Saturday, November 15, 2008

RayJ on Roberston shooting a "REALITY (Boring) SHOW"

RayJ, R&B singer, brother of Brandy and ex-boyfriend of
Kim Kardashian was on Robertson this week shooting a "reality show". I never saw the sex tape but what is up with everyone releasing one? What a way to become famous.

Paris did it and so did RayJ/Kim Kardashian and some how it made them more popular. Getting back to the original story, RayJ was at KITSON and CUVEE shooting something, promoting that he is a mack daddy. BORING!!!!!!!!! The "playa" mentality is DONE. Move on to something more interesting.
Now that everyone has a reality show which is so FAKE, they don't have to pay UNION fees to actors/actresses.

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