Friday, February 6, 2009

Holly Madison the Most Popular on KATTALESTV

Holly Madison formerly (viagra yes) Hugh Hefner's main squeeze, now (viagra no) Criss Angel's, has the highest numbers on
I shot several videos of her and she is always an ease to shoot. I don't question why she is the most popular subject on my page, I just deal with the numbers.
Holly is in the news again because she is cutting ties with PLAYBOY. That is going to be interesting. If and how much the move will cost her only time will tell.

Madison fans really believe she loved Hefner which is not surprising since they had so much in common like age, wanting children, finances, sexual potency, youth & vitality...years to live. I hope when I'm Hefner's age, I can have a hot young stud to keep the spring in my step and to accept the addition of 2 other male lovers in the mix. I'm sure I can find a guy like that...(HAHA HAAAAAAA)

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