Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bristol = Bye Bye Brandy!

Never underestimate the power of your so called weaker opponent. People like Bristol Palin prove this motto everyday. Bristol the Pistol Palin has been shooting down opponents right and left, Audrina Patridge, Florence Henderson and Rick Fox. These are the harsh lessons one learns in life. Sometimes the less qualified person ends up in the top spot due to media spin and cronyism. Where else does an unwed teenager who has a baby become a "celebrity" except via a political juggernaut mother named Sarah Palin? As I wrote on an earlier twitter post that someone said to me, "If Obama had an unwed teenage daughter who gave birth, he would be called an unfit parent or worse." The tables get switched on this Guess Who's Coming To DWTS Finals. I remember being told a White Convicted felon is more likely to get a high paying job in New York than a PHD African American with no record. I know this is only a dance show but it demonstrates the power of the Tea Party and underestimating opponents. Here is a clip of Bristol Palin arriving to rehearsal right after Audrina Patridge was voted off.

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