Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Obviously it is TV Sweeps because the JIMMY KIMMEL SHOW has been kicking ass lately. Huge concerts full to capacity. Tonight was no exception.
I don't know much about the JONAS BROS. I never knew their songs. I did know that the JONAS Brothers were very popular and were on every teen magazine cover.
I learned a lot more from screaming fans soaked by a downfall of rain jumping up and down to see their favorite band.
Was this what it was like when the BEATLES first came to the states? It may be sacrilegious but I think so. I must say the band is very handsome. And I saw some serious moves by the bass player.
One thing that stood out was how much joy the JONAS BROS. brought out of their fans. It was fun to see so many having so much fun. And it was nice to see so many parents being there for their kids. I saw both dads and moms bringing warm blankets, hot coco and umbrellas to their children waiting (for hours) in the cold. I met some very nice people.
I'm slightly shocked by revealing that I like the JONAS BROS. because they seem like really nice young men.
I was surprised to hear from a fan that tickets at the Palladium Show on Sunday for the JONAS BROS. was $80 for general admission. The JONAS BROS. Dad is a very astute business man.

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