Friday, January 20, 2012

Spartacus:Vengeance Sometimes It is Better To Be On The Outside

Anyone who follows my blog or tweets, knows that I'm an admirer of the Starz Series SPARTACUS. So I was happily surprised when I won tickets to the Hollywood premiere.
I was planning to change my picture as a tribute to Andy Whitfield since my last picture was for the holidays. On the day I changed it to a more gladiatoresque picture, I found out I had already won. Cool. So on the day I was going to the show, my printer died (I had to print out the Spartacus Invite), I fell on some stairs and lost some crystals out of my necklace and I was running around trying to find out where my shoes were. I was a mess like I was going on a date with Viggo Mortenson or something (LOL). Anyway, I finally got it together. Went to the event was told to go to the wrong line, I met someone else who had won tickets and he told me to go with him back to the table and get it all straighten out. Well I'm glad I listened to him because he was right. We got our tickets and were told to wait in the lobby when security opened the doors. Meanwhile there were a few fans that were outside at the barricades that were waiting for the stars. There was amble room but security wouldn't let anyone else join them. So imagine realizing that although you had VIP tickets, the people outside were having a great time while you watched with envy on the inside and couldn't go out. This is what it looked like

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