Thursday, September 24, 2009

Britney Spears Clown Posse

As I said in a previous post, yesterday I stumbled into the madness of Britney Spears. I was in Hollywood for something completely different and ran into a Clown. The Magic Clown that gave out the ticket to a lucky fan who had spent the entire day roaming Hollywood in 100 degree heat looking for a Britney Spears Clown. Anyway, the winner and his friend were very happy as the crowd was full of haters including myself at one point but I got over it after a guy stopped using my ass as something to lean on. As for my shooting, terrible angle I was in. Getting in a mosh pit not knowing which side to be on is annoying. I was actually in a good spot if the Clown wasn't in the way. You Win Some You loose some


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