Monday, September 14, 2009

DWTS' Aaron Carter Some Bad News Some Good News

Ok lets do the bad news out of the way, Signature Network Inc is suing Aaron Carter for a contract that was signed when he was 13. The amount is roughly $500,000 according to the processor server. TMZ is following up on the story. I spoke with Aaron yesterday and he said with alot of class and maturity that he is going to take care of the situation. He also urged young celebrities not to have their parents involved with their financial decisions. He gave a very insightful interview. The video is making the rounds so it won't be here for awhile but I will say this, Aaron Carter started performing before he was a teenager. He was having 4 top ten hits in England and was the youngest male star to do so. The pressure to make money for the family as well to perform must have been intense and conflicting. Aaron Carter is now 21. He has lived a lifetime in his short span on this planet and hopefully he will come full circle and go back to doing what he loves to do which is performing. I wish him the greatest success.
On to some good news, Aaron has a new lady friend. He told me exclusively that they were going to be watching the Video Music Awards together at home. So here's to the new couple!!!

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  1. They are suing him? It's the parents they need to go after, not him! Or whoever was head of that company.

    New girlfriend huh? Who is she, a nobody? Did you happen to catch her name?