Monday, February 2, 2009

KAT Saved By A Motor Cycle Angel

Friday, I found out that chivalry isn't dead. I was driving down Sunset during rush hour traffic and my car battery died. I put on my flashers and people still kept driving up to my bumper expecting me to move forward even with my hood up. I got out of my car checked the battery cables and tried to restart. Nothing. I got on my cell phone and called mechanics that I had to see if they had a tow truck. No. Take down this number of course I couldn't find a pen. I realized I was stuck. I just let go to the misery of another drama in the life of a KAT. I was looking down when all of a sudden a man in a plaid shirt and a motor cycle helmet with the most beautiful eyes I had seen in a long time offered to help. I stared dumbfounded. I've been out of the loop for so long. He told me that he would push my car. I asked him are you going to be alright? Can you do it by yourself. He managed like 3 car lanes on SUNSET freaking blvd. While he was pushing I was saying are you ok? He pushed my car down the street gallantly. He was gone before I could even say thank you. He left his bike in the middle of Sunset to help me. There are a few angels in LA. So if you see a HOT Guy on a blue motorcycle with incredible eyes, please tell him KAT said thank you and that he is PURRFECT......

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