Saturday, November 27, 2010

TSA Body Scans & Enhanced Pat Downs: Americans Doped & Duped

The latest TSA “enhanced pat downs” vs the “virtual strip search” has got me thinking. It reminds me of so many things.

Yoko Ono is credited with the phrase in an interview from 1969 while John Lennon sang “Women is the Nigger of the World” in 1972. Listen and read the profound lyrics which you can find easily on the net. “Women is the slave of the slave” is just one of them. “We make her paint her face and dance” is another.

I recently was exposed to a photo of the celebrity Kim Kardashian being patted down by a female TSA agent. Kardashians hands were spread out like the infamous paintings of Jesus Christ impaled on the Cross while the African American TSA agent used her hands to check between Kardashians voluptuous and often seen and promoted breasts. I found the taking and the release of the photo interesting. I don’t know who the photographer was but I was told while photographing the legendary Grace Jones at LAX by airport security, not to film the screening station while people were going through the security check point even though I was at a great distance. So I was wondering was the photos leaked as a way to pornofy (yes I made up the word) the situation. You have girl on girl action with a breast search in a hot uniform? A little homage to bondage and domination?

Next I was thinking about Abu Ghraib Prison Abuse Photos that were “leaked” released around 2006. Remember the images? Iraqi prisoners were in underwear or naked and photographed being tortured, mentally abused, raped, humiliated and even killed all for fun by their “handlers” aka members of the US Military. Remember the clear distinction between the Prisoners - naked and the Handlers - clothed in military attire. Remember the President of the United States at the time George Bush’s reaction? Not so much of a reaction or outrage. Remember United States Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld appearing to be more upset about the leak photos than the actual crimes? And what was the finally outcome? A few low ranking officers took the heat while their over seeing commanders went off scot free. Tactics of humiliation, harassment, loss of personal space and privacy, torture, forced acts of submission are old school tricks of the slave master. Nothing new under the sun. There are even photos of the prisoners with their arms outstretched for hours. The New 2000ish Jesus Christ in an Orange Jumpsuit instead of the loin cloth or would you prefer our new model in the nude? It seems a foreign land with people we feel are less than US is often used as the testing ground -the petri dish for psychological warfare that will be used on us later.

Now we jump back to 2010 at the end of the year, the US Government comes up with the new airport laws. Because of the threat of terrorism and people hiding bombs in their underwear as said by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, we need the new TSA regulations. Although we need it, Hillary Clinton and the likes of her don’t want to go through the same humiliations as the general serfs, I mean subjects, I mean US slaves, I mean citizens. Clinton is too good for that. Now pilots and flight attendants are off the hook. They are now exempt from Advanced Imaging Scans and Enhanced Pat Downs from TSA Administrator John Pistole. So Pilots not only get to wear fun uniforms and not be screened for drinking or drugs before flying a plane they don’t have to suffer the same invasive search as the rest of us out of uniform. President Obama has said in recent interviews regarding the TSA, that enhanced pat downs are necessary.

There are things we don’t know. How much radiation comes out of the Advanced Imaging scanner? What is the effects of the radiation on the human body? Are the TSA agents that work around the scanners getting doses of radiation by being close by proximity? How close are we to becoming a total Police State? What is done with the body scanning images? Are they linked with the name of the passengers and stored? Which contractors and corporations are making the most profit off the machines used in the TSA scanning equipment? What lobbying groups had a hand in getting the new TSA rules implemented? Which Senators and Congress members have stock in the companies involved? Why are trains and buses not checked for bombs or terrorists? How do we negotiate our rights while protecting our so called freedoms?
What are our options regarding the Militarism of our country of our world? Do we really have any?

Meanwhile so many of our young people are brainwashed and or desensitized with violent video games, TV, movies and music implementing and praising the coming of the police state. Just look at the popular Call Of Duty: Black Ops. There tag line is “There Is A Soldier In All of Us” With Kobe Bryant and Jimmy Kimmel in the launch trailer while other ordinary citizens carry automatic machine artillery, is anybody wondering who is behind a game like Black Ops besides Treyarch?

We seem to accept our dwindling appearance of civil liberties and civil rights in exchange for the never ending game of terrorism. We dope ourselves with food, drugs, entertainment, sex, sports anything to take away the pain. Meanwhile we are being duped by the puppet masters who are making billions on our insecurities, fears, afflictions and addictions. Like good obedient children we obey and believe everything the authority figure tells us as they feel us up like a pedophile priest. So like I said in a previous twitter post, lets take our prescribed Ecstasy medication or some other anti-anxiety drug and willing go through the enhanced TSA Pat Downs. Therefore we can all have fun while we accept our abuse by our Government Handlers.

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