Friday, October 1, 2010

Steve Wonder Walks On By At The Grove

Funny thing, I was at the Grove recently and I was transfixed by this man's afro. I was so busy looking at it that it was all that I could see. I thought he had to be a musician to rock that cool look. I asked a camera guy from Mario Lopez's crew who was that guy. He said Stevie Wonder. Stevie Wonder was hid from my view by a large body guard so I didn't even see him. I just saw the man with the groovy afro. I jumped up and had to do some Matrix like moves because a child was in a stroller and I didn't want to bump into them. I apologized while I was going in slow fast motion backwards so I could get pictures of a legend. I avoided contact with the stroller at all cost. I think my ankle tapped the wheel but everyone was safe...

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