Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tristan MacManus vs Gilles Marini's Motorcycle

A quick explanation of what is going on in this video
  • I'm focusing on shooting Gilles fix his motorcycle
  • Tristan MacManus shows up
  • Gilles' Harley is loud so I can barely hear
  • This is the first time MacManus and I have seen each other this season
  • We talk about football/soccer often in past videos
  • I love Real Madrid
  • Tristan isn't fond of Real Madrid he likes Leeds
  • I'm trying to tell Tristan that Kaka who plays for Real Madrid might be traded to the L.A. Galaxy
  • Tristan doesn't seem to hear me so I repeat
Anyway, this is how misunderstandings happen and funny videos.

Helios Castroneves: Another Sun God?

Helios learned something from me on this one. We talk about Brazilian football, Kaka coming to the L.A. Galaxy rumor and the meaning of his name "Helios".

Gilles Marini Knows All The Right Things To Say About Maksim

I asked Gilles some "hard hitting" questions (LOL) about his lovely partner Peta Murgatroyd and her paramour Moody Mad Maksim.

Paparazzo Falls Asleep While Kirstie & Mad Maks Leave

Sometimes things happen in the alleyway that are too funny to be believed. One has to see it. As in this case a very over weight paparazzo who barely gets out of his car to shoot celebrities (he normally just sits in his car and paps), blocks the alley for over 40 minutes causing a traffic jam while people try to maneuver around his car. When he is awake he refuses to move and as fate has it when Maksim and Kirstie Alley (considered to be one of the big fish to shoot on DWTS Season 15) exit rehearsals, he is still napping. He naps even when Kirstie signs autographs and answers questions about her moody partner Maksim.

Peta Murgatroyd Stands By Her Man Maksim

Peta, Peta, Peta. Her body language doesn't lie. She LOVES Maksim. From the way she touches her hair behind her ear when his name is mentioned to the way her eyes dance, Peta stands by her Moody Maksim.

Kelly Monaco Talks GH: Steve Burton (Jason Morgan) Leaving & Todd Manning

Kelly Monaco is a hot number and with Val Chmerkovskiy, the pair will be fun to watch. I got to ask the soap star about General Hospital and her love interest on the show Jason's moving on to another soap opera.  In the second clip, she drops a bomb shell. Todd Manning loves DWTS.

Bristol Palin...She's Back

Controversial celeb Bristol Palin is Back on DWTS All Stars with a new look (a little plastic surgery) and a slimmed down figure. Something tells me she has been practicing in Alaska knowing that the all star version was going to go down in the near future. She has some pep in her step. I think she has a new boyfriend too. Story developing.

Apolo Ohno After DWTS Will He Go For More Gold?

Sometimes I pinch myself when I realize I get to chat and photograph some of the greatest people in their fields in the WORLD. I remember watching the Winter Olympics and checking out speed skating of all things even though I normally just watch the ice skating but that is neither here or there. I remember watching Apolo Ohno and thinking that is pretty cool and wow he is so fast and look how low he leans on the ice turning the corners without falling. Who knew I would be talking with him and taking pictures? Also had no idea how cool he was and how attractive he would be in person.

Bring Back Dmitry Chaplin on DWTS

Joey Fatone, Chelsie Hightower and Dmitry Chaplin were hanging out recently at DWTS rehearsals. It reminded me how much i miss Dmitry on the show. I hope the powers that be have him back SOON!

Hélio Castroneves: Race Car Driver & DWTS All Star

While I'm in between chatting or photographing the DWTS cast, it comes to mind how talented these people participating are. I find it so annoying when other bloggers make comments like "Dancing With The Has Beens". Snide comments from people who haven't really done anything major or inspiring with their lives except writing cruel and envious comments about people they have never met and don't even know. It takes a lot of drive, determination, stamina and guts to practice for hours and hours and then performing live in front of an audience. Those who don't know what it is like to perform live probably don't have a clear understanding. I have mad respect for the pros and the celeb dancers. I wish I could do the show and see if I could handle the rigorous training. It would be challenging to say the least. Anyway. this gets back to the point. In the above interview,  Race car driver Hélio Castroneves had just got back from driving 500 miles in 90 degree heat and was ready to practice. One has to have nerves of steel. Race car driving is dangerous. That is pretty inspiring in my book!

Peta Murgatroyd's Haircut

DWTS Pro, Season 14 Co-Winner, Talented Choreographer & Maksim's girlfriend, Peta Murgatroyd has a new cut for a new season.

Gilles Marini The Man To Watch on DWTS All Stars

Gilles Marini has all the makings of a winner. He is good looking, charming, well spoken, in great shape and a family man. Not to mention he is a wonderful dancer. Gilles has been working hard doing double duty with a new show and DWTS All Stars duties.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hélio Castroneves Race Car Driver & DWTS All Star

Here is Hélio Castroneves who not only has a race coming up but he is on his way to DWTS rehearsals as he autographs some hot pictures of himself.

Shawn Johnson Asked About DWTS Judges

Here is a clip of Shawn Johnson signing autographs while being asked about the judges on DWTS.

Exclusive Apolo Ohno - The Jewels of The Sun

Apolo is also the name of the Sun God so it is only fitting that Apolo Ohno left rehearsals recently with the sun following him as he talked about his jewels...

Exclusive Derek Hough & Shawn Johnson The Ones To Bea tDWTS All Stars

As I already stated, I pick Shawn Johnson and Derek Hough to win DWTS All Stars. They are definitely the ones to beat. The Golden Boy with The Girl with The Golden Smile are going to be in it to Win it!

Exclusive Sabrina Bryan Signs for Fans

Sabrina Bryan signs for after a intense rehearsal with partner Louis Van Amstel Sunday.

Exclusive Kym Johnson & Joey Fatone Working Hard

Kym Johnson and singer Joey Fatone have been working hard at DWTS All Stars Rehearsals. They signed autographs for fans Sunday.

Peta Murgatroyd Confirms She is HAPPY With Maksim

Season 14 winner Peta Murgatroyd and partner Gilles Marini seen leaving rehearsals Sunday were all smiles. Peta confirmed that she is happy with Maksim as she signed autographs for an adorable little boy.  Could Maksim and Peta be ready for marriage and babies?

Saturday, September 8, 2012

KAT Goes On A Limb Picks DWTS All Stars Winner

Based on the psychology of the DWTS All Stars' publicity photos, I tell Shawn Johnson whose going to win Season 15...

DWTS All Stars Val C Gives Peta Murgatroyd a Ride

Will fueling the rumors that the relationship between big brother Maksim and Peta Murgatroyd are going well, Val is seen sharing a ride and acting as taxi driver to Peta. So does that mean Maksim and Peta are co-habitating together? Maksim's Love/Relationship track record with the pro ladies on DWTS numbers at a minimum of 3, Karina Smirnoff, Cheryl Burke and now Peta Murgatroyd. Not to mention rumored romance with sport repoter and former celeb partner Erin Andrews. Luckily it seems that there are no overtly heart feelings by any of the former flames with Maksim's relationship with Peta. Meanwhile Val Chmerkovskiy says he is single as he talks about the sexy pairing on Season 15.

DWTS All Stars Louis Van Amstel, Joey Fatone & Sabrina Bryan Chat With KAT

Louis Van Amstel with partner Sabrina Bryan seen leaving rehearsals at the same time as Joey Fatone and an almost hidden Kym Johnson have a bit of fun with fans of DWTS All Stars...

DWTS All Stars Gilles Marini Revealing Sexy Pictures

I was unaware of the number of sexy photographs that actor/model/husband/father has available. Til now...

DWTS All Stars Apolo Ohno & Karina Smirnoff Matching Maseratis

Apolo Ohno and partner Karina Smirnoff not only share the dance floor but the pair drive the same car.

Derek Hough Last Dance on DWTS All Stars?

Someone told me that Derek Hough has said that this season of DWTS All Stars will be his last. DWTS without the "golden boy" will be a drag. Maksim has been saying for the last several seasons that each will be his last so based on experience who do you believe? Yet based on Hough's personality, I tend to believe him if he said it. Hough's talent and movie opportunities seem too expansive for the time commitment required for the reality show.

Shawn Johnson DWTS All-Stars Talks Growing Acting Career

In our first meeting for Season 15 of DWTS, I ask Shawn Johnson about her ever growing TV appearances.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

"Malibu Country" New Show for Reba McEntire

Fan favorite Reba McEntire was seen supporting her good friend Vince Gill earlier today as he received a star inches away from his wife Amy Grant. Reba has a new show debuting on ABC soon entitled "Malibu Country" due out soon.

Vince Gill Gets A Star Close To His Wife Amy Grant

Above is Vince Gill and his entourage crossing Hollywood Blvd before getting his star on the Walk of Fame.
Below is after the ceremony....

Vince Gill Gets A Star Surrounded by All His Friends

Vince Gill (country star and song writer) got his Star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame surrounded by his wife and good friends. Reba McEntire was there as well as a host of well wishers. Reba has a new show coming out on ABC called "Malibu Country".

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Exclusive Derek Hough and His New Dog

Derek Hough and his new dog take a walk on the DWTS side.

Peta Murgatroyd Seen At DWTS All Stars Rehearsals

Season 14 Winner Peta Murgatroyd seen arriving at rehearsals earlier today....

GH's Kelly Monaco In It To Win It DWTS All Stars

Lovely Kelly Monaco arriving to DWTS All Stars Rehearsal after a busy day shooting General Hospital.

Clip of Kirstie Alley Leaving DWTS All Stars Rehearsals

Kirstie Alley welcomed back to DWTS All Stars by the photo crew (including me). Alley tells us her team's name which brings out a singing response from me.

Hope Solo is Mad at Maksim...

Here is Maksim Chmerkovskiy leaving DWTS All Stars Rehearsals a few moments ago. I had no idea that Hope Solo blasted him in the press relating to her memoir until a few moments ago. Solo accuses Maksim of being physically abusive during their stint together on a controversial season of DWTS. I'm sure all the cameras in DWTS rehearsals captured evidence (either way).  Anyway, it is all purrfect timing because it gives both DWTS, Maksim and Hope publicity at the same time.  Right when Dancing With The Stars Season 15 is starting and right when Hope Solo's gold medal win and book is garnering attention.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

More, More, More of The WANTED (invading America)

Jay McGuiness, Siva Kaneswaran, Tom Parker, Nathan Sykes and Max George of The WANTED moments before their L.A. County Fair concert. I meet the rest of the band and some cool sisters after they spend time with Jay. Some pictures are added to this video.