Monday, October 4, 2010

Kristian Otto Herzog Impersonating A Security Guard at the IVy

The real name of Oksana Grigorieva bodyguard has been released and his background showing that he has been convicted of two felony counts of impersonating a Police Officer is out for the world to see via TMZ and THR.
Here are pictures & video of Kristian Otto Herzog of the Bodyguard Group pretending to be employed by the Ivy while acting like he is the security for the Hilton's. This was from 01/2009...

FYI, The Ivy at the time had released all of their paid security staff to due to the recession and Herzog as well as his bodyguards stood in as protection to garner attention that they could exploit in the future.


  1. so true. i worked for him as a personal assistant during the summer of 07...he's a creep and tries to seduce everyone!

  2. I had contact with him in the past. He was all about playing cop. He hardly left his house if he was not dressed up in his police costume and was driving his suv with full police lights and sirens. He lies about his background and as you can see from his website, he lies about his clients. The guy is a criminal and a major tool!

  3. He's cute. I'd love to have sex with him and have him hold me in his strong arms all night! *squeal!*

  4. The guy and his company,its all fake. He is getting money for a book thats all lies taking thousands of dollars for junk. the man is a broke, homeless con man and its a shame that he is using the vets to hide behind. Who knows if this guy even served in the military special forces, i dont think so...

  5. He has not served in any local, state or federal force. Trust me, I know.

  6. Its amazing he has got away with so much, he should still be behind bars yet they let him out and he continues to do what criminal activity he does, over and over and over.

    He is delusional and lies upon lies upon lies. As if Tila Taquila want already a victim, he sought ought another woman who was distressed and vulnerable, to Oksana, (oh and GROSS-he NEVER was her lover--he is DREAMING). And now, he has pulled the wool over the Lohan's, moving in on their world.

    He will continue with them, to sell personal information, ie: where they go, flight info, personal dating, personal family matters, financial matters, take and sell personal things, personal photos and videos, ect ect. Radar Online has a direct hook in from him on their "Exclusive" stories and information.

    Don't bother with his book, all papers full of his dreams, not reality. He is obsessed with fame and will do anything at all costs to get any ounce of it, his websites are plastered with his face and masterminded exploitational achievements. He thinks he is a celebrity. He is a TOTAL LOSER. He will come off endearing, act like he will do anything and everything for you, but with alternate motives, and as you can see, he turned on the celebs, Tila and Oksana once he got what he needed and they caught onto him.

    How does Dinah Lohan not see by now.. She is going to learn the hard way, or rather the Lohan way anyhow, as she seems to direct her family this way at all times. Clearly, another dramatic episode waiting to happen, victim to Kris Herzog.

  7. How strange all of this is to me... I lost contact with my baby nephew after the spring of 1968 when I was twelve years old. And now I come here and I see all of this slanderous material and it makes me sad.. To me he is just my nephew someone I lost contact with and never had the chance to re connect with. Sign me Bobbis little sister