Sunday, November 14, 2010

Did Michael Lohan Blow It With Lindsay Again?

The net is a buzz with Lindsay Lohan getting more freedom from the Betty Ford Clinic. In fact LiLo has been photographed back at her apartment in West Hollywood. According to TMZ reports, Dina and Lindsay Lohan are upset that photos of Michael Lohan and his daughter have surfaced while they were together going on outings from rehab. Could it be that Dina found out that it was strange that Michael & Lindsay meetings outside the clinic were always photographed? Could it be that Michael Lohan has a deal with one or several photo agencies and that he contacts them to let them know of his and Lindsay's locations via texts? Would Michael be so addicted to fame as Dina and Lindsay seem to be that he would sell the information of their location for money and attention? Only Michael Lohan and the agencies know. Here is my video of Michael Lohan from a few months ago before he and LiLo attempted to mend fences...

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