Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Jennifer Aniston "Gimme an A continues"

And another "A" for Arse! Jennifer Aniston pulled a publicity stunt at the Ivy last week.

Desperate for Attention, Aniston's (publicist, people or herself) decided to notify all the photo agencies that she would be eating at the IVY at 1:30pm. She was late so everyone could attend. Jennifer caused a media circus. Paps were fighting for shots and the scene was RIDICULOUS. One pap lost his video camera. Actually it was stolen.
I guess it was worth it to Aniston. She must have known that Angelina was in town and Brad was soon to follow. Aniston has a movie coming out in a few days so she needed the ATTENTION. I forgot to mention, Aniston walked in and promptly walked out through the back. She stayed just enough to get photographed. Also she is on the cover of a magazine this month. In the deep words of Aniston, "UNCOOL"!

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