Monday, November 15, 2010

David Beckham Winces - FC Dallas 3 Galaxy 0

One thing I noticed during the last game between the Seattle Sounders, LA Galaxy seem to loose steam in the 2nd half. I joked with some fans near me that Beckham needed to talk to Tony Robbins regarding visualization. He looked like he was in pain in that game. His gait was very distinctive. I couldn't help but noticed how he walked. During Sunday's game, when FC Dallas game out of the tunnel, I thought wow these guys look hungry. They had a killer look on their face of determination. They ran strong. Dallas looked cohesive and on point. I didn't see that fire when the Galaxy game out. They looked tired and apprehensive. While FC Dallas attacked, Galaxy seem to pass into oblivion. They were off. The beautiful ball handling skills that were so present in the last game were lacking in this one. Galaxy seemed scattered and not communicating. There seemed to be no hurry in getting goals. Too much strategy and not enough down the middle relentlessly going after the goalie. Maybe the game between the Sounders took too much out of them who knows? David Beckham was wincing in pain throughout the entire game. He looked tired to me during the Sounders' game after the first half and he grimaced throughout the night against Dallas. FC Dallas looked like matadors and bulls at the same time. They controlled the game from the start. The night was theirs to win. They dominated both offensively and defensively. It was an exciting experience to go to watch the Galaxy play. I'm now a fan and hoped to go to more games next season.

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