Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa - The Hardest Working Man in LA?

Mayor of Los Angles - Antonio Villaraigosa took time from his hectic schedule to serve dinner to several families in East LA at the John Liechty Middle School. Prince Frederick Von Anhalt and I took a walk outside to see hundreds waiting in line for a free Pre-Thanksgiving meal. The amount of hungry people in Los Angeles is staggering and many food banks are tapped out. The Salvation Army feeds people every day. Wednesday night, 60 or so Volunteers fed hundreds. Operation Feed Our has more information.
Getting back to the Mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa was rumored to be "under the weather" but when he arrived he was going a 100 miles an hour. I hope this is taken in the right way- The Mayor of L.A. is the best banquet server I have ever seen. Waiting tables is HARD. Villaraigosa handled the serving platters like a Pro.
Faster than any I have ever seen much to the delight of the families and the children who treated the Mayor like a Rock Star. Ever the charmer, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa took pictures with everyone who asked.
A great time was had by all and the Salvation Staff as well as the Volunteers were all stellar and friendly. Kudos to everyone who was involved.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


As I promised to several young fans of the JONAS Brothers, here is the video of them arriving at the Jimmy Kimmel Show from last night.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Obviously it is TV Sweeps because the JIMMY KIMMEL SHOW has been kicking ass lately. Huge concerts full to capacity. Tonight was no exception.
I don't know much about the JONAS BROS. I never knew their songs. I did know that the JONAS Brothers were very popular and were on every teen magazine cover.
I learned a lot more from screaming fans soaked by a downfall of rain jumping up and down to see their favorite band.
Was this what it was like when the BEATLES first came to the states? It may be sacrilegious but I think so. I must say the band is very handsome. And I saw some serious moves by the bass player.
One thing that stood out was how much joy the JONAS BROS. brought out of their fans. It was fun to see so many having so much fun. And it was nice to see so many parents being there for their kids. I saw both dads and moms bringing warm blankets, hot coco and umbrellas to their children waiting (for hours) in the cold. I met some very nice people.
I'm slightly shocked by revealing that I like the JONAS BROS. because they seem like really nice young men.
I was surprised to hear from a fan that tickets at the Palladium Show on Sunday for the JONAS BROS. was $80 for general admission. The JONAS BROS. Dad is a very astute business man.

Weiland Wasted?

Scott Weiland booking manager should have his/her head examined. While I was listening to the KILLERS, I was told that Weiland formerly of STONE TEMPLE PILOTS and VELVET REVOLVER was scheduled to play a free concert at Hollywood & Highland. Why oh Why when Scott is scheduled to play Kimmel on Wednesday night. And why would he make fans make a choice between seeing the KILLERS or seeing SCOTT WEILAND. Weiland lost big time. I kept debating on whom to photograph. But I went with the KILLERS. My thought process, Weiland was going to be on the show on Wednesday so I would take the risk. Also knowing Weiland's history, I didn't think he would be on time to the 9pm start. I left after the KILLERS and ran across the street to see if I could get Scott Weiland. The crowd was miminmal and Scott looked wasted. He was talking a lot and his eyes looked full of sadness. He kept turning his back to the audience. I was disappointed with my shots. I'm adding only a few here. I wasn't impressed with his show. He reminded me of a luke warm David Bowie. I prefer the Original. Get it together Scott. Better luck to you on Wednesday. Maybe Monday night was just a rehearsal.


My favorite Rock Band are THE KILLERS. Obviously my feelings are shared with many who waited in long lines for a chance to see Brandon Flowers, Dave Keuning, Mark Stoermer and Ronnie Vannucci Jr.
The show was full to capacity so fans that were left outside did what they could to see. I saw fans hanging on school fences, atop cars, peaking through little holes in covered fences and straining necks for a glimpse of the band. It was an impressive sight. The KILLERS sounded tight and on point.
I missed getting to shoot them by 5 minutes. I was pissed but shot video of Magic Johnson instead. I'll add that later. KILLERS rocked out 6 songs.
DAY & AGE is the latest album by the band.
One of the best moments of the night is when the audience sang the refrain of "I got soul, but I'm not a soldier!" from their song, "ALL THESE THINGS I'VE DONE". The KILLERS are a GREAT BAND WITH A GREAT FUTURE. I'm sure we will cross paths again.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

KAT Comes Face to Face with another CAT

I was driving when I noticed an unbelievable sight. A real live tiger's cub named Rasheed on Hollywood. So I parked my car ran across the street and 2 very nice gentleman let me hold the cat from BIG CAT ENCOUNTERS. One was next to (KARL MITCHELL )me while the other (RIP READ) filmed. As you can see, I was Scared!!! A Scaredy KAT!!!
Watch The video

Karl told me that they travel all over. If you would like more information on BIG CAT ENCOUNTERS call (323) 228-3963 and Tell them KAT sent you. Also you can find them on the web @

Prince Frederick Von Anhalt has a new GF just like Mel

Right out of the horse's behind, Prince Frederick Von Anhalt tells me that he has a new girlfriend just like Mel Gibson even though both men are MARRIED!!!
Watch the video below:

Breaking NEWS RALPH MOELLER will be the next TERMINATOR

According industry insiders, Ralph Moeller - German Action Star of UNIVERSAL SOLDIER, THE SCORPION KING and GLADIATOR has been in negotiations to played the lead role of the TERMINATOR in TERMINATOR 4 replacing the role that propelled Arnold Schwarzenegger into mega stardom. Like Arnold, Moeller is a former Mr. Universe. He is also a pro boxer and an accomplished swimmer.

Two Blondes Calling it QUITS

Paris Hilton and Sharon Stone have something in common. Hopefully it isn't Herpes.
Both are Single.
According to the rumor mill, Benji Madden & Paris Hilton are kaput. Madden was extremely jealous of the attention Paris received from the paps & press. Recently Hilton has been on a traveling spree to Europe and Dubai. Paris gets around so I'm sure she'll have no problem enjoying the "SINGLE LIFE".
As for Stone, Sharon & her 24 year old beau are OVER!
The sexy 50 year old actress took a lot of flack during her custody case for her 8 year old son. After loosing, a source close to Stone, said that "it took the spark out of her relationship."

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Britney Spears Secret Location for MTV

Here is Britney leaving Ren Mar Studios after taping....

Ms. Spears is at REN MAR Studios filming a "special" for MTV. I'm sure Britney isn't aware that many fans of hers waited in line (in vain) to get a chance to see her. One of my friends had tickets to the event. She arrived early waited in line and waited in line and then was refused entry. the ticket company that booked the event, selected people to attend. They requested photos of all ticket holders. She was confirmed a week ago. 48 hours ago she received another email saying MTV said she could bring other guests. Originally seating was at 200. When my friend got dissed, she was 197. 1iota didn't even validate the parking. Parking validation was only good for people actually seeing the show. RUDE!!!!! SUCKS! At least be generous enough to the people who took off from work, college or what ever else they had going and validate their parking. One guy came from NEW YORK! My friend said and this is a quote, "the bitch sucks anyway!"

Britney Spears Scheduled To Be at Listening Event

Ms. Britney is scheduled to make an appearance today at an undisclosed location. The secrecy is all in attempt to hype her new album WOMANIZER. Only 200 guests. What will happen? What will Spears say?
No cameras but I will take detailed mental notes. Details will be forthcoming. Tune in later for juicy tidbits...

Priest Faces Excommunication for Supporting Ordination of Women

American Priest Father Roy Bourgeois who is an outspoken resistor to the School of the Americas renamed to Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (accused of human rights violations and for teaching torture techniques to Latin American soldiers), is in hot water with the Catholic Church for supporting the ordination of women to the priesthood. Father Bourgeois has less than 30 days before a decision will be handed down from the Vatican. Father Bourgeois is a courageous man standing up to a dinosauric misogynistic patriarchal closeted institution.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Paula Abdul Back To American Idol after Fan takes her own Life

Paula Abdul is back for the newest season of American Idol after obsessed fan takes life in front of Abdul's home. A former AI contestant overdosed and was found dead in her car with Paula Abdul's CDs.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Simon Cowell's ex-GF Terri Seymour gets a major Payday

Normally breaking up is hard to do but being paid off takes away the pain....
Terry Seymour is a lucky lady. Although she broke up with Simon Cowell she received a major pay off from her generous ex. A five million dollar house and some cash. Lucky girl. Terri was all smiles after getting her eyebrows done at ANATASIA on Bedford.

Whitney from MTV THE HILLS Gets A Little Help from the Queen

Again I ask, does anyone care about THE HILLS? Whitney after having her eyebrows done at Anatasia gets some unlikely help from
the Queen of Bedford...

Monday, November 17, 2008

Scott Weiland scheduled to Rock Jimmy Kimmel Show

Ex-Frontman of VELVET REVOLVER & STONE TEMPLE PILOTS, Scott Weiland is scheduled to perform on
the Jimmy Kimmel Show on November the 26th. Weiland is a talented train wreck. Drugs, arrests and car crashes to some are the makings of a Rock Star. To others it is just a juvenile waste of talent. Hope he gets his shit together. I had a talk with Weiland last year, he loves David Bowie and poet Charles Bukowski so he can't be all bad. One thing about Scott, he takes amazing pictures.....

Prince Frederick Von Anhalt Rants on Proposition 8 Losers

Prince Frederick Von Anhalt (Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband) goes off on the Proposition 8 Protesters before he is scheduled to shoot a new TV Show called HOLLYWOOD JUDGE.

Everyone has an ass and an opinion. I find the "Prince" amusing. He always has something to say.
The People against Proposition 8 were asleep until the passing of it. Protesting now is late. Before Prop 8 passed was the time to be in the streets and connecting with others. They were outmaneuvered by the conservatives and took it for granted that Prop 8 wouldn't pass. If people want the to be married, I wish them the best of luck. Equal Protection under the Law goes for Everyone doesn't?

OOA Honors SEAN PENN, Mike Ferrell and Veterans for Peace

I got a major birthday gift. November has been full of fun surprises. One of my dear friends in Italy rang me up out of the blue. He didn't know it was my birthday. We talked about watching our parents age. And seeing them as fragile beings like ourselves. We talked about children. Realizing we all become dust and that life is meant to be LIVED! Anyway, it was a nice surprise. Later, I spent the evening with some very special people. I had the pleasure of attending the OFFICE OF THE AMERICAS 25th Anniversary Gala. Celebrating 25 Years of Waging Peace honoring Mike Ferrell, Sean Penn and Veterans for Peace. What a great evening. I met some new and saw some familiar faces. Over the past several years I've walked in many Peace Marches. I've photographed Mike Ferrell, Congresswoman Maxine Waters and Ron Kovic before. This event was so intimate and I had the pleasure of shooting
Diane Lane (star of UNFAITHFUL), her husband Josh Brolin (star of W), Robin Wright Penn and one of the greatest actors and humanitarians SEAN PENN (star of MILK and the upcoming TREE OF LIFE with Brad Pitt).
Here are just a few moments of the event. The last time I saw Sean Penn he wasn't with Robin. He didn't look too happy at the time. It was good to see them together looking very much in love. Wright like Rain! Robin Wright Penn besides being an actress (FORREST GUMP), she is also a director.
Diane Lane was charming and beautiful. Her southern accent is quite beguiling. Her man Josh Brolin looked very handsome in his black suit. Brolin gave the introductory speech for Honoree Sean Penn. Congresswoman Maxine Waters gave the intro for Honoree Mike Ferrell (star of M.A.S.H.). Mike is also an activist and humanitarian.
The highlights of the evening included singing by Tom English, Veterans for Peace members taking the stage and being introduced by
Ron Kovic, Mike Ferrell's speech, a film about the OOA and of course Sean Penn's speech.
What can I say about people like Sean Penn and Mike Ferrell? Who stand up for what the believe in when so many fall silent because of fear of loosing popularity or a job. Courage is lacking in Hollywood. Sean Penn has aided Hurricane Katrina Victims, gone to Iraq and reported from there, met with Hugo Chavez in Venezuela and has written numerous articles as a journalist. His humanitarian work aids him as an actor.
I have mad respect for Penn and those like him. His new movie MILK comes out soon.
Kudus to Blase and Theresa Bonpane and the volunteers of the Office of the Americas for their continuous service in waging peace around the globe.

Let Us All Do A Rain Dance!!!!

A note on the CA wild fire. The air quality has been poor. Scattered flecks of ash fall like occasional snow. It is very difficult to breathe. Let us all meditate on RAIN!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

His Royal "Finess" ERIC BENET


Eric was having lunch at the Newsroom days before the election sporting a Barak Obama T-Shirt and looking "fly me to the moon." He has a latest album called "LOVE & LIFE" out now. He will be touring the west coast at the H.O.B. November 24-26th. San Diego, Anaheim and at the House of Blues on Sunset on the 26th.

RayJ on Roberston shooting a "REALITY (Boring) SHOW"

RayJ, R&B singer, brother of Brandy and ex-boyfriend of
Kim Kardashian was on Robertson this week shooting a "reality show". I never saw the sex tape but what is up with everyone releasing one? What a way to become famous.

Paris did it and so did RayJ/Kim Kardashian and some how it made them more popular. Getting back to the original story, RayJ was at KITSON and CUVEE shooting something, promoting that he is a mack daddy. BORING!!!!!!!!! The "playa" mentality is DONE. Move on to something more interesting.
Now that everyone has a reality show which is so FAKE, they don't have to pay UNION fees to actors/actresses.

Actor JAMES WHITMORE Politically Hip

I met the delightful actor James Whitmore. He was against Proposition 8 and for Barak Obama. Whitmore has appeared on TV, stage and film. From "Gunsmoke" to "CSI", SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION, PLANET OF THE APES, and hundreds of roles in between, James Whitmore has had a busy and lucrative career. He is known for giving stellar solo performances. Mr. Whitmore is also a charming, funny, hip, talented, politically forward elder.

Neil Diamond Spotted at Jerry's Deli

Singer and song writer Neil Diamond recently had lunch at the World Famous Jerry's Deli. Diamond has been giving a 100% of the his merchandise sales to benefit Hurricane Ike The Gulf Coast Relief Fund. Also it was recently announced that Neil Diamond will be honored as 2009 MUSICARES Person of the Year February 06, 2009.
His latest album HOME BEFORE DARK was released in 2008. His birth name Neil Leslie Diamond and he is also known as "The Diamond Cutter" and the "Jewish Elvis". Neil Diamond has sold more than 120 million records worldwide.