Tuesday, January 17, 2012

KAT's Tribute to Andy Whitfield and SPARTACUS

I was planning this for a while but I did it today. I'm not in tip top shape so GET OVER IT! But I wanted to get this done. Fans of KAT TALES TV know I change my avi (pix) and I wanted to do one as a tribute to Andy Whitfield who started my interested in the Starz series 'Spartacus'. I'm addicted to the series. Plus the workout program that you can find on line is soooooo COOL! Who doesn't love hot guys fighting with barely anything on as well as great writing and directing. So here is to ANDY WHITFIELD (R.I.P.) you inspired many and you had many fans as well as family that loved you. As for the new season of Spartacus may it be as great as the others. As for the following pictures, I'm not as cut as I used to be from when I did martial arts and sword play regularly. I miss working out. Shooting photography and videos has taken over but hopefully I can find some fighters to practice with.

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