Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tila Tequila vs Garry Sun The Unbelievable Plot Thickens

First of all when I heard the incredulous story by Garry Sun accusing Tila Tequila of having armed guards and threatening him, his father and kidnapping his girlfriend, I was in horror. I was in horror for selfish reasons to be honest (that I will get into later). First thing is first, I'm no fan of Garry Sun, he has pushed me out of the way while shooting Christina Aguilera (I have the video where you can see me shooting straight and all of the sudden, I'm pushed to the right of Sun in front of Aguilera's SUV). Personally I think photogs like Garry give photographers a bad name but I digress. The Tila Tequila accusations were so outrageous that I was thinking to myself, Garry Sun can't be so HIGH and so delusional that he would go after Tequila without hard facts and some sort of proof besides just intense accusations? Sun couldn't be that stupid?! And although it has looked bad the last several days, I kept checking the story. Gary Sun posted up a video where he is in front of the Sheriff's Department [that was taken down the next day] where he accuses Tila with kidnapping . Some clever people copied the original video and you can still find it online. Then I found this video via Google from Radar Online posted on January 19, 2010 "EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Tila Tequila Surrounded By Armed Guards"
A couple of things are blatant: 1) ROL doesn't do proper research on their own stories or they would have found this on their on site. 2) Look who is in the video playing Secret Service, talking into his coat? The infamous Kris (Kristian) Otto Herzog of the Oksana vs Mel Gibson story. Kris Herzog is a twice convicted felon who made his own "police type vehicle" you can see it in the video. As I stated in a previous post Kris likes to impersonate being a body guard for attention. He was convicted of impersonating a Police Officer. Herzog was accused of stopping a women while impersonating a cop. The lady was so frighten that she drove off (smart woman) and went to a real police officer and told what happened. Herzog was arrested. So after deductive reasoning my dear Watson, it is not so far fetched that Tila Tequila could have had armed bodyguards especially since a twice convicted felon was working for her or just hanging around her for publicity or information he could sell later.
Here is Kristian Herzog playing security guard for Kathy and Paris Hilton at the Ivy from last year January 9, 2009...

Garry's story is not so crazy as it seems. The same two men are in both videos mine and from Radar Online. If Gary's dad and Gary can ID both, then this story isn't so incredulous as it seems. If you saw a car like Herzog's with the flashing lights you might think he was a police officer. Herzog also has been known to carry weapons. And he has threaten Oksana Grigorieva with a tell all book. I've also been told by a credible source that Kris Herzog takes personal items and also videos and/or records the celebrities he works for and then tries to use them as bargaining chips later or tries to sell the inside information to the tabloids via a third party.

Lastly, I will add more of this story as it develops and why my reasons are selfish.

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