Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bristol Palin: Dancing With The Stars Been Very Very Good For Her

Although getting third place on DWTS, Bristol Palin seems to be on her way to laughing all the way to the bank. Dancing With The Stars received so much attention and controversy with Palin continuing to last on the show, that DWTS may never be the same. But for Bristol it is a media coup. Dare I say, Bristol Palin is more popular than her mother Sarah Palin who is currently on her own book tour. There is talk that Bristol Palin maybe the new spokesmodel for an American clothing brand. Actually that is a good idea. Palin has an average American body frame. She isn't a stick figure and maybe that is why so many people felt a kinship to her. Palin isn't Hollywood. She is a girl who shoots shotguns, hunts, drives a truck and flips the finger when defending her family. Like it or not she added a refreshing twist to an anorexic world.

Joslyn James To Celebrate Tiger Wood's Car Crash Anniversary

Before you start wondering, I was waiting to shoot Luenell at the Comedy Store last week and talking to a friend about how so many people lost their minds in 2010. I literally mentioned Tiger Wood's name when I saw a red haired lady in a blue dress stop in front of me to cross the street. I said is that? And it was so of course I walked across the street to the House of Blues and the rest is history.

Anyway, Joslyn was nice. She said she was just a regular girl during our interview. I'll post it later and said she likes to eat all kinds of food. I found out that several of Tiger Wood's paramours will be at a party in Westlake Village later this week at Zin Bistro. I don't know what venture Joslyn James is working on next exactly. She said there were several options up in the air.

Michael Lohan Alot To Be Thankful For

Michael Lohan spent Thanksgiving with his daughter Lindsay Lohan. He also recently gave her a car after Lindsay was given back her driving privileges. Although the Lohans seem to have a damn if they do or damn if they don't spot in the media, at least Michael Lohan and Lindsay are working on repairing their relationship.

Antoine Dodson: Taking A Bad Situation And Making Good

I can't be mad at his game, Antoine Dodson is a modern day success story. He reminds me of the song "Moving On Up... to a deluxe Apartment in the sky" from the TV show the Jeffersons. Antoine Dodson was in Hollywood recently and after he took an important phone call upon his arrival at Katsuya, he addressed the media. Dodson said he has alot of projects he is considering. Might he be the next big thing on reality TV?

Saturday, November 27, 2010

TSA Body Scans & Enhanced Pat Downs: Americans Doped & Duped

The latest TSA “enhanced pat downs” vs the “virtual strip search” has got me thinking. It reminds me of so many things.

Yoko Ono is credited with the phrase in an interview from 1969 while John Lennon sang “Women is the Nigger of the World” in 1972. Listen and read the profound lyrics which you can find easily on the net. “Women is the slave of the slave” is just one of them. “We make her paint her face and dance” is another.

I recently was exposed to a photo of the celebrity Kim Kardashian being patted down by a female TSA agent. Kardashians hands were spread out like the infamous paintings of Jesus Christ impaled on the Cross while the African American TSA agent used her hands to check between Kardashians voluptuous and often seen and promoted breasts. I found the taking and the release of the photo interesting. I don’t know who the photographer was but I was told while photographing the legendary Grace Jones at LAX by airport security, not to film the screening station while people were going through the security check point even though I was at a great distance. So I was wondering was the photos leaked as a way to pornofy (yes I made up the word) the situation. You have girl on girl action with a breast search in a hot uniform? A little homage to bondage and domination?

Next I was thinking about Abu Ghraib Prison Abuse Photos that were “leaked” released around 2006. Remember the images? Iraqi prisoners were in underwear or naked and photographed being tortured, mentally abused, raped, humiliated and even killed all for fun by their “handlers” aka members of the US Military. Remember the clear distinction between the Prisoners - naked and the Handlers - clothed in military attire. Remember the President of the United States at the time George Bush’s reaction? Not so much of a reaction or outrage. Remember United States Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld appearing to be more upset about the leak photos than the actual crimes? And what was the finally outcome? A few low ranking officers took the heat while their over seeing commanders went off scot free. Tactics of humiliation, harassment, loss of personal space and privacy, torture, forced acts of submission are old school tricks of the slave master. Nothing new under the sun. There are even photos of the prisoners with their arms outstretched for hours. The New 2000ish Jesus Christ in an Orange Jumpsuit instead of the loin cloth or would you prefer our new model in the nude? It seems a foreign land with people we feel are less than US is often used as the testing ground -the petri dish for psychological warfare that will be used on us later.

Now we jump back to 2010 at the end of the year, the US Government comes up with the new airport laws. Because of the threat of terrorism and people hiding bombs in their underwear as said by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, we need the new TSA regulations. Although we need it, Hillary Clinton and the likes of her don’t want to go through the same humiliations as the general serfs, I mean subjects, I mean US slaves, I mean citizens. Clinton is too good for that. Now pilots and flight attendants are off the hook. They are now exempt from Advanced Imaging Scans and Enhanced Pat Downs from TSA Administrator John Pistole. So Pilots not only get to wear fun uniforms and not be screened for drinking or drugs before flying a plane they don’t have to suffer the same invasive search as the rest of us out of uniform. President Obama has said in recent interviews regarding the TSA, that enhanced pat downs are necessary.

There are things we don’t know. How much radiation comes out of the Advanced Imaging scanner? What is the effects of the radiation on the human body? Are the TSA agents that work around the scanners getting doses of radiation by being close by proximity? How close are we to becoming a total Police State? What is done with the body scanning images? Are they linked with the name of the passengers and stored? Which contractors and corporations are making the most profit off the machines used in the TSA scanning equipment? What lobbying groups had a hand in getting the new TSA rules implemented? Which Senators and Congress members have stock in the companies involved? Why are trains and buses not checked for bombs or terrorists? How do we negotiate our rights while protecting our so called freedoms?
What are our options regarding the Militarism of our country of our world? Do we really have any?

Meanwhile so many of our young people are brainwashed and or desensitized with violent video games, TV, movies and music implementing and praising the coming of the police state. Just look at the popular Call Of Duty: Black Ops. There tag line is “There Is A Soldier In All of Us” With Kobe Bryant and Jimmy Kimmel in the launch trailer while other ordinary citizens carry automatic machine artillery, is anybody wondering who is behind a game like Black Ops besides Treyarch?

We seem to accept our dwindling appearance of civil liberties and civil rights in exchange for the never ending game of terrorism. We dope ourselves with food, drugs, entertainment, sex, sports anything to take away the pain. Meanwhile we are being duped by the puppet masters who are making billions on our insecurities, fears, afflictions and addictions. Like good obedient children we obey and believe everything the authority figure tells us as they feel us up like a pedophile priest. So like I said in a previous twitter post, lets take our prescribed Ecstasy medication or some other anti-anxiety drug and willing go through the enhanced TSA Pat Downs. Therefore we can all have fun while we accept our abuse by our Government Handlers.

Friday, November 26, 2010

LA Galaxy Arrives In Australia To Play NewCastle Jets

The LA Galaxy is in Australia soaking up the sun and ready for an exhibition match against the NewCastle Jets. So I'm adding some videos of the team that I took recently during the MLS playoffs. The team was alot of fun to photograph and they were really nice to the fans. I had so much fun going to the games and meeting people. Good times. Sometimes I'm chatting with people and I find out later that they are some of the best players in the world but they treat people with kindness and dignity...

Yes the following video of David Beckham being asked by me about his underwear line was sold to PopSugar via an agent please let me know if you see the video on other sites besides PopSugar. It is an inside joke..

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Luenell Rules The Comedy Store

I had the pleasure of seeing Luenell perform at the legendary Comedy Store on Tuesday. Luenell brought the full house down. With her jokes about her g-string, the love/hate relationship with her personal trainer and her refusal to hold in her stomach any longer, Luenell ruled the room.

Bristol Palin A Deer In The Headlights

For Dancing With The Stars having Bristol Palin as a contestant was a brilliant ratings boom. But for real fans of the show, it was a disaster. How Bristol stayed on the show until the final three is beyond me. If she would have won then the show would have suffered a backlash bigger than they expected. Maybe the producers played the game just long enough to keep the internet a buzz and the media giving the show even more attention. As ratings climbed via the controversy, negative publicity via Bristol Palin's continuous dancing on the show grew to new heights. Of course finally, Jennifer Grey and Kyle Massey were the final two and we all know the outcome of that. But we don't know why there was such disparity in voting. The Judges on the show as well as the host kept reiterating the importance of voting. Meanwhile several people including myself had difficulty voting online. With the majority of websites using voting as a calculative way to data mine, we have no way of knowing how voting online is going to bite us later. Maybe Bristol was a sacrificial deer on the show to increase ratings and at the same time create a backlash. Creating a powerful dynamic Hegelian Dialectic. Bristol Palin on the show had so many interesting points, unwed teenage mother, daughter of a possible candidate for the Presidency of the United States, Bristol seen as a victim of unfair hostility, a story of a man who shot his TV regarding the results of Brandy being eliminated and Palin safe spread all over the media, a suspicious powder found at CBS studios and the entire DWTS staff evacuated, a terrorist threat - inherent danger, Bristol Palin addressing her haters, Bristol finally loosing. This was a great soap opera. Now Bristol can continue her reign as an activist for Abstinence.
Does anyone else see the irony?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough Win Dancing With The Stars

Congratulations to Jennifer Grey and her partner Derek Hough after a long fought competition, the pair came out on top.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Kim Kardashian Takes Halle Berry's Left Overs

In another stunning move of Celebrity Chess, Kim Kardashian makes a Check Mate by dating Halle Berry's baby's daddy Gabriel Aubry according to TOO FAB. One thing for sure if Kim and Gabriel do get married they will have BEAUTIFUL Children. No word on what Ms. Berry thinks of the possible future step mother of her daughter Nahla.

Exclusive DWTS Jennifer Grey Finals

Been covering Dancing With The Stars this season and it has been a trip to say the least. Here is Jennifer Grey getting something out of her car on her way back in for long rehearsals.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Kyle Massey Gives KAT A Shout Out on Halloween

With a back load of work and videos finally posting a video from Halloween with Kyle Massey giving me some love as KAT WOMAN...

Kyle Massey On How He Stays So Grounded

I asked Kyle Massey on how he stays so grounded...

Derek Hough Talks Exclusively About Dancing With The Stars Competition

I asked Derek Hough recently before the current finals what he thought about voting controversy on Dancing With The Stars...

U.S. Judge Dean Pregerson Upholds 1st Amendment Rights for Hollywood Street Performers

According to the Britannica Concise Encyclopedia, "Right, as stated in the 1st and 14th Amendments to the Constitution of the United States, to express information, ideas, and opinions free of government restrictions based on content." Long story short, Judge Dean Pregerson agreed that the street performers and costume characters
had rights to be on Hollywood Blvd without the threat of arrest or harassment by the LAPD on Wednesday, November 17, 2010. "It may not seem like a traditional form of free speech, but their right to perform is protected under that provision of the U.S. Constitution," wrote Judge Pregerson in his ruling reported by Robert Jablon of the Associated Press.
It was also stated in Jablon's article covered by the Sacramento Bee that "Chamber President Leron Gubler said as many as 60 characters sometimes congregate before dawn in front of the famous Grauman's Chinese Theatre, where they crowd tourists into the street and refuse to move unless their photos are taken." I have to refute that claim. It would be too easy to call it a bold face lie,
and that would make me no better than the politicians and the police who lied, slandered and treated all the street performers as a unwanted "gang" instead of treating us as citizens and individuals. The Chamber of Commerce President Leron Gubler is mistaken, which can easily be proven by photographing Hollywood Blvd at dawn. When was there ever 60 characters on the blvd before 9am? Before Noon? Also I don't know the exact length of Hollywood Blvd but when characters are spread out down the length of the blvd, there is enough room if everyone respects each other.
Show me the evidence. I hate to tell you this most of the characters arrive in the mid day. Definitely not dawn, there are no tourists there at dawn. Also Gubler said something similar to what Kerry Morrison did during an infamous BID Patrol and H.E.D. meeting, "We have had no one - and I repeat not one person - who has said they miss the characters," he said." That also is a lie. I've personally shot numerous videos over the last months
were I have interviewed tourists without editing on what they think about the characters. I have also sent links to the videos to Kerry Morrison's personal email. All this can be documented and proved. I don't like being bullied, slandered, harassed, threaten, given false loitering tickets, or having my or anyone else's 1st Amendment Rights being trambled on. I do not appreciate how Eric Garcetti, Tom LaBonge, Kerry Morrison, The LAPD, The BID Patrol as well as Leron Gubler has handled this matter. 1st Amendment and 14th Amendment Rights were violated.
I have no problem if someone is breaking the law that the police have the right to handle the situation in a lawful manner but to blatantly disregard the law of the land and treat some good people (all of the characters/street performers aren't bad just like all politicians and police aren't good) is unacceptable. Numerous people like myself tried to have a dialogue with the aforementioned and we were insulted, silenced, ignored, harassed and made to wait for justice. So when it comes time to re-elect for said parties, believe me when I say I will not be casting my vote for any of the people involved. I never said the situation on Hollywood was perfect, we have tried to resolve issues and even asked for permits like in Santa Monica but were told that they would cost $1,000 by Kerry Morrison and would take up to three years to process please see my previous article on the ban http://kattalestv.blogspot.com/2010/09/discussing-hollywood-blvd-characters.html
Please feel free to send the following testimonies to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce President...

New Zealand Tourist

Young Girl asked about Character Ban

Joe Mcqueen Hulk

Read more: http://www.sacbee.com/2010/11/18/3195736/hollywood-superhero-street-performers.html#ixzz15q3PTMtp

Dancing With The Stars Kyle Massey Talks Fast Food

Who doesn't love Kyle Massey? His upbeat persona and great dancing skills has won the hearts of many dance enthusiasts. But Kyle also has love for fast food. Kyle is seen here with his Jack in The Box Costume and below that a few days later I ask him about his love for fast food...

Friday, November 19, 2010

Exclusive Bruno Tonioli and Len Goodman Make A Surprise Visit To Dancing With The Stars Rehearsals

With the cyber world a buzz with DWTS defection due to the Brandy-Maksim elimination, Bruno Tonioli and fellow judge Len Goodman made a D-Line surprise visit to the Final 3 Dancing With The Stars rehearsal Wednesday. Bruno looking very sleek in black reiterated that you have to vote.

NOW Films In DownTown Los Angeles

Amanda Seyfried and Justin Timberlake star in a futuristic NOW which recently shot scenes in downtown Los Angeles. I will add some of the videos that I shot. What was going on behind the scenes is sometimes more interesting than what will be shown in movie theatres.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bristol = Bye Bye Brandy!

Never underestimate the power of your so called weaker opponent. People like Bristol Palin prove this motto everyday. Bristol the Pistol Palin has been shooting down opponents right and left, Audrina Patridge, Florence Henderson and Rick Fox. These are the harsh lessons one learns in life. Sometimes the less qualified person ends up in the top spot due to media spin and cronyism. Where else does an unwed teenager who has a baby become a "celebrity" except via a political juggernaut mother named Sarah Palin? As I wrote on an earlier twitter post that someone said to me, "If Obama had an unwed teenage daughter who gave birth, he would be called an unfit parent or worse." The tables get switched on this Guess Who's Coming To DWTS Finals. I remember being told a White Convicted felon is more likely to get a high paying job in New York than a PHD African American with no record. I know this is only a dance show but it demonstrates the power of the Tea Party and underestimating opponents. Here is a clip of Bristol Palin arriving to rehearsal right after Audrina Patridge was voted off.

Dancing With The Stars Finals: Brandy and Maksim Out

In an unbelievable turn of events, Brandy and Maksim were eliminated from competing in the finals next week on Dancing With The Stars. As I said in a previous post, Bristol is the new Bush. Jennifer Grey - Derek Hough, Kyle Massey - Lacey Schwimmer and Bristol Palin - Mark Ballas will compete for the Win.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Brandy Asked What She Would Like To Say To Her Fans

I asked Brandy what she would like to say to her Dancing With The Stars fans...

FISHBONE's Norwood Fisher: Good To Bump Into

I bumped into an old friend Norwood Fisher (founder and bassist for FISHBONE) in Santa Monica. I've been so busy that I finally remembered to post some of the pictures. FISHBONE is One of the Greatest Bands of All Time. So much fun to watch. It was so good to see him smiling in the sun. Sometimes one bumps into friends when one needs to.

Last Dance For Which Star? Bristol, Jennifer, Kyle or Brandy?

Tonight we will find out who will be voted off Dancing With The Stars. Will the highest scores for the last 8 weeks mean anything? Or will the person with the lowest scores routinely win a place in the finals?

Monday, November 15, 2010

David Beckham Winces - FC Dallas 3 Galaxy 0

One thing I noticed during the last game between the Seattle Sounders, LA Galaxy seem to loose steam in the 2nd half. I joked with some fans near me that Beckham needed to talk to Tony Robbins regarding visualization. He looked like he was in pain in that game. His gait was very distinctive. I couldn't help but noticed how he walked. During Sunday's game, when FC Dallas game out of the tunnel, I thought wow these guys look hungry. They had a killer look on their face of determination. They ran strong. Dallas looked cohesive and on point. I didn't see that fire when the Galaxy game out. They looked tired and apprehensive. While FC Dallas attacked, Galaxy seem to pass into oblivion. They were off. The beautiful ball handling skills that were so present in the last game were lacking in this one. Galaxy seemed scattered and not communicating. There seemed to be no hurry in getting goals. Too much strategy and not enough down the middle relentlessly going after the goalie. Maybe the game between the Sounders took too much out of them who knows? David Beckham was wincing in pain throughout the entire game. He looked tired to me during the Sounders' game after the first half and he grimaced throughout the night against Dallas. FC Dallas looked like matadors and bulls at the same time. They controlled the game from the start. The night was theirs to win. They dominated both offensively and defensively. It was an exciting experience to go to watch the Galaxy play. I'm now a fan and hoped to go to more games next season.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

LA Galaxy vs FC Dallas - Nice Guys Finish First

Tonight the LA Galaxy plays FC Dallas. It will be an exciting game. Donovan Ricketts is ranked the #1 Goalie in the MLS. Both teams have strong goalies. Dallas has Hartman. With the Galaxy having excellent assists from David Beckham and goals by Edson Buddle and Gonzales in the last game with the Seattle Sounders, team play is a looking excellent for the Galaxy. I can't wait to go to the game and cheer the Galaxy on to another Victory.