Saturday, November 13, 2010

KANYE WEST Brings Down The Rain on Today's Parade

Moody, musical mastermind Kanye West has gotten flack recently regarding George Bush Jr. angst about being called a racist. Actually Kanye didn't call him a racist. He said, "George Bush doesn't care about Black People". West's statement was in regards to the many people who happened to be African American left alone, hungry, drowning and shot at in New Orleans during Katrina. I had no problem with his statement I thought it was honest. Anyway, since George Bush the lesser is peddling his new memoirs, it only seems logical to use Kanye West as the target to garner the victim's role and hence get media attention to sell more books. It worked for Taylor Swift and can work for George Bush or so he thought. Although I don't think Georgie Porgie sold a million books in one week as Taylor did.
So after a Today show fumble with Matt Lauer in which video footage of Kanye's infamous MTV upstaging of Taylor Swift's acceptance was played while West was being interviewed in the present, Kanye has refused to do a scheduled concert after the Today show announced that he would. So Kanye is raining down on Today's Black Friday Parade.

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