Thursday, October 28, 2010

Denise Richards Puts On A Brave Face

Former Dancing With The Stars Contestant, Denise Richards was recently on the publicity circuit to promote her stint on Spike TV’s comedy “Blue Mountain State” but was interrupted with the shenanigans of her ex husband Charlie Sheen. While on a trip to New York with their daughters, Sheen found himself being in a compromising situation with a porn star which eventually got him taken to the hospital by New York Police. It has to be unsettling for a mother to watch the father of her children having so many of the same sex worker, drug drama and hospital/rehab encounters that Charlie Sheen has had. Meanwhile the TV executives who own TWO and 1/2 Men are doing the spin of boys (Charlie) will be boys. The CBS show is a cash cow for the network and very popular with fans so it appears no matter what Sheen does short of killing someone (but then again he might get away with it) the show must go on even if Charlie has to say his lines from a straight jacket.

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