Wednesday, November 12, 2008

2 Guys that Drive Prius Hybrids

In Hollyweird, the car you drive says alot about you. Many people drive cars to try to impress others by being flashy. There are some that follow their own trend and their own mind. Here are 2 Stars different in a million ways but both drive a hybrid.

I was doing something else when I took these shots of Steve Jones of the SEX PISTOLS and 103.1 FM. Funny thing happened a couple of guys stumbled out of his car. I got to meet members of KILLING JOKE and ZILCH but I digress.

The other guy who you wouldn't suspect driving a hybrid is Adrien Grenier of HBO's ENTOURAGE.

It is good to know that a Rock Star and a TV Star both are doing something for the environment.

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