Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Aaron Carter Leaving KTLA

I really like KTLA Morning Show because it has real news plus entertainment unlike other stations that talk over their guests and think they are doing real news when they actually are doing fluff. Aaron Carter & Karina Smirnoff were at the KTLA studios before going off to Dancing With The Stars. Aaron is doing very well. His fans wish the best for him. There has been an outpouring of well wishers that have contacted me via youtube/KatTalesTV. I have also noticed it all over the net. I wish the best for Aaron Carter. I applaud anyone who learns from the challenges of life and still rises to meet them. I adore Karina Smirnoff and love watching her dance so I expect this DWTS couple to rank highly through out this season.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Ne Ne Leakes Comes to Robertson

The one and only Ne Ne from the Real Housewives of Atlanta was at the Ivy earlier today having lunch and then went on to do some shopping at Rock & Republic & Intermix.

Debi Mazar & Maksim Interview

This was my first interview with the lovely and talented Debi Mazar before the start of the DWTS' 9th season....

Sunday, September 27, 2009

KAT interviews John The Cleaner of the Stars

Here's the interview with John the Star Cleaner...

Lovely Paulina Rubio

The gorgeous and talented Paulina Rubio was out and about yesterday on Robertson. I shot exclusive video while a friend shot exclusive stills. Getting back to Ms. Rubio, she was shopping before going to Oakland for a concert and she is preparing for the Latin Video Music Awards. Best of Luck to Paulina.
The above photo was taken when Paulina Rubio went to the Ivy last year.

Randy Quaid Skipping Out on Hotels?

According to various websites and news agencies actor Randy Quaid and his wife are accused of skipping out on hotel bills. Shocking allegations for an actor who has worked in so many films. The Quaids are saying that it is a misunderstanding. Evi Quaid is accusing the deputy who arrested the Quaids of taking bribes.

The Beautiful Life is OVER

The CW Show THE BEAUTIFUL LIFE has been canceled.One of the first casualities of the Fall 2009 Season. Ashton Kutcher the producer will bounce back. Mischa Barton who has had a stressful year, hopefully will take some time off and get some help. The young star has been under too much pressure to loose weight and to remain thin. Sometimes loosing a job that doesn't help your well being is the best medicine.

Friday, September 25, 2009

What You Don't Know about Ashley Hamilton

I started shooting DWTS several weeks before the start of the 9th season. Here was my first interview with the self deprecating Ashley Hamilton...

Ken Howard Wins BIG Twice in 1 Week

Ken Howard won an Emmy for the wonderful Gray Gardens and last night Mr. Howard was elected President of the Screen Actor's Guild (SAG). I interviewed him last Friday at Kari Feinstein's Style Lounge, a pre-Emmy Swag Party he and his lovely wife Linda were so great to talk with. I'll add the videos later. But for now Congrats to Ken Howard on his two victories. Hopefully he can get SAG on track.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Kid Cudi - Making Fans Happy @ Jimmy Kimmel

Kid Cudi was gracious enough to sign and take pictures with fans...

Britney Spears Clown Posse

As I said in a previous post, yesterday I stumbled into the madness of Britney Spears. I was in Hollywood for something completely different and ran into a Clown. The Magic Clown that gave out the ticket to a lucky fan who had spent the entire day roaming Hollywood in 100 degree heat looking for a Britney Spears Clown. Anyway, the winner and his friend were very happy as the crowd was full of haters including myself at one point but I got over it after a guy stopped using my ass as something to lean on. As for my shooting, terrible angle I was in. Getting in a mosh pit not knowing which side to be on is annoying. I was actually in a good spot if the Clown wasn't in the way. You Win Some You loose some


Bye Bye Ashley Hamilton & Macy Gray

I wrote on my twitter page that Ashley Hamilton and Macy Gray were going to be the first to go on DWTS. I was right. I knew the Right Wing and the Left would work together to keep Tom Delay on. One side because they love their guy and the other because they love watching a "conservative" shake his ass. I saw Macy Gray briefly last night moving so fast one would have to slow down the video to see her. Didn't get any still photos (yesterday was an off day for photos for me). As for Ashley Hamilton,

Ashley is a nice guy (now) who could have worked the PR circuit better. As soon as you know you are doing the show and even before if you have an inkling that you might do it, start taking dance classes. HELLO?!!!! It is such a great opportunity to reach new fans and reconnect with old ones. Hopefully participating on DWTS was a learning experience for both.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Britney Spears: Bring in the Clown

I had no idea what I was getting myself into this afternoon when I went to Hollywood. Not only was there a premiere of ZOMBIE LAND, there is an annual Italian Carnival that takes up an entire block, so traffic was already brutal and to add more to the pile Britney Spears had a ticket giveaway in Hollywood. Part of the ticket giveaway was you had to find a Clown running around the area.....
The lucky winner and his friend got to meet Ms. Britney Spears and she presented them with tickets to her Hollywood show.

DWTS Videos of Launch Party for Season 9

Here are more videos from the Dancing With The Stars Season 9 Launch Party...
Louie Vito & Chelsie Hightower

Aaron Carter

Joanna Krupa

Kelly Osbourne & Louis Van Amstel

KANYE Hits Cleveland

Kanye West made a super surprise visit to the Cleveland Show Premiere Party....I was filming a clip from the pilot episode. For you film makers consider it a pan from the flat screen showing Cleveland to Amber & Kanye counter-crossing into the party. I must say it is a BRILLIANT Clip. Wait to see it. Hopefully it gets SOLD all over the place. It is an EXCLUSIVE Video. On my twitter: KAT TALES TV this morning I wrote about Publicity and I mention Kanye West as well as DWTS. Read it if you please it gives another view of the Taylor Swift controversy.
Was it staged? Regardless the outcome was still the same. Everyone was talking about KANYE & Taylor. Alot of people didn't know who she was and now she is all over the map. Beyonce looked like a good Samaritan (who is connected to JAY Z who KANYE is on his new album) West and Swift who wasn't a household name is now definitely known in a wider audience. Both albums sales JUMPED after the incident. I asked Kanye while he was holding court outside of Capitol City, if it all was just a Publicity Stunt with Taylor. He just laughed. The end result is the same everyone connected got a ton of publicity and the "drama" was on entertainment shows and magazines all over the world not to mention all over the Internet. Although Kanye may have temporarily looked like a jack ass, long term he may end up smelling like a rose and rolling in some more GREEN. "Frosted Lucky Charms They are Magically Delicious"

90210 Tristan Wilds Raised Right

Kudos to the parents of Tristan Wilds because they have done a great job. I've talked to Tristan a couple times. The first was at JAY Z's concert last year at the Palledium on the red carpet. He was so polite and so gracious. I saw him at a Pre-Teen Choice Awards Show. And last night he was on his way to see his friend Kid Cudi at Jimmy Kimmel. Tristan who is starring on 90210, was kind enough to give me a quick interview. Wilds is very handsome, sweet and charming. I wish the best for him.


Don't worry I shot video, I'll add it after my video agent has a chance to shop it. I ran over to catch KAT VON D and my flash didn't go off. Stuff happens. KAT VON D was at Sephora doing a book signing that was very successful. KAT has lots of fans that really enjoyed meeting her. She is very cool chick with a great smile.

The Cleveland Show Premiere Party @ Capitol City

On my last stop of the night I went to Capitol City a new place, I wasn't aware of. The new Family Guy spin-off the Cleveland Show was having a premiere. Capitol City which I was told was normally a sports bar so there were screens everywhere showing clips of the Cleveland pilot episode. I was getting sleepy having already shot a full day's worth when I woke up because of a surprise show. I'll get to that later. I saw the multi-talented Producer, Actor, Director -Singer, Seth Green (again)and found out some interesting things about him (ALL GOOD) which I will ask him the next time I see him. I met the wonderfully delightful Cleveland cast member Kym Whitley who was eating pizza as she was coming out. We had a great time. Moments like that is one of the main reasons I love to take pictures. Reagan Gomez-Preston & Kevin Michael Richards are also cast in the new FOX show were fantastic as well.

Kid Cudi - The Emo of Rap?

With his smash hit DAY & NIGHT about a lonely stoner who gets high and thinks about his problems, makes one wonder is Kid Cudi is Rap's answer to the Emos of Rock. DAY & NIGHT has clever, realistic lyrics about the agnst of someone who uses pot to forget about their problems and ease the pain. I think thats why it was such a cross over hit. The very well groomed and handsome Kid Cudi was about mingling with fans before his Jimmy Kimmel appearance last night wearing a jeweled White Jesus necklace.

David Duchovny So Doable

If you are highly sensitive and easily offended by a woman being truthful about her sexual desires DON'T READ THE FOLLOWING... I think David Duchovny is so Fucking HOT! I've seen him several times in Hollywood, Venice Beach and there is something about him now that turns me on. I wasn't into him during the XFiles, but now maybe because he is older and his hair is grown out, I find him so DOABLE. I know I would never do anything since he is MARRIED to the lovely & talented Tea Leoni but she most know that her beloved is SEXY. He makes me tingle down below my navel. I wish I could get a guest star role on his show Californication or meet him at a Sex Addicts Meeting and tell him what I'm into...

Cougarlicious Courtney Cox

I don't why exactly but I've always like Courtney Cox, something about her beautiful eyes and raven hair plus she seems like a really cool person to hang with. I was not a fan of Friends but I did like her in other things. Courtney was at Jimmy Kimmel last night wearing skinny jeans and high heels. With luminous skin and a wonderful smile Cox is Cougarlicious! Wish her the best on her new show Cougar Town.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ricky Gervais Just Brilliant

Ricky Gervais is a new version of the British Invasion. This time it is in film & TV.
Gervais is the mastermind behind the Office and I must say I am partial to the British version. He also is known for his one man comedy show besides his writing, producing and acting. I thought he was hysterical during the Emmy's.
And I would like to see him host either the Emmy's in t
he future or the Oscars. Last night while I was on my way to a meeting at the Roosevelt, Ricky Gervais was walking across the street to sign for fans at the Invention Of Lying premiere. Talk about perfect Comedic timing.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Aaron Carter at the Grove

Something tells me Aaron Carter's career is going to blow up and he will do well on Dancing With the Stars. Here is AC at the Grove recently...

Louie Louie Louie (Vito)

Louie Vito is very cool guy..I'm mad at him right now but I'll get over it. He was at Ted Baker on Friday and I was shooting something else and didn't know until it was too late. Someone called me the Queen of Dancing With The Stars because I'm always interviewing/or taking pictures of them. The truth is I love dancers. Dancing isn't as easy as it looks.
Getting back to Louie Vito, super sweet person, super laid back and says he is single? Don't believe the hype I think he has a perfect partner in Chelsie Hightower. I'll shoot the pix for free at their wedding....

DWTS' Ashley & Edyta

On the heels of being called the worst dancer by TMZ, Ashley Hamilton is seen in this video going to rehearsal with Edyta his dancing partner...

Gore Vidal Mixed Up with Howard Zen

Proving once again that I make mistakes, I get one great writer's book mixed up with another great...

Suzanne Somers & Alan Hamel School KAT on Sex

Fab couple for 40 years, Suzanne Somers & Alan Hamel give me some pointers on hormones and sex...

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Magic & Michael Jackson

While in my favorite store for magic, I found a great story about Michael Jackson & Bernie Mac. The salesperson didn't want to be on camera...

The Stars Come Out for Kari Feinstein's Style Lounge

So many stars so few batteries for my camera. The Stars came out in force for Kari Feinstein's pre-Emmy Swag Fest in West Hollywood yesterday. It was a blistering 100 degrees but I worked up a good sweat interviewing and taking pictures of the likes of Ed Asner, Kevin Howard, Carmen Electra, Regina King - Southland, Leslie David Baker from the Office, Antonio Sabato Jr., Seth Green, Evan Ross, Kay Panabaker of Fame the movie, Leon Rippley - Saving Grace, Denise Richards, Ashley Hamilton DWTS, Melody Thorton of the Pussy Cat Dolls, Hotties from Melrose Place & 90210, and Billy Dee Williams was near by having lunch...