Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Happy 91st Birthday Carol Channing!

A super duper birthday to the legendary Carol Channing who celebrates turning 91 years young today. Here is one of my FAVORITE moments EVER of covering Dancing With The Stars...

Paula Abdul Joins The Millions of America's Unemployed

X Factor (US) Judge Paula Abdul was fired unceremoniously from bitchy Brit Simon Cowell. I guess Cowell wanted a clean slate after a dismal rating return in the first season of his UK hit the X Factor revamped for the U.S. Market. I guess it is out with the old. In these exclusive pictures, here is Paula Abdul beauty shopping in Beverly Hills recently before the axe dropped. More than likely Paula will get a new gig faster than the average underemployed American.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Motown More Than Just Music

I was wondering what to call this post. The more I think about it, I don't know if words can express what the Jackson meant to so many. The Motown Sound via Berry Gordy's leadership brought not only jobs. It enriched so many lives and created more influence than we will ever know on global culture. Here is one person's true story about how much Tito Jackson, The Jacksons, Diana Ross, Berry Gordy and the music that was made meant to her...
Here is the original video that we are referencing...

Hollywood Man In The Mirror

This man walks up and down Hollywood Boulevard almost every day that I'm there as a constant reminder cinematic moments happen while issues like what to do with the homeless and mentally challenged go unanswered...

Christina Aguilera Periods & Accidents

Christina Aguilera's "accident" while performing at Etta James' funeral has the net on fire. As the Year Of The Dragon starts off with fireworks, KAT of KAT TALES TV talks about how we all can learn from Aguilera's "accident"...

Exclusive Video: Luenell Has Some Big News for 2012

Comedienne and actress Luenell shares her thoughts on Demi Moore, Heidi Klum and Seal's split rumors and the Kardashians as well as her upcoming gigs on stage and screen...

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Exclusive LUENELL At The Roosevelt

Big news for Comedienne Luenell in 2012. Luenell sat down with me at the fabulous historic Roosevelt Hotel yesterday to talk about current celeb news and what's happening with her in the next 3 months. Our exclusive interview will be online soon. Here are a few pictures of Luenell from yesterday...

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Katherine, Tito & Jackie Jackson at Michael Jackson's Hand & Foot Ceremony

Here is a quick look at Katherine, Tito and Jackie Jackson at MJ's Immortal Hand & Foot Ceremony at Grauman's Chinese Theater...

Molly Sims Pregnancy Is SPLENDID

Here is the former Sports Illustrated Model and host of 'Project Accessory' now pregnant Molly Sims shopping at Splendid on Robertson...

Katherine Jackson Introduces Paris Who Introduces Justin Bieber

A very nice surprise. Here is Katherine Jackson matriarch of the Jackson Family introducing Paris Jackson who introduces Justin Bieber...

Exclusive Tito Jackson Likes KAT's Lipstick

Here is a running joke about my lipstick,I love it when people like my lips. Here is Tito Jackson being so kind to join the growing fan club until one of my friends gets star struck...

Exclusive Tito Jackson After Michael Jackson is Immortalized in Hollywood

Literally bumped into Tito as I was going to the Roosevelt after the Michael Jackson Hand & Foot Ceremony at Grauman's Chinese Theater on Hollywood Boulevard.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Seal Somberly Sells New Album

Seal looking grim still markets new album while divorce looms with Heidi Klum...

Jessica Alba One Hot Momma

Motherhood becomes actress Jessica Alba. Here is stills inside a video of Alba from this afternoon.

James Gandolfini Shooting New Film: The Increadible Burt Wonderstone

Here is a quick look at the talented James Gandolfini on his way to set for a new film entitled "The Incredible Burt Wonderstone"...

Los Angeles City Hall Park Still Closed

I do not know what is worse, a park with trees boarded up with chain linked fences or stifling of protest? How long will Los Angeles City Hall Park be closed as a deterrent to the Occupy LA and OWS Movement?

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Joe Paterno: A Time To Die

Amidst the growing or now shrinking (depending how one looks at it) Penn State allege Rape Scandal and cover up, the former head coach who was forced to resign, Joe Paterno died. One reporter announced his death at 9pm yesterday and then that story was retracted. Moments ago it was officially announced that the Patriarch of Penn State football had passed from lung cancer. Paterno was 85. It was also reported that the former coach was interviewed extensively shortly before his death by Washington Post reporter Sally Jenkins. In the interview he denied knowing about the accusation that his long time assistant coach Jerry Sandusky was seen raping a boy in the Penn State football shower. With Paterno's death, there are more questions than answers. Did Joe Paterno not know that Sandusky was a child rapist? Did Joe help in the cover up so not to mar Penn State's illustrious football legacy? Was there a huge pedophile ring using the poor youth of the city as a easy target for rape protected by the powerful elite? We may never know the answers but one thing is for certain. Joe Paterno picked a convenient time to die.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

David Beckham: The Great Fake Out- Signs 2 Year LA Galaxy Contract

In order to gain greater position with an opponent, it is wise to use the bluff, the fake out the ruse. I'm not saying that is exactly what David Beckham and his management team (XIX Entertainment) did when after the LA Galaxy won the MLS Championship right before Beckham's contract was to expire and Becks appeared to be in strong negotiations with Paris Saint Germain. It didn't make sense. Rumors were rampant that David wanted to end his famed career in Europe. His wife Victoria who has a very successful clothing line could be closer to the fashion scene and their four children would be enrolled in a French school. But everything is not always what it seems. The Beckhams have established themselves in the LA lifestyle. Sunny weather, surfing, skateboarding, famous friends, David working on a acting career and young sons who have gotten attached to their friends and school near their Beverly Hills home. Who would leave sunny Cali for dismal weather? So it makes total sense that David Beckham announced recently that he and the LA Galaxy signed a two year contract.

Heidi Klum & Seal: Another Celebrity Coupling Bites The Dust

With the rumors of Johhny Depp and Vanessa Paradis, news of Katy Perry and Russell Brand, Eva Longoria and Tony Parker, Deion Sanders and Pilar, Kobe and Vanessa Bryant, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, JLO and Marc Anthony, Zooey Deschanel and Ben Gibbard, Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries all splitting up, it appears breaking up is easy to do. Now it appears Heidi Klum and Seal are heading to terminate their short marriage according to TMZ. Being in a committed relationship isn't easy, especially if a couple or one of the parties is so successful with their own career that they don't have proper time or energy to maintain the relationship. Cheating and resentment become too easy when a partner is away and there is always someone around to help lick wounds. As for Seal, I was in a camera shop a while back and he was in front of me while exiting the store, we were going down the stairs and I heard him tell his companion he didn't understand why he was being photographed all the time. It seemed obvious he didn't like the added attention of being Heidi Klum's husband. He didn't seem to handle it well whereas Klum was used to it and appered to glory in the spotlight. She used the added attention to build her various Brands (her TV shows,web series, books etc).
Whereas Seal just seemed to get pissed.
Regardless of fame or not, ending a marriage/long term relationship where Love was once strong, is never easy and without pain.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Kim Kardashian Keeping It Krunk

The princess of reality TV made an appearance today in the land of "swimming pools and movie stars". Kim Kardashian a wonder in a mad mad world of the haves and have nots. A woman who has become famous infamous by dubious means. But since the beginning of recorded history, the world has loved a villain on the stage of life to ridicule, despise, envy and abhor. Ladies and Gentlemen here is Kim Kardashian from early today in Beverly Hills...

Dan Feuerriegel and Manu Bennett of Spartacus Vengeance

Here is Dan Feuerriegel chatting about his character and Manu Bennett signing more autographs...

Manu Bennett Chats With KAT About Female Gladiators on Spartacus: Vengeance

I like Spartacus better than most TV and movies. I tried to watch the IMMORTALS just couldn't. Anyway, I loved watching Andy Whitfield. Also the character development that is evident in the show makes it very addictive. "Crixus" played by Manu Bennett grew on me. I liked him when he first appeared on Spartacus Blood and Sand. Crixus was like a bull in a China shop. He was rough and wanted to be loyal Gladiator whereas Andy Whitfield's Spartacus had a nobility resonating about him. Crixus was realistically dealing with being a slave and his only hope of freedom was being a champion Gladiator. Spartacus wanted to get the hell out and reunite with his wife. He didn't care about being a gladiator he just used the situation as a means to gaining his life and his wife back. Once she was killed, revenge was all that he wanted. It was like these two men, Crixus and Spartacus were half but together they formed one whole man with both reason and passion. As Crixus said in a previous episode "in another life the two would have been brothers." These two battle each other and were the fiercest foes until they had to work together in the last seasons episode of Spartacus. Spartacus: Vengeance begins where they left off. Here is Manu Bennett who in real life is a noble man who takes care of his children and family then later I asked him about female gladiators on the new season...

Katrina Law, Viva Bianca & Nick E Tarabay of Spartacus:Vengeance

So the ironic side of my VIP tickets to Spartacus:Vengeance is that I sat near the lovely Katrina Law and Viva Bianca. It doesn't get any better than that. Ashur aka Nick E Tarabay was sitting to the right front of me directly in front of Viva Bianca which was a perfect match since the two are so diabolic on the show. Here is Katrina Law & Viva Bianca signing at the afterparty.

Here is "Ashur" signing for the autograph hounds until his publicist proves she isn't the one to let her client sign a blank photo paper...

Dan Feuerriegel & the Term F-ing Gaul

It is fun to find out where words and phrases originate. So I asked Dan Feuerriegel who plays "Agron" on Spartacus: Vengeance about the phrase he uses frequently to show his disdain for "Crixus" played by Manu Bennett.

Spartacus' Nick E Tarabay - "Ashur" The Arse

I don't know why Nick E Taraby's name isn't on the A-List Short List. His role of "Ashur" is a fan favorite and has so many wonderful devious layers. He is the yang to Viva Bianca who plays "Ilithyia"'s yin. Ashur is a character like a rat that won't die even when you think he won't get out of a tight spot, he cunningly survives. Nick E Taraby is perfect in the role of Ashur and is so much fun to watch. Here is Tarabay at the premiere...

Spartacus:Vengeance Sometimes It is Better To Be On The Outside

Anyone who follows my blog or tweets, knows that I'm an admirer of the Starz Series SPARTACUS. So I was happily surprised when I won tickets to the Hollywood premiere.
I was planning to change my picture as a tribute to Andy Whitfield since my last picture was for the holidays. On the day I changed it to a more gladiatoresque picture, I found out I had already won. Cool. So on the day I was going to the show, my printer died (I had to print out the Spartacus Invite), I fell on some stairs and lost some crystals out of my necklace and I was running around trying to find out where my shoes were. I was a mess like I was going on a date with Viggo Mortenson or something (LOL). Anyway, I finally got it together. Went to the event was told to go to the wrong line, I met someone else who had won tickets and he told me to go with him back to the table and get it all straighten out. Well I'm glad I listened to him because he was right. We got our tickets and were told to wait in the lobby when security opened the doors. Meanwhile there were a few fans that were outside at the barricades that were waiting for the stars. There was amble room but security wouldn't let anyone else join them. So imagine realizing that although you had VIP tickets, the people outside were having a great time while you watched with envy on the inside and couldn't go out. This is what it looked like

Vidal Sassoon: One of The Most Influential Hair Stylist In The World

The iconic creator of the "Bob" and the "Pixie" haircut, Vidal Sassoon was in Beverly Hills and was looking sharp. Sassoon announced he was battling leukemia last year.

Cal Worthington Moving On After Divorce News

Cal Worthington was having some quality time with his family recently in Beverly Hills. Worthington of the famous car ads and Cal Worthington Ford Dealership enjoyed lunch with his daughter and grandbaby. Although his divorce from his 42 year old wife appears to be a little messy, Cal Worthington appeared to be in good spirits...

Alyson Hannigan Happily Pregnant Out & About In Beverly Hills

Alyson Hannigan was out and about in Beverly Hills recently with Alex Densiof her husband and their adorable daughter. Alyson is pregnant and her new movie American Pie: Reunion's trailer is out.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

LAPD Will Now Have A Reason To Go To Porn Sets & Will Lesbians In Porn Be Forced To Wear Dental Dams?

The Los Angeles City Council voted 9 to 1 Tuesday to approve the mandatory usage of condoms on Porn sets to prevent the spread and transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. The initiative was brought to vote to spare L.A. with a $4 million ballot measure schedule for June. Although mandatory condom usage in pornography seems like a no brainer, many are claiming that the rule impedes on civil and individual rights. Opponents, want the government via the city to stay out of their sex lives. And they are fighting the imitative that will go into effect in 90 days. Some think if condoms are forced on performers, that many productions will go underground to avoid the law. But really what else is new. Even Charlie Chaplin back in his day, shot his early movies without permits to save money. Many regular (non porn) productions cheat when it comes to permits. So it is very possible that the L.A.P.D. will be checking in on porn sets to see if every male is wearing a "rain coat". But it also begs the question when it comes to Lesbian scenes, will female performers have to wear dental dams to protect themselves? Here is a clip of one of the performers in porn that influenced the new enforcement.

KAT's Tribute to Andy Whitfield and SPARTACUS

I was planning this for a while but I did it today. I'm not in tip top shape so GET OVER IT! But I wanted to get this done. Fans of KAT TALES TV know I change my avi (pix) and I wanted to do one as a tribute to Andy Whitfield who started my interested in the Starz series 'Spartacus'. I'm addicted to the series. Plus the workout program that you can find on line is soooooo COOL! Who doesn't love hot guys fighting with barely anything on as well as great writing and directing. So here is to ANDY WHITFIELD (R.I.P.) you inspired many and you had many fans as well as family that loved you. As for the new season of Spartacus may it be as great as the others. As for the following pictures, I'm not as cut as I used to be from when I did martial arts and sword play regularly. I miss working out. Shooting photography and videos has taken over but hopefully I can find some fighters to practice with.

Happy 90th Birthday Betty White

Due to a few lyrics from the 'Golden Girls' theme song I had to change the original audio to this video. Long story short here is a clip of Betty White giving money to "the cup". Happy Birthday Betty! Thanks for all the laughs!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Exclusive Booboo and Fivel Stewart Going To The Recording Studio

Booboo Stewart (Twilight Saga) and his sister who is also his recording partner Fivel Stewart busy, busy, busy...

Exclusive Raven-Symoné chats with KAT TALES TV

Lovely and talented Raven-Symoné leaving a Golden Globes Swag Party...

Exclusive X Factor's Rachel Crow Chats with KAT TALES TV

I've met some talented people in my time but someone as sweet and as poised as X Factor's (USA Version) Rachel Crow is truly a reminder that their are STARS of all ages, sizes and colors. Here is the adorable Rachel Crow in Beverly Hills...

A Cut Tree Gives Fruit to Expression

While driving in Hollywood, I noticed that someone had used a cut down tree to express a revolutionary idea...

Giuseppe Zanotti Can A Shoe Give Orgasms?

I think so.

Producer Irving Fein Still Rolling at 100 Years Young

Recently I saw Irving Fein and his lovely wife rolling in Beverly Hills. Mr. Fein had on his 100 year old baseball cap. Irving Fein is old Hollywood. He was the manager and producer for Jack Benny and George Burns. He is definitely a legend in Television history.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Underwear Flash Mob Invades Hollywood

A bunch of people in their undies, which actually on Hollywood is a normal day, caught my eye over the weekend...

Jamie McCourt One of California's Richest & Smartest Divorcée

Bumped into Jamie McCourt today. Who knew she was from Boston? We have something in common. She is not only very smart, fluent in French, an attorney and has a head for business as well as philanthropy but she is also gifted in real estate. McCourt has strong ties to MIT and UCLA. After the split between Jamie and Frank McCourt the LA Dodgers suffered. Hopefully they will bounce back as Jamie McCourt seems to have done...

Regina King 'Southland's Queen

Here's a clip of fan favorite Regina King in between takes while shooting TNT's cop drama 'SOUTHLAND'.

If you are a fan of the show, please watch and keep it going. Good shows need to stay on the air and the cast and crew deserve to have well paying Union jobs.

Comedian Brian Swinehart Hollywood Stand Up

Brian Swinehart gives out a few chuckles on Hollywood Blvd...

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Doug Hutchison and Courtney Stodden: The Newlyweds America Loves To Hate

I walked into Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison a few moments after a bunch of people were walking around Hollywood in their underwear. Lucky for me I was on the look out for something exciting when I saw the newlyweds walking in front of Grauman's Chinese Theater. Anyway, why people love to hate on these two with such voracity is funny to me. The haterz will spend more time on writing comments hence giving more attention to the pair then they would giving attention to the OWS movement, cleaning up the environment, making love to their spouse or something more important. I think the pair are great. Humor is healing to me. The world needs scapegoats and since we no longer (that I know of LEGALLY) sacrifice virgins and others to appease the Gods, Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison are a safer sacrifice to thrust our negative energy on. Here is the entertaining pair strolling on Hollywood Boulevard.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Mel Wingfield Got Jokes & A Brand New Baby

Mel Wingfield aka Big Top Mel a regular comic at the Comedy Store is a brand new daddy who I met originally when his wife's water broke on her due date a few months ago. With the arrival of his beautiful baby boy Mel gives KAT a few laughs

Phoebe Price vs Love & Beauty

Dlister Phoebe Price threatens Love & Beauty (a Beverly Hills beggar) after he repeatedly asks for money. In between the war of words, PP talks about her hat designs as well as her two cents about Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger rumored divorce.

Boyz II Men Extended Video of Their Star Ceremony

Here's an extended look of Boyz II Men getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame with Babyface, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis...

Friday, January 6, 2012

Chaz Bono: Dicks Are Expensive!

I wanted to title this story Chaz Bono - Falling In Love With Dick but I settled on the one above instead. I have gay male friends who LOVE women's breasts. They are Fascinated by them although they say they are not attracted to them they want to touch them and oogle them. I find it a little bizarre but I wonder if Chaz and people like (him/her in transition or lesbian) feel the same way about penises? It becomes almost a fetish but who knew a penis was so expensive? Considering so many dicks are running around Los Angeles and seem to be working for free. Anyway, the jokes write themselves but according to a story from Rolling Stone that several other media sources have piggy backed on, Chaz Bono is saving up for a penis. The cost runs between $25,000-$45,000. You know I complain about a vibrator that costs $100 with all the bells and whistles. It vibrates, it spins, it hits the clitoris and the g-spot. But I just can't get with spending a $100 or more on one, even though it comes in PURPLE. So thanks Chaz for putting it in perspective. $100 for a pulsating, vibrating and g-spot hitting climaxing purple vibrator is chump change compared to what you want to get. Maybe someone will start a donation fund or better yet a reality show will pay for the expensive surgery. Chaz is finding out what every one who falls in love with a dick knows, "Dicks can hurt, sometimes they don't work and they can be very expensive!" On the flip side they can be very, very good - when they work right! Hopefully Chaz Bono will get the top of the line.

Shawn Chapman Holley Attorney: The Miracle Worker

I like Attorney Shawn Chapman Holley. She is bright, talented and is media savvy so when I had the chance to speak to her (after covering her client Lindsay Lohan so many times), I jumped (ran) at the opportunity...

Seriously, Mrs. Chapman Holley is a class act and is delightful.

Will Mickey Rourke Play Gay?

I bumped into Mickey Rourke yesterday with his pals Giuseppe Franco, Richie Palmer and a guy holding Rourke's latest script. I asked Mickey Rourke about the rumor that he will be playing a gay rugby player...

Mel Brooks The One & Only

Here is one of my favorite people on the planet the legendary Mel Brooks from earlier today...

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Boyz II Men & Baby Face Edmonds Arrive To Walk of Fame Star Ceremony

I was unaware until today that Boyz II Men is the most successful R&B group of all time. Besides that they are great singers and created some of the best songs of a generation. Here are Nathan Morris, Wanya Morris,Michael McCary and Shawn Stockman of Boyz II Men arriving to receive their much deserve star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame with Baby Face Edmonds...

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Will David Beckham Return To LA Galaxy?

Interesting news or was it just another strategic chess move by David Beckham's management team (XIX Entertainment)but the news is on the wire that the MLS Soccer Champion will not be signing with Paris Saint Germain.
Mon Dieu! Hopefully the LA Galaxy still has money in their coffers to afford the soccer stud for another year. Here is a look back of some of the fun of having David Beckham in Los Angeles....

El Borracho visitas Hollywood

Funny thing happens when a drunk goes to Hollywood...

Mickey Rourke Chilling In The New Year

American actor Mickey Rourke starts 2012 with a meeting with friends and business associates in Beverly Hills earlier today. Here is a glimpse of the action...

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012 From Hollywood Boulevard

Here are some stars of Hollywood Boulevard who wanted to wish you and yours the best in 2012...

Santa Gets Arrested On New Year's Eve

There are some characters on Hollywood Blvd that I don't have the proper words to describe my distaste for them. If this man, who started dressing up as Santa Claus recently is guilty of what he is accused of, I hope he goes away for a long time...

"What's Up My Winner" by Purple Reggae

Purple Reggae Shoes did a rap for me and you with a nice message while Hollywood Bumble Bee was standing by...