Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Man That Takes Care of the STARS on Hollywood Blvd

I met John today. I've seen him for years cleaning the stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. On hands and knees, he scrubs & polishes the stars that millions walk on. John told me that he has been doing this for ten years. He saw the need and made an opportunity. John told me that the Late Johnny Grant (the unofficial Mayor of Hollywood), saw him cleaning the stars one day and asked him "What are you doing to my stars?" Johnny Grant took Hollywood SERIOUSLY and he was very protective of the legacy of Hollywood.

Once John explained what he was doing everything was cool. John has lots of cool stories and great ideas. He told me that Drew Carey once saw him cleaning his star and forked over a $100 tip. Drew Carey is a cool guy so is John. I will add the video that I made with him later. Next time you see John cleaning the stars, say hi.

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