Sunday, December 15, 2013

Peter O'Toole - One Of The Greatest Actors Has Died

One of the world's greatest actors and one of my FAVORITES has passed. The Great Peter O'Toole has transitioned.  He was 81. His talent and love for his craft will live on. Time to watch "The Ruling Class" again.

Nigel Lythgoe Does Some Christmas Shopping

Recently, I saw "So You Think You Can Dance" Nigel Lythgoe shopping for Christmas in Beverly Hills. Lythgoe is also old pals with Simon Cowell who is about to be a new daddy so I asked Nigel about a rumor regarding rubbers...

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Andrew Dice Clay & Michael Paré Kicking It Old School In Beverly Hills

The Dice Man Cometh. Andrew Dice Clay is back with a vengeance. I recently enjoyed his performance on the hit TV show "THE BLACKLIST" and he told me he is in Woody Allen's "Blue Jasmine". Andrew was hanging out with Michael Paré who is known for "Eddie And The Cruisers" among other gigs. Anyway, the pair were hanging out earlier today in Beverly Hills.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Porn Star TJ Cummings Aka Nick Steel Outed As HIV+ Attempting To Work After Testing Positive

The Porn world is like any cult corporation it has no heart nor soul. It is all about the money. Case in point, when it comes to mandatory usage of condoms and safer sex practices being fought tooth and nail by some of the most prominent "stars" and producers in the porn industry. It seems simple wrap it up, use rapid testing on the day of filming, make sure performers are tested for all STDs and not allowed to work if they have them. Common sense thinking better yet use some of the successful models in the sex industries that have fewer rates of transmissions: better education reduces risks.  Earlier this month a porn actor TJ Cummings tested positive for HIV.  A few days later knowing what his test results were (reported by, TJ contacted Pressley Carter another porn star to do a webcam show.  According to an interview Pressley did with, TJ Cummings offered $400 for her to have sex on webcam (this of course after he was informed that his test came back positive).  Luckily, she declined after finding out herself of his status. TJ Cummings has been called a crossover artist meaning he performs in both straight and gay sex work in the porn world. Many experts in the field of sex believe that due to the design of the anus it is highly susceptible to tears and rips therefore penetration via sex and exchanging of bodily fluid (blood, saliva and semen) increase the risk substantially of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Combined with any drug use like crystal meth, cocaine, molly and Ecstasy a person who loves to have sex can develop risky behaviors under the influence and may need to earn more and more cash to pay for their addictions.  Porn stars have had to up their game as well due to the loss of revenue from the onslaught of free net porn.  Many porn performers make appearances in strip clubs/bath houses, work as escorts and perform web cam shows. Fast money never seems to be enough.  So being addicted to the lifestyle of "Live Fast and Die Young" becomes  the motto where safety, honesty and safe sex don't mean much. The Narcissistic mentality of only thinking of one's self and not caring about exposing others become the norm. So what can we learn from another Porn Star testing HIV+, those on the outside world who think the world of porn has nothing to do with us/them? Learn from the fact that some of these performers are willing to work with STD/STIs and do NOT care if they infect others.  Also like the porn world everyone that appears to be straight is not whether that means with drugs or sex. It is all about the Benjamins, getting off and/or both. So taking someone's word for their status is not a safe bet. Educate Yourself & Play Safe.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Nelson Mandela Has Transitioned Into A Star - A Celebration Of A Life Well Spent

A great African King has made the transition to the Heavens. I love that so many celebrated his passing by dancing and chanting. That is a wonderful way to be remembered, revered and loved. Nelson Mandela inspired so many people to join in the removal of Apartheid in South Africa. Freeing Nelson Mandela from imprisonment and working for the restoration of Human Rights gave many students their first taste on activism. Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela's  influence upon the world's stage can't be underestimated but it will be surely missed. South Africa is busy preparing for his memorial which will be a massive event.

Despite Hubby's Cheating Rumors, Kyle Richards Keeps Working It

Kyle Richards of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is having a little drama battle with some of her friends/enemies on the show saying that her husband Maurico is cheating. That can't be fun. Whatever arrangement/marriage Kyle and Maurico have is their business. One thing is, the track record for marriages staying intact while people become infamous on Reality TV is BAD. So many divorces and relationship break ups have happened once a couple has signed on the dotted line and the cameras start following them around. Furthermore, producers tend to want the "stars" to amp up the drama til all hell breaks loose. If one wants to save a marriage maybe one should not sign on to do a scripted reality TV show. The above clip is of Kyle Richards helping a customer at her store.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Eva Longoria: More Than Just A Pretty Face

Lovely Eva Longoria left her favorite hair stylist Ken Paves and headed to take a flight out of LAX. Always a favorite with fans and photographers, Longoria got swarmed as she exited her SUV.  Eva is so lovely that it is easy to forget she has one smart head on her shoulders and she also has a master degree in Chicano Studies. Longoria is scheduled to go to Dubai soon so safe travels.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

KAT & Lynnelle: The Age of The Hook Up When All You Want To Do Is Date

I don't get the hooking up, texting, immature culture fad that has been taking over. So I discuss my frustration over the dating situation with Lynnelle.

The Return of The Lynnelle & KAT Show: The Stress of Caring For An Elderly Parent

Those of you who are familiar with my friend Lynnelle know that she has a full time job and also is the primary caregiver to her 99 year of age mother. Caring for an aging parent is extremely challenging especially if you are the only one stepping up to the plate. Lynnelle feels that her family has abandoned her and has neglected their responsibilities of being there as her mother gets closer to making the transition.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving! Look Who The KAT Dragged In: Gleb Savchenko and His Adorable Family

Every time I think I've shot my last Dancing With The Stars video or picture, one of them crosses my path. I don't make this stuff up. Anyway I hope you are enjoying your Thanksgiving! Here is a little dessert DWTS' Gleb Savchenko his lovely wife Elena Samodanova and their cutie pie daughter on Hollywood Blvd.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Petra Ecclestone, James Stunt & Baby Lavina Enjoy Lunch At Spago

Cute growing family of James Stunt, Petra Ecclestone and adorable daughter Lavina were seen leaving Spago in Beverly Hills after enjoying a family lunch.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Hotel Cecil Haunted By The Death Of Elisa Lam

I was in downtown shopping and taking photos earlier today.  The parking garage where I parked was adjacent to the Hotel Cecil. I've walked by the hotel numerous times but today was odd because I had just heard about the mysterious death of Elisa Lam and watched the eerie video of her in the hotel elevator.
So I did a little story. It is an unfortunate reality that being a women and traveling alone is a calculated risk. Elisa Lam said that she was being stalked. She ended up in a water tank on the roof of the Cecil. How she ended up on the roof top and dead inside the tank without SURVEILLANCE footage is beyond me. Considering there are video cameras everywhere and Google Maps has satellites all over the place. But that is another story. Some say she was murdered. I find it hard to believe that she would have opened up a water tank which you can see partially in the video and climb in. Also highly bizarre that no one saw anything or her acting strangely in the halls. Days passed while her decomposing body lay in the water tank and hotel guests complained of foul smelling water and low water pressure. Shortly thereafter, an outbreak of tuberculosis hit Skid Row in the vicinity where Lam was found. Who knows if the truth will ever be told. Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. May Elisa rest in peace.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

KAT Explains The Reason Why Her Covering DWTS Season 17 Stopped

For the past 4 or so years I've covered DWTS comings and goings at rehearsals the entire season. Day in and day out from cold to rain to blistering sun. I loved the show so it was a pleasure. To be more specific I feel in love with the kindness of one particular person by the name of Tristan MacManus. So I will make this story short. I was accused of "attacking/assaulting" a 300lb paparazzi who lied to the LAPD and filed a false report. He forgot to mention that he attacked me from behind and shoved me. I raised my arms to protect myself. He also forgot to mention that he blocked and chased me around while we were shooting. The idea that a bully can get away with not only assault but lying to the LAPD and to some of the people that I care for more than you will ever know has caused me much pain. I don't have to push to get a shot. Look over my 3,000+ videos and see the number of people that I have interacted with and shared their stories. I will defend myself physically if anyone attacks me and by law I have the right to. So for those of you wondering why I haven't been shooting DWTS Season 17 everyday like I have in the past here is the answer. In previous videos, tweets and conversations, the harassment that I've dealt with has been documented. Being assaulted, battered and bullied is no joke and has serious consequences.  These aren't the kind of people I want to work around.

99 Problems vs LAPD

99 Problems is the name of the dancer in the red shirt. He and his dance crew have been entertaining and busking on Hollywood Blvd for years much to the delight of most. LA City Council and the new mayor Eric Garcetti have made up new laws governing Hollywood Blvd. There is some confusion and some conflict on the new rules and what it means to performers and characters. So the age old feud between Civil Liberties, Busking and Business protected by the LAPD continues.

The Fight For Veterans (Filipino & Otherwise) Marches On

I had a backlog of videos. It has been a busy month but I wanted to post a little about Veteran's Day. A March took place on the holiday on Hollywood Blvd which caused some people to be annoyed that it was happening. The last video is one with an Elvis Impersonator (who didn't want to be identified so I shot his waist) a news reporter and myself discussing the right to protest for Filipino Veterans.

Snake Man VS LAPD

I love Hollywood Blvd and all the real life strange stories. This is one of them. Long story short, the LA City Council has put up some new "handwritten" laws regarding street performances, street performing, amplification on the blvd, posting up in a particular spot etc., all in an effort to clean up Hollywood. Because the law is vague and also there was a previous lawsuit to end the harassment that the LAPD was doing to the performers and street characters, there is a little anger regarding Civil Liberties. Here is just one interaction from the Snake Man.

Pick Pocket Caught Stealing Wallets In Beverly Hills Arrested

This was one of the most fascinating things in Beverly Hills. A lady who looked like she received the plastic surgery on her face from the same medical offices she was accused of stealing from, was apprehended by police detectives after several designer wallets were stolen and found in her belongings. It was an interesting scenario because who would suspect a "white older woman" stealing wallets from doctor's offices when she looked like so many of the ladies getting work done.

Mel Brooks Is KAT's Boyfriend

There are few men that I adore more than the humongously talented MEL BROOKS. Here is the legendary funny genius being gracious enough to sign for fans.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison Happy To Be Getting Divorced

In WTF? News, Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison were in Beverly Hills earlier today. It has been a while since I chatted with Courtney so we caught up while a pap tried to talk about my fashion sense.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Mark Ballas: Sagging In Nirvana

Mark Ballas (long time no see) rolls up to DWTS rehearsals with pants sagging and a Nirvana T-shirt.

Derek Hough Looking Good In Black

The dude with the perfect hair. Here is Derek Hough from earlier today talking and walking...

Bill Engvall Biggest Loser On DWTS: Drops 25lbs

Comic Bill Engvall is still in the game and regardless of what happens on Monday Night he is one of the Biggest Losers and Winners in DWTS history. Bill who I haven't seen in a while told me that he has lost 25 pounds while competing.

Tristan MacManus, Val Chmerkovskiy & A Horny KAT

These two are so deliciously hot in so many ways. Here is Tristan MacManus and Val Chmerkovskiy... The Three Way LOL!

Amber Riley & Derek Hough DWTS Finals Can They Pull It Off?

Can Amber Riley and Derek Hough win DWTS Season 17? With the new format and the odd voting going on it appears that it is anyone's game...

Monday, November 18, 2013

DWTS Semi Finals Elimination: Leah Remini Is A Suppressed Person

The title is a little insider joke. Leah Remini was voted off DWTS tonight along with partner Tony Dovolani. Now that Remini will have more free time on her hands, will she write that tell all book about Scientology that everyone has been clamoring for? Or will it be written by Lisa Marie Presley who has been rumored to have cut her ties also with the powerful organization.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Is Rocky A Racist? Mickey Rourke Responds To Stallone Being A Racist

By the way the TMZ guy jumped in front while I was shooting Mickey Rourke so that is why his camera is in my frame. Anyway, Mickey Rourke responds to his best buddy Sylvester Stallone being accused of using the N-word yesterday.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


After a long hot day of shooting, I found out one of my favorite bands were on JKL. So instead of eating food and drinking water like a sane person (forgot to eat lunch and dinner), I decided to listen and shoot one of my favorite bands THE KILLERS. Who knew it was also Jimmy Kimmel's birthday. A fellow Scorpion.
Anyway, the Killers sounded great. The bass player Mark Stoermer  killed it. For the record, the only "KILLING" Jimmy Kimmel should talk about is The KILLERS. LOL!

Jennifer Hudson Gets Her Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

The protege of Clive Davis groomed to be and new and improved Whitney Houston, the talented Jennifer Hudson receives a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Here is Hudson who has a new movie called "Black Nativity" coming out soon.

The Hitmaker Clive Davis & Doyenne Barbara Davis Arrive To Jennifer Hudson's Star Ceremony

Earlier today, Clive Davis (the hitmaker) and CEO of Sony Music arrived to his new "Whitney Houston" protege Jennifer Hudson's Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame Ceremony. Philanthropist Barbara Davis was seen arriving a short time after.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Thor: The Dark World Premiere Takes Over Hollywood Blvd

Thor: The Dark World premieres tonight at the El Captain. Right now they are still setting up the red carpet and fans are already out waiting for the excitement of the stars' arrival.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Exclusive RHOBH's Joyce Giraud Heads Off To China

I bumped into lovely Joyce Giraud on Hollywood Blvd yesterday while her family was enjoying time together before she heads off to China and the season opening of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Brian Pumper Talks Porn, Sex & More On Hollywood Blvd

I actually didn't know who Brian Pumper was when I walked by. I thought it was Jennifer Hudson's boyfriend but it turns out it was not. We ended up having an interesting conversation about safe sex, porn and the use of condoms.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Illegal Hot Dog Vendors Don't Care About The Cops Or Making You Sick

Let me make it clear I have no problem with people making an honest living however selling EXPIRED Hot Dogs, cooking them in unsanitary ways and selling them to unsuspecting or unthinking tourists and citizens who can get food poisoning makes my skin crawl. I've watched these people for several years use every trick in the book to keep selling their poison. Yes it is poison. Expired meat that shouldn't be sold and is also not refrigerated or cooked properly is POISON. So I hope the LAPD gets them off the street before someone dies from eating a cheap hot dog. Not only do these vendors have look outs but they return repeatedly after the police warn them to leave. They are like cock roaches fleeing the scene when the light comes on only to return moments later.

Director Feng Xiaogang Big Hit In Hollywood

One of China's most beloved directors Feng Xiaogang was seen last night attending The Chinese Film Festival at TCL. I saw him getting out of his SUV and I knew I seen him before. He was in one of my favorite movies "KUNG FU HUSTLE" so it was very nice to see him. His new movie "Back To 1942" has been well received by audiences. Feng was immortalized by a hand and foot ceremony at the Chinese Theater on Friday morning.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sylvester Stallone Adds Another Talent to His A-List: PAINTER

After an art exhibit in Russia of his painting, actor, writer, director and action star Sylvester Stallone is seen in Beverly Hills earlier today.

Jimmy Kimmel Pisses Off Protesters

Jimmy Kimmel brought some pissed off protesters out on Hollywood Blvd today. Jimmy Kimmel is known for using the Hollywood Blvd characters as the butt of his jokes, got a taste of some bitter medicine when protesters arrived at his studio on Hollywood Blvd to compare him to Hitler. The irony was not lost on the Green Monster who gave his two cents on the situation.

Protesters Compare Jimmy Kimmel To Hitler

Racism and/or racist comments are no joking matter to protesters hoping to get Jimmy Kimmel fired from ABC after a joke about "Killing All The Chinese to pay off America's Debt" goes too far.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Eric Garcetti Goes After Hollywood Hustlers What About The Homeless

I think it is a great thing that the new mayor is going to clean up Hollywood Blvd. I hope Eric Garcetti will also do something about the growing number of mentally challenged homeless people all over the city.

Elizabeth Berkley, Sasha Farber and Emma Slater At DWTS Rehearsals

It is more than likely that one of these three will be eliminated tonight on DWTS. Here are Elizabeth Berkley who dances with Val Chmerkovskiy arriving solo and Sasha Farber who dances with Nicole Polizzi arriving with his girlfriend Emma Slater who dances with Bill Engvall..

Sunday Night Party For DWTS Crew

The DWTS crew was partying on Sunday with music so loud I had to cut the audio out of many of the videos. They were having a good time letting off some steam before the dreaded double elimination happens tonight on Dancing With The Stars.

The Best Worst Halloween Costume EVER

This is the best costume I've seen so far...Oscar Pistorious complete with gun.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Music Legend Johnny Winter Has A Poetry Book Coming

Nothing cooler than to see STORM's white brother out and about. That was a joke in case you didn't get it. Anyway, bumped into legendary musician Johnny Winter and his wife Susie on Robertson recently.  They were kind enough to share some big news. Mr. Winter has a poetry book coming out.

English Actor Mike Beckingham Explains Why He Bought A CD On Hollywood

Sometimes I stand on Hollywood and I'm hypnotized by what is happening. What makes a stranger stop? What kind of person knows who to target to sell a CD to? Why would a person buy a CD from a stranger on the street? A few days ago, I watched as a guy was walking on Hollywood Blvd with his earphones in his ear and a CD guy was able to stop him and although he originally said "No," the CD guy was able to turn the situation upside down into a yes and a sale. So afterwards, I asked the buyer whose name is Mike Beckingham an actor in the upcoming movie "Subconscious" why he bought the CD. Later we end up talking about movies. By the way Peter O'Toole is the actor I couldn't recollect during our conversation and the film which is one of my favorites is "THE RULING CLASS".

Stan Lee & The Lack Of Black Heroes

I asked Stan Lee a long time ago in a previous videos about more Black Super Heroes being created. He mentioned "The Black Panther". Fast forward to NOW,  Marvel has a new show on NBC called "Agents of The Shield". One of the complaints from some fans of the show, is that there are NO main characters that are BLACK on the series. During the first episode they had a character played by a Black Actor who was hunted down and shot in the head (not killed but taken back to the laboratory to fix). The main cast is all White with one Asian actress. Come on even FOX has a lead Black actress in "Sleepy Hollow". I expect more from NBC and Marvel. Although Samuel Jackson made a cameo in one of the early episode that is not good enough. I know, regardless if Stan Lee or Marvel does, Heroes of All Colors are important in the minds and hopes of children of all ages. It inspires many in ways that can't even be expressed. One Black super hero is not enough. One Storm or one Blade is not going to do when there are a plethora of Caucasian comic heroes and heroines. Stan Lee has the power to create more comic heroes of varying nationalities. Unfortunately, Hollywood is a power game not many Black Writers of Comic Books have the leverage that Stan Lee or Marvel or DC for that matter has. If Stan Lee or Marvel or DC won't I hope some other talented writers do and make their own movies if the big studios won't. Here is the original video from 2008 when I asked Mr. Lee about Black Super Heroes...

Mickey Rourke: King Of Beverly Hills

Mickey Rourke was hanging with his buddy Giuseppe Franco and all kind of silliness was going down. Janice Dickinson was yelling at one point (not shown), Rourke was walking around in short shorts with no leg hair and all this was going on while I was waiting for Stan Lee. Anyway, here are three quick clilps of Mickey Rourke The King of Beverly Hills.

Basketball Great Jerry West Seen In Beverly Hills

Jerry West chats with KAT and another videographer about the new head coach of the LA Clippers while he was out and about in Beverly Hills.

Les Moonves & Julie Chen: No Time To Watch Leah Remini

President and CEO of CBS Les Moonves and his wife Julie Chen of "The Talk" and "Big Brother" were recently dining at Madeo. They were friendly and cordial outside chatting with videographers until...Leah Remini's name came up. What transpire between the trio that left such a nasty taste in their mouth? One can only speculate.

Monday, October 21, 2013

RHOBH Season 4: Joyce Giraud & Kyle Richards New BFF

Watch out fans of RHOBH, new alliances and new friendships are rumored on the new season of the reality TV show franchise. Kyle Richards took beauty queen Joyce Giraud out for a paparazzi filled lunch earlier at Il Pastaio.

Zombies Take Over Hollywood 2013

Annual Zombie take over of Hollywood Blvd....

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Stevie Wonder Rules The Stage At Taste Of Soul

Musical Legend Stevie Wonder took the stage late afternoon at the Taste Of Soul KJLH stage Saturday.
The event was a huge success and brought out 100.000+ people who enjoyed the great food, music and more.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Exclusive KAT Bumps Into Bobby Brown On Hollywood Blvd

 Bobby Brown crosses KAT's path again on Hollywood Boulevard on Friday, October 18, 2013.

Corbin Bleu: Prince Charming Late Night DWTS

Prince of the Charm, CORBIN BLEU was totally cool with fans who waited all day and night for him. They missed him going on a bathroom break LOL! Anyway, good times was had by all. Corbin was very gracious after a long day of rehearsals. TEAM CORBIN!

Nicole Polizzi Leaves DWTS Late Night

Nicole Polizzi aka Snooki seen leaving late night DWTS rehearsals.

Emma Slater Picks Up Her Man - Sasha Farber Late Night

Emma Slater on her way to pick up her boyfriend Sasha Farber after a long night of rehearsals with Snooki.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Is Karina Smirnoff & COPPER Star Kevin Ryan Dating?

It took some sleuthing and some clues to find out that the hot man that has been visiting Karina Smirnoff at DWTS rehearsals is none other than the star of BBC' Copper. Kevin Ryan who plays Detective Francis Maguire is the attractive man that has been at the studio. Karina says she is single but does that mean she is dating Kevin Ryan. Well you know what they say, "Once You Go Irish....LOL!

Derek Hough Hides After Nina Dobrev Break Up

Derek Hough has had a busy couple of weeks. Besides winning an Emmy and competing on DWTS currently, Hough and Nina Dobrev of VAMPIRE DIARIES just announced they are no longer dating. Here is Derek trying to slip out of rehearsals the other day behind his Glee star Amber Riley.

Will Leah Remini Write A Scientology Tell All Book?

That is one question EVERYONE wants to know. Will Leah Remini write a tell all book about Scientology?If she does it will be a blockbuster. I asked Leah the loaded question earlier today.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Amber Riley & Snooki Arrive To DWTS Rehearsals

Glee star Amber Riley and Snooki arrives to DWTS rehearsals after surviving another week of eliminations.

Corbin Bleu Talks Julianne Hough DWTS Guest Judge Controversy

As Corbin Bleu arrives to DWTS rehearsals, I ask him what he thinks about the drama between Mark Ballas and guest judge Julianne Hough. Soon after, Elizabeth Berkley arrives.

Has DWTS Jumped The Shark?

Gleb Savchenko, Sharna Burgess and Henry Byalikov leaving DWTS rehearsals. Three dancers that I love to watch. I took the opportunity to discuss with Henry about some of the main issues fans of Dancing With The Stars have had with the show such as Chaz Bono, unfair pairings, judging controversies and DWTS drama.

Actress Jaida Benjamin: The Eyes Have It

The truth is stranger than fiction. I was having one of those days where delays with software were making me pause and rethink the profession I am in. As I looked up I saw this face and I knew she had STAR quality. So here she is Jaida Benjamin. I think she is going to nail a very big job on one of my favorite new shows. Story developing. Anyway, I also do headshots for up and comers just so you know. The young lady has the face to watch.

Kesha Greets Fans In Hollywood

Kesha loves to be in the center of controversy. Controversy = Publicity. Recently there were photos of Kesha with her derriere up in the air and the rumor mill swirl that she had backside enhanced. Anything to sell a new album right?! Anyway, last night as the singer greeted fans in Hollywood, Kesha covered her backside with a flannel shirt. I think she is starting a another fashion trend besides the multicolor hair and the gold tooth. Meanwhile her concert tour with Pitbull's Australian tour is cancelled.

DWTS Eliminations: Christina Milian Dips Low In Ratings - Voted Off

Singer Christina Milian was voted off DWTS. The same old same old "low viewer voting combined with the judges' score". Dancing With The Stars is getting a little weird to say the least with Julianne Hough sitting in for a guest judge temporarily while her brother is competing. Why not have Mad Maxism back to judge while Val Chmerkovskiy heads to the finals? Again DWTS proves certain women don't fare well with the fans when it comes to making it to the finals.
Mark Ballas appeared injured at rehearsals lately and Milian looked exhausted Sunday. I never seen her look like that. Hopefully the pair will get some much deserved rest and recuperation as soon as they finish with New York press duties.