Saturday, February 21, 2009

Jay Manuel from America's Next Top Model

While watching all the set up and fan fair for the 2009 Oscars, I saw Mr. Fly Himself,Jay Manuel from America's Next Top Model. As usual he looked GREAT!!! And he was kind enough to compliment on my outfit. Coming from him, I'll take that one...

KAT Gets JOHN LEGEND Oscar Scoop

I ran into multitalented singer JOHN LEGEND a few moments ago with his lovely lady and he gave me some great info about what he is up to...e

Friday, February 20, 2009

Maksim Chmerkovsky & Denise Richards DWTS New Partners

I bumped into hottie Maksim with his new dance partner Denise Richards.
They weren't saying much on Friday but they looked great and in the TV world that is everything...

Jaclyn Smith Still A HOT ANGEL!!!

I spied an Original Charlie's Angel, Jaclyn Smith the other day. She was shopping with a friend. I've actually photographed her before. Jaclyn is one HOT entrepreneur and she is beautiful regardless of her age of 63. After complimenting her on how great she looked, the clever lady reminded me that she was wearing her signature KMART jeans.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mama Mia!!!- Los Angeles, Italia Film Festival

After a busy day of shooting the Oscar drop down to his pedistal, I went to see the arrivals at the Los Angeles, Italia Film, Fashion & Art Fest at Mann Chinese Theatre. I think I met my next boyfriendCall me wierd but I just recently saw the film 300 and had no idea that the hot man Rodrigo Santoro played the villian in the movie until today (while doing a search on his work). Rodrigo is caliente!!!!!
He is so hot that photographers drool when he walks in a room... Funny thing is I collect great photographs of other photographers and sometimes place it on my walls as a constant stimulus and inspiration to be a constantly improving photographer. Rodrigo has been on my wall for a long time. He takes incredible photographs.
Let me stop drooling. Alot of favorites were in attendance. A great actor and legend Franco Nero who played "Lancelot" in CAMELOT.
He was so gorgeous in that movie and when he sang in that musical, it takes one's breath away. He was also in the subversive Querelle...
Brigette Nielson was also in the house wearing a retro 80's outfit.She looked hot!
Christian Slater of TRUE ROMANCE, always nice David Boreanaz of BONES, Sofia Milos looking
super chic from CSI MIAMI,Actor/Director Christian De Sica, and Dennis Hopper also in TRUE ROMANCE graced the event
. Lots of bella startlets from the small screen Katherine Kelly Lang of the soap opera Bold & The Beautiful which is extremely popular in Italy.Italian Goddess Maria Grazia Cucinotta wearing a wonderfully fitted black dress. And lots of beautiful faces...

Oscar Lands in Hollywood

Guess who dropped in today? Oscar has landed. In one week the Oscars will be at the KODAK. Between now and then millions of cables will be laid, florists, caters, hair stylist, wardrobe, makeup artists, hotel staff, security guards and limousine drivers will have jobs....

2 Cute Poodles

What can I say, I shot these two Stars on Hollywood. They were so sweet and soft. The Carmel one is still a puppy!!!!

Nacho Libre & Delayed Response

Several Months ago, I shot an assualt that happened on Hollywood. There is a great song by TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS I'm Going To Stand My Ground that fits perfectly. Petty sings about "And I won't back down, I'm going to stand my ground."

Lately I noticed that there was some new hits on the video. I shoot so many videos nothing surprises me but it starting snowballing. So then I got an message from a TV station and they requested an interview. I responded but I didn't get a reply. I heard through the grapevine LA Times wanted to interview me and I contacted Bob Pool. Nothing. Anyway I just found out my video was played on two news stations. Why it took so long is beyond me. But I will say there has been some negligence on the police reacting in an appropriate fashion. There has been alot of harassing. I don't know what is going on. Few want to take reports, use deductive reasoning skills, or actually care about the victims. They want everyone to fend for themselves. In my daily doings I sometimes use alot of restraint. But I can see the tide is turning.
Anyway, I shot additional footage of the incident but because it was on Quicktime, I have to convert the media and then edit. When I do I will put it here and on youtube.

Monday, February 9, 2009

KAT Dances 2 BALE OUT Remix

In a world where anything can happen, KAT dances to a new Internet sensation by RevoLucian (who is also doing RuPaul new Album)...Consider it an early Valentine's Day Present or a Friday the 13th Nightmare...

Sunday, February 8, 2009

James Whitmore Great Person Great Actor Passes

One of the most charming people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting, taking photos of and interviewing, JAMES WHITMORE passed away today. I have to look to see if I still have the video of our meeting. I had a horrible computer problem several months ago that erased hundreds of photos and videos. I do have at a least one photo of Mr. Whitmore and of course my agent has the rest.
In our interview, James Whitmore endorsed Obama and was hip and his wife was so charming. I wish her the best.
James Whitmore Rest In Peace.

HEAVY D = Delicious

I had the pleasure of chatting with Heavy D at the Pre-Grammy Party at Wolf Gang Puck's.

He was super sweet.

Heavy D asked to check out my camera. I had it over to him and the camera is still running while we are talking about his record release party and Bill Withers.

Governor of California Ducks and Covers...

Arnold was a little shy on Saturday. Sneaking out of Guiseppe Franco's Salon, few were able to get any photographs. I did managed to snap a few while being blocked by a nice secret service agent.

Stallone Pix before Angie Everhart Question

The following are some pictures of Sly Stallone that I took Saturday. Notice how Garth from TMZ is running behind Sly with a smile....Garth and I make a great team on occasion. But you know how L.A. is? No one really has any "real friends"... Just business associates!

Saturday, February 7, 2009


I like my men Thicke. Robin Thicke that is. One of the HOTTEST Singers around.
I dug his last album and I bumped into him today at a pre-Grammy party at Wolf Gang Puck's Steak House....
Great Looking & Talented Guy (but he smokes...)

Here is the video clip...

KAT asks Stallone about exGF Angie Everhart

The set up is Angie an ex girlfriend of Sly Stallone, is pregnant and pitching....
Sly's reaction is CLASSIC!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Holly Madison the Most Popular on KATTALESTV

Holly Madison formerly (viagra yes) Hugh Hefner's main squeeze, now (viagra no) Criss Angel's, has the highest numbers on
I shot several videos of her and she is always an ease to shoot. I don't question why she is the most popular subject on my page, I just deal with the numbers.
Holly is in the news again because she is cutting ties with PLAYBOY. That is going to be interesting. If and how much the move will cost her only time will tell.

Madison fans really believe she loved Hefner which is not surprising since they had so much in common like age, wanting children, finances, sexual potency, youth & vitality...years to live. I hope when I'm Hefner's age, I can have a hot young stud to keep the spring in my step and to accept the addition of 2 other male lovers in the mix. I'm sure I can find a guy like that...(HAHA HAAAAAAA)

KAT Putting Out Fire with Gasoline

"Putting Out Fire with Gasoline" sung David Bowie, is the title song for the movie "CAT PEOPLE". That song is appropriate with my dealings with Toyota. Yesterday I was driving around and my car battery warning lights came on again. Considering, one problem was "fixed" the day before, I was none too happy. I drove back to Toyota and tried to suppress my anger which was growing to RAGE. I sat there for over 3 hours, most of the time waiting for word from the big guys if they were going to fix the problem. After waiting and waiting, arguing my case, they decided to repair the part. Lately, I've put up with really bad service from several fronts, landlords, agents and others. I've had enough. Sometimes I let things slide and other times I don't. One has to pick your battles otherwise life gets exhausting. By the time I left Toyota close to closing time, it was dark, raining on and off and I was exhausted. I had too many fires to put out recently. Now I'm just going to throw gas (metaphor) on them. So I thanked Toyota for fixing the car that only has 44,000 miles on it and less than 7 years old. Meanwhile my Youtube page which was started in late Sept. 2008, has over 85,000 views. The repairs that I'm experiencing normally happen to an owner at the 100,000 mile mark.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

KAT Scratches Hollywood Toyota & Still Loves Lady Ga Ga

Just wanted to let some nice people know that I'll be adding more pictures here soon. A little problem with a card reader and an SD card that has a lot of new pictures on it hasn't been resolved so be patient.
As regards to my car, I have a hybrid. I bought it 7 years ago and it only has 44,000miles on it. I found out the early models had a flaw in their batteries. Not too happy with Toyota of Hollywood and their service. I spent a lot of money a few months ago, and they didn't even but the screws back on the battery cover, nor did they put the when to service the car sticker on the window, didn't wash the car, did miscellaneous work on the car to improve cash mileage and it didn't. So needless to say Fuck Toyota.
Other than that, I've continued my Love Affair with Lady Ga Ga's Music. I edited some pictures to U2 and I guess nobody cared because it only has a few hits (see previous blog). So I revamped the pictures and changed the Girl Pix to Lady Ga Ga's Beautiful Dirty Rich. It worked out much better I also added a picture of Bo Derek. I shot her last year & she looked gorgeous. I have a ton of Angela Bassett in the mix.

Also I did a video for the men that I shot Boys, Boys, Boys by Lady Ga Ga. There are ton of pictures of David Duchovny, Slash, Scott Weiland, Velvet Revolver, Entourage Guys, Forest Whitaker, Rick Fox, Director Rob Stewart and a whole bunch of other hot guys. Rob Stewart is the man wearing a Kilt. He was and is one of my favorite men of all time. Class Act. Some guys make your heart hurt for something you never had.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I Found My Angela Bassett Pictures

As I stated in a previous blog, I was having difficulty finding some pictures that were on my other computer. I did find some so that was good. I can't tell you how many photos can be evaporated by the wrong click of a button on a hard drive. One must have a copy on a CD or DVD and then make another copy on an external hard drive just to be safe. It is far better to be anal retentive in regards to your art/work then to loose it and try to get from an uninterested agent.
Anyway, I shot Angela Bassett last year getting her star on Hollywood Blvd. I decided to make a video of just women called "Les Chats" (The Cats in French). The following video features besides Ms. Bassett, Giselle, Victoria Secret Models, Holly Madison (who seems to be the most popular celebrity on my youtube page) & Kendra formerly of The Girls Next Door, Janet Jackson, Brigette Nielson, Kim Kardashian and some other models/actresses in the mix. I may have made a mistake though I used an old U2 song "Even Better Than the Real Thing" it may not be current enough for people to respond to but I thought it was perfect for the clips. I hope you enjoy.

Monday, February 2, 2009

KAT Saved By A Motor Cycle Angel

Friday, I found out that chivalry isn't dead. I was driving down Sunset during rush hour traffic and my car battery died. I put on my flashers and people still kept driving up to my bumper expecting me to move forward even with my hood up. I got out of my car checked the battery cables and tried to restart. Nothing. I got on my cell phone and called mechanics that I had to see if they had a tow truck. No. Take down this number of course I couldn't find a pen. I realized I was stuck. I just let go to the misery of another drama in the life of a KAT. I was looking down when all of a sudden a man in a plaid shirt and a motor cycle helmet with the most beautiful eyes I had seen in a long time offered to help. I stared dumbfounded. I've been out of the loop for so long. He told me that he would push my car. I asked him are you going to be alright? Can you do it by yourself. He managed like 3 car lanes on SUNSET freaking blvd. While he was pushing I was saying are you ok? He pushed my car down the street gallantly. He was gone before I could even say thank you. He left his bike in the middle of Sunset to help me. There are a few angels in LA. So if you see a HOT Guy on a blue motorcycle with incredible eyes, please tell him KAT said thank you and that he is PURRFECT......