Saturday, October 30, 2010

Taylor Swifts Hearts Hollywood

Taylor Swift literally stopped traffic yesterday afternoon on Hollywood Blvd performing a track from her new album 'Speak Now'. Here is a little taste of the fun...

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Brandy Lets Partner Maksim DRIVE

Brandy revealed that she has been celibate but if anyone was worthy of changing that wouldn't it be her partner Maksim?

Amber Rose: Legalize Gay

Bumped into the supernova known as Amber Rose recently. Amber was rocking a Legalize Gay T-shirt from American Apparel. Amber told me she doesn't liked to be photographed or interviewed (right now) WTH?. Anyway, I respected her requests even though I could have probably eaten well off the money I would have made if I didn't ask. C'est La Vie. Hopefully next time I will be able to photograph and interview her properly. I photographed her numerous times when she was the eye candy for Kanye West. Amber said she has a bunch of new projects going on and she will announce more soon.
Here are some previous videos I did of Amber with Kanye

Richie Sambora Brings White Trash To the Grove

Guitar Legend Richie Sambora of one of the World's most successful Rock Bands BON JOVI, lit up the Grove recently to promote his fashion line WHITE TRASH. Sambora was alot of fun and signed lots of autographs for fans.

Denise Richards Puts On A Brave Face

Former Dancing With The Stars Contestant, Denise Richards was recently on the publicity circuit to promote her stint on Spike TV’s comedy “Blue Mountain State” but was interrupted with the shenanigans of her ex husband Charlie Sheen. While on a trip to New York with their daughters, Sheen found himself being in a compromising situation with a porn star which eventually got him taken to the hospital by New York Police. It has to be unsettling for a mother to watch the father of her children having so many of the same sex worker, drug drama and hospital/rehab encounters that Charlie Sheen has had. Meanwhile the TV executives who own TWO and 1/2 Men are doing the spin of boys (Charlie) will be boys. The CBS show is a cash cow for the network and very popular with fans so it appears no matter what Sheen does short of killing someone (but then again he might get away with it) the show must go on even if Charlie has to say his lines from a straight jacket.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bob A Vietnam Vet Needs A Job

I met Bob a Vietnam Veteran who is looking for a job...

Dancing With The Stars Another Upset Audrina Patridge Voted Off

Another major upset and proving the power of the Tea Party vote, Audrina Patridge & her partner Tony Dovolani were voted off Dancing With The Stars even though they were 2nd on the leader board whereas Bristol Palin was 2nd to the bottom. As anyone familiar with the show will tell you, Audrina & Tony gave a 110%.

Greyson Chance: Waiting Outside The Lines

I met the delightfully sweet musical phenom Greyson Chance yesterday at the Grove.
Greyson has a new single called "Waiting Outside The Lines". I wish Greyson all the best although he will do awesome anyway.

The Situation Dancing Days

So many Dancing With The Stars Videos so little time to put them all up here are two cast offs, Corky Ballas and Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino arriving to DWTS rehearsal before they were both eliminated...

KAT's Theory on How To Win Dancing With The Stars with Kyle Massey and Corky Ballas

I asked Corky Ballas and Kyle Massey recently on how to Win Dancing With The Stars and if my theory was on point...

Monday, October 25, 2010

Stop the Press Derek Hough SMILES

While the majority of the media on Friday was on Lindsay Lohan, I was covering a bigger story. Derek Hough actually smiling. That is a little bit of an inside joke.
Lindsay Lohan is used to getting attention for destructive behavior so I decided not to feed the addiction. I made a conscious decision not to cover her appearance in court on Friday. Lohan is responsible for her own actions and self destructive tendencies grow if rewarded. What would happen to Lindsay Lohan and her family if we all wished them well and STOPPED Giving our ATTENTION TO THEM?
Here is another picture of Dancing With The Stars 2010 Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough visiting Mario Lopez at the Grove on Friday...

The Parking Is Too Damn High Party

Jimmy McMillian running for Governor of New York has got me thinking. Maybe I should run for Los Angeles politics. One of the first things I would change is that
the Parking is TOO DAMN HIGH in Hollywood/Los Angeles. One has to have a Master's Degree in parking enforcement to comprehend some of the signs regarding parking. One sign can have several different rules regarding parking length for different days of the week and worse yet for even the same day.
The parking meters run $3.00 per hour. And the majority now accept credit cards. What we loose for the feeling of convenience is security. Does anyone else besides me feel a little queasy about putting their credit card in a meter on Hollywood Blvd.? Will we be hearing soon of an illegal card reader installed on parking meters and people having their private banking information compromised resulting in another form of identity theft. Who wants to put their consumer dollars in a city that one gets a $55 ticket if your meter expires while your waiting for a store clerk? I'm aware Los Angeles is broke (allegedly) but one way to put more money back in the city is to get people to shop there instead of penalizing them for parking. Hollywood seems to have a "Get In GET OUT policy". Also on Friday and Saturday night the meters run till a 11pm I believe. Plus one has the distinct possibility of getting their car towed if they are visiting the city and don't comprehend the signs or are unfamiliar with the meters.
The severity of punishment for an expired meter is TOO DAMN HIGH. The infraction is not equal to the cost of the ticket. It is unfair and because the politicians can't handle the budgets of the city, the residents of California and tourists shouldn't be penalized for their lack of accounting skills. Maybe if parking in Hollywood was encouraged more people would frequent the local businesses. Increasing business revenue would bring more jobs to Hollywood/Los Angeles. Over the last year or so, I've noticed how Hollywood Blvd is turning into a a cruel Time State. With the harassment of the LAPD with loitering threats, cameras every where, high parking meters and restricted parking etc., if you visit Hollywood unless you pay to park your car at a garage for $10 a day, you aren't welcome to be there. Is that the way we want to treat local consumers, shop owners and tourists? Do we want money in or out?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Viggo Mortensen!

What can I say about Viggo that I haven't said? Except Happy Birthday to one of the coolest guys on the planet!
Here's Johnny Depp and I agreeing on Viggo Mortensen in the beginning of the clip. You have to listen closely as he is near me...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Florence Henderson Gets a Special Visit From Carol Channing Before Getting Voted Off Dancing With The Stars

I don't know if any MAJOR media sources carried the story with the available pictures and the videos, but about two weeks ago Florence Henderson had a visit from the amazing Carol Channing. In a world that seems to only glorify "youth culture" we can also glorify our elders. During the visit, I asked the Broadway Legend Carol Channing if she would sing "Hello Dolly". It was one of those specially fun moments that I'm so privileged to have captured...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Upset on Dancing With The Stars, Florence Henderson Voted Off

What a drag, one of the nicest stars/people I have ever met and truly a lovely gracious person, Florence Henderson was voted off DWTS tonight. Florence is old school Hollywood - A CLASS ACT! Here's Corky, Carol Channing her husband Harry with Florence outside of rehearsal. It was a special day...

The Original Foxy Brown - Pam Grier

I have a lot of homework to do but I just wanted to post this quick picture of one of my HEROINES. The Legendary PAM GRIER.

More photos to come from the Celebrity and Stuntwomen's Association Luncheon benefit for the Diamond in the Raw charity at the Skirball Center.

Exclusive Lashinda Demus Talks About Bullying to KAT of KAT TALES TV

Lovely Lashinda Demus at the Celebrity and Stuntwomen's Association luncheon to benefit the Diamond in the Raw asked about bullying...

Kyle Massey and His Halloween Ball

Kyle Massey has been doing very well on Dancing With The Stars lately. Here is Kyle signing autographs...

Brandy & Maksim Earn Top Scores on Dancing With The Stars

Last night Brandy and Maksim earned top scores for their Quick Step. So it is safe to say they are safe from elimination. Here is Brandy arriving to DWTS rehearsal recently...

Adrian Grenier Walking In To ExtraTV Interview At The Grove

Here's video of Teenage Paparazzo Director and Entourage star Adrian Grenier walking into the Grove...

Monday, October 18, 2010

Barry Williams (aka Greg Brady) Will Be on Dancing With The Stars

For Dancing With The Stars fans look for a special treat tonight. Barry Williams of the Brady Bunch will make a guest appearance during the popular show tonight. Will Greg Brady dance? Tune in to find out.

Jack Ass 3-D - No Joke At The Box Office

Steve-O, Johnny Knoxville and the Gang are celebrating their Jack Ass 3-D movie kicking major ass at the box office this weekend. With a $50 Million take over, being grossed out is big business as well as adolescent hijinks taken to a 3D level.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dancing With The Stars' Bristol Palin The Question Everyone Likes To Ask

Bristol Palin has survived 4 weeks of DWTS. Like her mother Sarah Palin many wonder how long both will last. Sarah Palin has been using her time in California to garner votes for the Republican (Tea) Party. No shame in her game. Perfect timing to have Bristol Palin a contestant on the popular show during midterm elections. With some serious competition from Jennifer Grey, Brandy, Rick Fox, Kyle Massey and Audrina Patridge, it is very unlikely, unless Palin pulls a Reagan out of her dance tights, that Bristol will move on past week 7. Kurt Warner, Bristol Palin and Florence Henderson have the lowest scores consistently. Warner and Henderson seem to put more effort in their dancing but who knows if the Mom from the Brady Bunch and a football Superbowl star can beat the darling offspring of the caffeinated Tea Party?

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Exclusive Michael Lohan: The Sins of The Father

The tragic Barnum & Bailey's circus act soap opera known as Lindsay Lohan and her dysfunctional family like the Energizer Bunny keeps going and going and going. A few months ago Dina Lohan said that Lindsey was not a drug addict and that the court system was being too hard on her daughter. Since then Lindsay failed a drug test (or two) and she returned to court and now she is in rehab (again) at the Betty Ford Clinic. Recently, I caught up with Michael Lohan who has been vilified by Dina and Lindsay as being the cause of Lindsay's troubles. The question remains what would you do if your child was habitually and dangerously using drugs/alcohol and getting in serious trouble? Would you do what ever it takes to help her/him even if everyone thought you were wrong? I gave Michael a chance to tell his side of the story. Here is the full uncut interview...