Wednesday, May 30, 2012

TRUE BLOOD's Cast Runs The Red Carpet For Season 5

 Kristin Bauer
 Sam Trammell
Denis O'Hare and Deborah Ann Woll hitting the red carpet for the new season of TRUE BLOOD.

Jim Parrack Handles A Heckler at the TRUE BLOOD Premiere

A man yelling about the Illuminati while asking for money couldn't stop Jim Parrack's good mood at the Season 5 Premiere of HBO's TRUE BLOOD. Jim signed autographs while the disgruntled man told how he hustled for $50 a day for a hotel. Parrack told the man that if he brought that same energy to an audition he would get a part. Jim Parrack plays Hoyt Fortenberry on TRUE BLOOD.

Alexander Skarsgard: How Big & Sexy Can He Get

HBO's hit TRUE BLOOD celebrated its 5th season by having a premiere at the Archlight.  Alexander Skarsgård who plays "Eric Northman"  was a crowd favorite of course.  Skarsgård is always impeccably dressed on the red carpet. Above is just a few pix of his gorgeousness.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Exclusive MEL BROOKS Kicks It Old School With His Posse

Comic Legend and one of the greatest all around TALENTS in Hollywood History as well as on Broadway, MEL BROOKS kicking it old school with his posse of friends in Beverly Hills. Mel said he had lots of projects that he is working on that he couldn't talk about. Mr. Brooks has no signs of slowing down which is a great thing because the world needs laughter.

Uggie Skateboards on The Blvd of Broken Dreams

Uggie canine star of 'The Artitst' was on Hollywood yesterday. My camera was on a button that I never used before and I had to slow it down in the editing which wiped out the sound. But in an odd way it works.

Uggie from Oscar Winning "The Artist" visits Hollywood Blvd on A Skateboard

I ran into the adorable Uggie from the film "THE ARTIST" rolling on a skateboard on the boulevard yesterday. Uggie was filming a TV show and was wowing the crowd. The ten year old Jack Russell Terrier was very sweet and was a crowd favorite.

Friday, May 25, 2012

My Favorite Man in Beverly Hills: The Legendary MEL BROOKS

Here is the legendary MEL BROOKS and my favorite man in Beverly Hills from a few moments ago.

Singer & Actor Jessie McCartney After 'Chernobyl Diaries' Premiere

Jessie McCartney the star of 'Chernobyl Diaries' signs autographs after premiere.

Jonathan Sadowski Hanging With Fans

Actor Jonathan Sadowski hanging with fans outside the 'Chernobyl Diaries' premiere

Co-Stars Come Out for Patricia Heaton's Star Ceremony

Heavy hitters Ray Romano and Doris Roberts along with Neil Flynn, Brad Garrett and Atticus Shaffer join in the celebration for Patricia Heaton's Star Ceremony.

Manny Pacquiao Gets Swamped By Fans

Manny Pacquiao is still popular with boxing fans despite the uproar from being misquoted

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Manny Pacquiao Under The Wire: Getting Ready For June 9th Fight

Misquoted boxing champ Manny Pacquiao is getting ready for his June 9th fight with Bradley. With the recent controversy over Manny's take on gay marriage, the hysteria of one boxer's views have drawn attention to a rather lack luster fight. Being misquoted and vilified by some, maybe the best thing for the small in stature fighter with the big $70million bank account.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Donald Driver & Peta Murgatroyd Win The DWTS Mirror Ball Trophy!

 The second title of this post should be "Winning is a Driver Family Affair".
 Of all the seasons that I've covered DWTS, I don't remember a contestant who brought their family along as much as Donald Driver. He spent as much time with them as he could. Lunch breaks, time with them after school etc.
 Driver's dance partner Peta, had the purrfect partner in Donald. A man strong enough to spin and lift her as well as take on the grueling rehearsal demands. Both gave all the had.
 As for the Driver family, everyone joined in helping their dad win, from the eldest to the youngest.

 There is something to be learned here. Family support, LOVE, Respect and taking care of your relationships are at the forefront of any successful endeavor.

 So "to the victor goes the spoils". Donald Driver & Peta Murgatroyd worked diligently for their win and it is much deserved. The Driver Family is a role model of success.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Robin Gibb Dead at 62 - Remebered in Hollywood

 Disco and popular music lovers lost another great. Robin Gibb co-founder of the BEE GEES with twin brother Maurice and older brother Barry Gibb, died  two days ago. Anyone who has watched "SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER" has enjoyed the BEE GEES.
Robin Gibb requested "How Deep Is Your Love" played at his funeral reports say and what a fitting tribute to go out with. Robin Gibb joins his brothers Andy and Maurice who died before him. Gibb died from a lengthy battle from cancer according to the news from family. His elder brother, Barry Gibb is still alive.

Raven-Symone: Aint Nobody's Bizness If She Is or Isn't...

 Have to hand it to the talented Raven-Symone who is getting a lot of press due to the fact that she refuses to answer whether she is or is not living with a Lesbian Lover. A story was leaked by a tabloid recently allegedly outing the former Disney child star.
Raven-Symone who is currently on BROADWAY starring in the musical "Sister Act", has reportedly stated that her sexuality is her private affair and should remain private. Kudos to Simone for making a statement without saying yes or no but None of Your Business!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Guy Beats It - Literally

One of those random moments in Hollywood that you have to see to believe.

Most Original T-Shirt on Hollywood Boulevard (today)

I had to take a photo of a great T-shirt that I saw today. Thank you to the model who bought the T-shirt from the Gay Pride Event in Long Beach over the weekend.

Exclusive: The Return of Gavin DeGraw to DWTS

Here is a hairier Gavin DeGraw from earlier today...

Carlos of Green Greens Rescues Injured Bird

I was sitting in the shade when all of a sudden a bird screeched and I jumped out of my chair, my friend Carlos whom I met while covering DWTS, introduced me to Sebastian a crow that he rescued.

Exclusive William Levy & Donald Driver Cold Shoulder: The Video

Here are the two titans ignoring each other while chatting with Jaleel White.

Boxing Legend Manny Pacquiao on KAT's Kamera Kam

This is what happens when shooting Manny Pacquiao in a tight crowd.

Exclusive Donald Driver's Family Leaving DWTS Rehearsal

Donald Driver's wife and son give an interview while Poppa Driver is on the phone and the fun begins

Donald Driver's Youngest Supporter

Lovely Betina Driver brings their youngest baby to visit daddy Donald Driver at DWTS finals rehearsals.

Jaleel White Shows Donald Driver His Car: The Video

Jaleel White shows off his baby to an interested in buying a new car Donald Driver

DWTS The Day of Reckoning For The Final 3 - Driver, Jenkins & Levy

The Battle for The Mirror Ball takes center stage tonight where the BEST Donald Driver, Katherine Jenkins and William Levy will battle it out for the top 2 spots in the finale of DWTS Season 14. It is too close for me to call and all three are stellar. May they all dance their best. To the Victors Go The Spoils.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Big Willy: Can He Perform His Best Monday Night?

With all the hype and the pressure it really comes down to how William Levy dances and how fans vote. I've said it many times, this is the BEST season of DWTS. The Mirror Ball Finals are going to be nail biting fun for us sitting and watching as spectators as these dance gladiators pound it out on the dance floor. Can the Mexican Brad Pitt (as he is called from Telenovela fame) win against Katherine Jenkins and Donald Driver? Tune in to ABC to find out!