Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Nas performing his latest tracks from 'Life Is Good' on JKL.

David Faustino Visits Nas on JKL

Bud Bundy of Married With Children, David Faustino made a surprise visit to JKL to hear Nas. Faustino was in a good mood and snapped pictures for fans who were glad to see him.

Rick Ross Drops "God Forgives I Don't" at JKL

Titan of Rap, Rick Ross dropped some phat beats at JKL in support of his new album  
God Forgives I Don't
Ross's latest album will be out on July 31st.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cop Orders Me To Make A Documentary So I Obey

This Cop was on one. I heard that he was asking the costume characters to leave in front of the Chinese Theater so I went to find out what was going on. This started a chain of events such as a tourist getting mad at me because I wouldn't stop filming to take a picture with her son even though I explained that the situation happening was more important since 1st Amendment Rights appeared to be being violated. At one point the cop was telling tourists not to tip the Transformer for taking pictures this happened right before I was able to record. FYI, helping injured people on Hollywood Boulevard while I'm there is true and I've done this numerous times which can be verified by the LAFD. Also I have found several lost children and returned them safely to their parents this can also be proven so I don't appreciate an "Officer of the Law" trying to intimidate me or other characters for being on Hollywood. For him to belittle the other two performers was an abuse of his authority in my opinion. As for the hot dog vendors, three years ago, I paid for an ate a hot dog. I suffered my first bout with food poisoning. I found out through talking to a police person when they did a sting, that the hot dog sellers have NO HEALTH PERMIT, do not refrigerate the hot dogs and when their vans were raided the Police found the hot dogs covered with ROACHES.

BAD Charactor - KAT TALES TV Original Web Series Pilot Episode

I've been very busy working on several projects. This is one of them an original web series entitled "BAD Charactor". BAD Charactor centers around the people who play other people on Hollywood Boulevard. It is a mix of the true and the false - make believe and reality.

Todd Manning (aka Roger Howarth) Visits Hollywood Boulevard

One of the greatest villains in Soap Opera history, TODD MANNING played by Roger Howarth visited Hollywood Boulevard recently. When he walked by BATgirl Ashley and I, I remembered his face and Ashley said his name. Long story short, it was a funny encounter. Roger was very gracious so was his family. Glad to have him on the west coast on General Hospital.

Thorne Forrester Seen On Hollywood

Winsor Harmon aka Thorne Forrester seen being a great guy on Hollywood by supporting his young rock star.

BANE Gets Mobbed In Hollywood

This is a long version of Tom Hardy getting mobbed in Hollywood while crossing the street. 

Prayer Circle For Bikini George

A group of bright eyed young missionaries form a prayer circle for Bikini George on Hollywood Boulevard and share their good news.

Bikini George Gets Deep

In this video from June, Bikini George sports another injury due to his alcohol addiction and George has a discussion about his drug history.

Sexy Adrien Brody and Lara Lieto on Hollywood Blvd

So I'm standing next to Captain Jack and I notice this gorgeous woman holding hands with some guy and Jack says, "I got to take a picture with you man!" I look up and its Adrien Brody. It takes me a moment to get my camera out of my bag and I don't have the L2 on me because I can't find the ear piece so it takes me some crucial moments to get the shots. Anyway, Brody was super cool and super sexy in person so was his lovely girlfriend Lara Lieto. The pair rushed towards the Roosevelt as they were starting to get recognized. I wish I was a fly on their wall these two are a smoking hot couple!

KAT Chosen For Looxcie Camera Sponsorship

I've been shooting with an additional camera lately it is a L2 by Looxcie. The camera is a small which has its advantages and disadvantages, I'm not used to having something hooked on my ear but the L2 is showing the new frontier in video recording. As the technology improves the devices get smaller and theoretically better. I've already shot several videos with the L2 more will be added soon. Above is a one take video walk through Hollywood Boulevard.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Pregnant Snooki Ducks for Cover

Snooki hid behind her entourage and avoided being photographed last night before appearing on JKL.

Kate Beckinsale Ready For TOTAL RECALL

Lovely Kate Beckinsale signs autographs while promoting remake of TOTAL RECALL.

Russell Brand In A Parking Lot

Russell Rasputin Brand is on a press tour promoting his new TV show  after his divorce from Katy Perry. Here is Brand leaving Hollywood.

Charlie Sheen Ready To Debut ANGER MANAGEMENT

Charlie Sheen seen here before promoting his new show ANGER MANAGEMENT gets a warm welcome from a vocal fan.

"Bikini" George Another Day Another Injury

George who sits in a trash can on Hollywood Boulevard and begs for money, shows off his latest injury from being intoxicated.

Lynnelle Tells KAT How She Got Into Smoking Crack

In our continuous discussion about addiction and recovery, Lynnelle tells how she first got into crack.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

DARK KNIGHT RISES: Big Stars In The Most Anticipated Film of The Summer

Due to music playing loudly on Hollywood Blvd outside of American Apparel and youtube's copyright cops, I had to edit out the sound of these videos of Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman & Gary Oldman and Anne Hathaway. The cast of DARK KNIGHT RISES were signing autographs after a hasty 4th of July weekend hand and foot ceremony at Grauman's Chinese. The last in the trilogy of BATMAN played by Christian Bale is due out in three days. DARK KNIGHT RISES not only already has Oscar buzz but is expected to be the HIT of the summer.

Lady With Extremely Long Fingernails Visits Hollywood

Why I love Hollywood, this lady was visiting the block and showed off her long nails. She has been growing them for decades.

Glimpse of SLASH (video clip)

Here is a quick look at SLASH at his star ceremony via video.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Guitar Legend SLASH Star Ceremony Epic

Charlie Sheen had some "Winning" words for friend and neighbor SLASH during his star ceremony on Hollywood. With a merciless jab at Axl Rose, saying that the Guns & Roses front man would someday end up sleeping on the same sidewalk that SLASH's star laid, the ceremony started with a bang. SLASH took over the stage after a speech by producer Robert Evans that was almost inaudible. The crowd and sidewalk across the street was full with fans sharing in the excitement for one of the greatest guitar gods of all time. SLASH's family shared in the proud moment.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises On Hollywood Amidst Early Oscar Buzz

Imagine my shock when arriving on Hollywood Blvd and seeing The Dark Knight cast doing a hand print ceremony at Grauman's during the July 4th extended weekend. Who knew? I was out of the loop. Anyway, I had to shoot fast and cry later. The early industry buzz is that the finale of the Christian Bale BATMAN - Dark Knight Trilogy directed by Christopher Nolan is Oscar worthy. For fans of Batman and of Catwoman, the wait is almost over. July 20th The Dark Knight Rises.