a cameo in one of the early episode that is not good enough. I know, regardless if Stan Lee or Marvel does, Heroes of All Colors are important in the minds and hopes of children of all ages. It inspires many in ways that can't even be expressed. One Black super hero is not enough. One Storm or one Blade is not going to do when there are a plethora of Caucasian comic heroes and heroines. Stan Lee has the power to create more comic heroes of varying nationalities. Unfortunately, Hollywood is a power game not many Black Writers of Comic Books have the leverage that Stan Lee or Marvel or DC for that matter has. If Stan Lee or Marvel or DC won't I hope some other talented writers do and make their own movies if the big studios won't. Here is the original video from 2008 when I asked Mr. Lee about Black Super Heroes...

Mickey Rourke: King Of Beverly Hills

Mickey Rourke was hanging with his buddy Giuseppe Franco and all kind of silliness was going down. Janice Dickinson was yelling at one point (not shown), Rourke was walking around in short shorts with no leg hair and all this was going on while I was waiting for Stan Lee. Anyway, here are three quick clilps of Mickey Rourke The King of Beverly Hills.

Basketball Great Jerry West Seen In Beverly Hills

Jerry West chats with KAT and another videographer about the new head coach of the LA Clippers while he was out and about in Beverly Hills.

Les Moonves & Julie Chen: No Time To Watch Leah Remini

President and CEO of CBS Les Moonves and his wife Julie Chen of "The Talk" and "Big Brother" were recently dining at Madeo. They were friendly and cordial outside chatting with videographers until...Leah Remini's name came up. What transpire between the trio that left such a nasty taste in their mouth? One can only speculate.

Monday, October 21, 2013

RHOBH Season 4: Joyce Giraud & Kyle Richards New BFF

Watch out fans of RHOBH, new alliances and new friendships are rumored on the new season of the reality TV show franchise. Kyle Richards took beauty queen Joyce Giraud out for a paparazzi filled lunch earlier at Il Pastaio.

Zombies Take Over Hollywood 2013

Annual Zombie take over of Hollywood Blvd....

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Stevie Wonder Rules The Stage At Taste Of Soul

Musical Legend Stevie Wonder took the stage late afternoon at the Taste Of Soul KJLH stage Saturday.
The event was a huge success and brought out 100.000+ people who enjoyed the great food, music and more.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Exclusive KAT Bumps Into Bobby Brown On Hollywood Blvd

 Bobby Brown crosses KAT's path again on Hollywood Boulevard on Friday, October 18, 2013.

Corbin Bleu: Prince Charming Late Night DWTS

Prince of the Charm, CORBIN BLEU was totally cool with fans who waited all day and night for him. They missed him going on a bathroom break LOL! Anyway, good times was had by all. Corbin was very gracious after a long day of rehearsals. TEAM CORBIN!

Nicole Polizzi Leaves DWTS Late Night

Nicole Polizzi aka Snooki seen leaving late night DWTS rehearsals.

Emma Slater Picks Up Her Man - Sasha Farber Late Night

Emma Slater on her way to pick up her boyfriend Sasha Farber after a long night of rehearsals with Snooki.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Is Karina Smirnoff & COPPER Star Kevin Ryan Dating?

It took some sleuthing and some clues to find out that the hot man that has been visiting Karina Smirnoff at DWTS rehearsals is none other than the star of BBC' Copper. Kevin Ryan who plays Detective Francis Maguire is the attractive man that has been at the studio. Karina says she is single but does that mean she is dating Kevin Ryan. Well you know what they say, "Once You Go Irish....LOL!

Derek Hough Hides After Nina Dobrev Break Up

Derek Hough has had a busy couple of weeks. Besides winning an Emmy and competing on DWTS currently, Hough and Nina Dobrev of VAMPIRE DIARIES just announced they are no longer dating. Here is Derek trying to slip out of rehearsals the other day behind his Glee star Amber Riley.

Will Leah Remini Write A Scientology Tell All Book?

That is one question EVERYONE wants to know. Will Leah Remini write a tell all book about Scientology?If she does it will be a blockbuster. I asked Leah the loaded question earlier today.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Amber Riley & Snooki Arrive To DWTS Rehearsals

Glee star Amber Riley and Snooki arrives to DWTS rehearsals after surviving another week of eliminations.

Corbin Bleu Talks Julianne Hough DWTS Guest Judge Controversy

As Corbin Bleu arrives to DWTS rehearsals, I ask him what he thinks about the drama between Mark Ballas and guest judge Julianne Hough. Soon after, Elizabeth Berkley arrives.

Has DWTS Jumped The Shark?

Gleb Savchenko, Sharna Burgess and Henry Byalikov leaving DWTS rehearsals. Three dancers that I love to watch. I took the opportunity to discuss with Henry about some of the main issues fans of Dancing With The Stars have had with the show such as Chaz Bono, unfair pairings, judging controversies and DWTS drama.

Actress Jaida Benjamin: The Eyes Have It

The truth is stranger than fiction. I was having one of those days where delays with software were making me pause and rethink the profession I am in. As I looked up I saw this face and I knew she had STAR quality. So here she is Jaida Benjamin. I think she is going to nail a very big job on one of my favorite new shows. Story developing. Anyway, I also do headshots for up and comers just so you know. The young lady has the face to watch.

Kesha Greets Fans In Hollywood

Kesha loves to be in the center of controversy. Controversy = Publicity. Recently there were photos of Kesha with her derriere up in the air and the rumor mill swirl that she had backside enhanced. Anything to sell a new album right?! Anyway, last night as the singer greeted fans in Hollywood, Kesha covered her backside with a flannel shirt. I think she is starting a another fashion trend besides the multicolor hair and the gold tooth. Meanwhile her concert tour with Pitbull's Australian tour is cancelled.

DWTS Eliminations: Christina Milian Dips Low In Ratings - Voted Off

Singer Christina Milian was voted off DWTS. The same old same old "low viewer voting combined with the judges' score". Dancing With The Stars is getting a little weird to say the least with Julianne Hough sitting in for a guest judge temporarily while her brother is competing. Why not have Mad Maxism back to judge while Val Chmerkovskiy heads to the finals? Again DWTS proves certain women don't fare well with the fans when it comes to making it to the finals.
Mark Ballas appeared injured at rehearsals lately and Milian looked exhausted Sunday. I never seen her look like that. Hopefully the pair will get some much deserved rest and recuperation as soon as they finish with New York press duties.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Alfonso Ribiero & Expecting Wife Angela Unkrich At Madeo

It looks like their baby is due any day now. Here is Alfonso Ribiero and his very pregnant wife Angela having fun with fans outside Madeo.

Karina Smirnoff 99.9% Has A Boyfriend

Karina Smirnoff looks like she is off the market. Story developing...

Jennifer Lopez & Casper Smart: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do!

A few weeks ago I heard a crazy rumor about a certain celebrity paid boyfriend who was on the DL using his new found power to solicit male lovers. Nothing new in Hollywood. Anyway, people in power use it or they wouldn't have it, n'est–ce pas? The rumor may or not be of Casper Smart, I'm sure there are other paid suitors in Hollyweird. CDAN has a juicy tale about JLo hooking up with Ben Affleck while she was in a relationship with Smart. RadarOnline is saying that JLo and Casper are on the outs. 
Casper Smart appeared to be a fantastic stand in for a father for Jennifer and Marc Anthony's young twins. In numerous occasions, Smart was the one taking on a care giving role. There has not been much evidence that Marc Anthony has played a prominent role in being a constant stable father for his children with Jennifer. Now the kids are in the mix of heartache if Lopez and Smart are on the skids because it is apparent that the twins are very fond of Casper.
It is tough for JLo to find the right partner like a lot of women, however it is hard on children to have men come in and out of their lives without a sense of permanence. Being a single parent dating is difficult. Adding to the mix, star status might make one prone to have to hire companions with an iron clad confidentiality contract. Casper maybe the one to loose BIG unless he has something on JLo but I'm sure Lopez has eyes watching Smart. Hopefully, if the pair are indeed on the outs, the twins won't be hurt with the loss.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

DWTS' Brant Daugherty & Peta Murgatroyd Injury Free

Good news for these two, Brant Daugherty and Peta Murgatroyd coming out of DWTS rehearsals late night Saturday.

DWTS Dance In The Rain

It is always fun shooting DWTS contestants going to practice in the rain. Here are a few videos from a couple of days ago of the cast going in for arduous rehearsals.

Christina Milian Talks Paris Hilton and Panty Photo Drama

Christina Milian is using her time on DWTS wisely. She has already been in a plethora of pictures with headlights and panty up skirt shots. It's hard having a hot body where people are taking photographs of you all the time. Christina explains it all and her friend Paris Hilton's latest record release party. Later Mark Ballas arrives and he is seen wincing in pain.

Charlie Hunnam Chooses Black & White: Drops 50 Shades of Grey Role

Charlie Hunnam may have made one wise move for his acting career by dropping out of  the"Fifty Shades of Grey" movie. While garnering tons of publicity for accepting the starring role while his popular TV show "Sons Of Anarchy" was starting its new season, Hunnam was thrust in a crazy spotlight. He was one of the most talked about actors on the planet. I'm sure it helped the ratings of SOA. But whispers abound that the book is poorly written, it is bad soft porn and if the handsome actor took the role of Christian Grey in a series of movies, Charlie Hunnam would be stuck in a horrible franchise. So the motorcyclephile rode over the role by exiting the movie. Now some other actor (hungry) will sell his soul for the part. I heard that "Vampire Diaries" Ian Somerhalder wanted the part but him playing it would be type casting.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Mel Brooks & Richard Donner: Old School Hollywood Power Lunch

Mel Brooks, Richard Donner who has X-Men: Days of Future Past coming out and some other Hollywood Power hitters enjoyed lunch in Beverly Hills earlier today.

Kim Kardashian & The Fall Of Rome

I got a tip that Kim K was going to be on Melrose. Didn't know I was going to literally walk by her car but anyway due to my masochistic streak I filmed it. One of my cameras broke down while another SD card cracked. My luck shooting the Fall of Rome or the W of Babylon. Just Joking!

The Original Catwoman: Julie Newmar Seen At NARS

Gorgeous Julie Newmar seen at NARS makeup on Melrose while Kim K was filming shenanigans a few doors down at DASH. My favorite Catwoman needed assistance walking but she seemed in good spirits. I was discreet shooting her.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Valerie Harper Beats Cancer! Voted Off DWTS

I hope Valerie Harper had the time of her life while on DWTS. I know she couldn't have had a better partner than Tristan MacManus. She gave it her all. And that is all one can do. Valerie Harper is a WINNER in my book!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

DWTS Hottie Brant Daugherty SPEAKS

Brant Daugherty has been kind of quiet on his way into rehearsals. Silent and serious. I don't blame him. But I know he has some serious fans that want to know anything that he wants to talk about. He has been burning up the dance floor with pro Peta Murgatroyd who is more than happy to have such a great dance partner. Besides being  an entertaining dancer, Brant takes a mean picture. I mean that in a good way!

Amber Riley Continues To Impress On DWTS

Amber Riley is gaining new fans with her continuous hard work paying off on DWTS. Here is Miss Riley arriving yesterday at the start of week 3 on the show.

Karina Smirnoff Goes Chun-Li

Karina Smirnoff had a million different looks yesterday at DWTS. One of them was her hair twisted in two knots on top of her hair. I thought she was doing a "Miley the virus Cyrus" but it turns out she was doing Chun-Li from the video game Streetfighter.

Leah Remini's Big Booty Big Hit With Husband

Leah Remini arrived to DWTS rehearsals sore and swollen. Her behind also looked more plump and firm. Remini reveals the benefits of dancing on the show and why her Puerto Rican husband loves it.