Sunday, February 27, 2011

83rd Annual Academy Awards Prep Preview

Quick look behind the police state of Hollywood & Highland a day before the Oscars...

Who Will Win Best Picture?

With the help of a very special commentator, Black Spiderman, I ask his thoughts on the 83rd Annual Academy Awards...

A Look At Hollywood A Day Before the Oscars

This is what Hollywood Blvd looked like Saturday a day before the Oscars. Will it Rain on Oscar's parade?

Friday, February 25, 2011

83rd Academy Awards Are 2 Days Away

With Gifting Suites, Press Conferences, Pre-Oscar Parties and lots of traffic at LAX, the 83rd Academy Awards are just two days away. The weather is iffy but there will be covered roofs for all the stars dressed in finery.

Judge Comes Down Hard on Garry Sun For Violating Tila Tequila/Nyguen Restraining Order

Garry Sun was shocked to find out that he was facing jail time for violating a restraining order put in place by former associate Tila Tequila/Nyguen. The judge was stern with Garry Sun after both attorney’s agreed to neutralize the situation by adjudicating the sentence for 180 days. During which, Garry Sun must enroll and complete an Anger Management program that lasts for 6 months. Sun was forced to accept and attend the judge’s order. Under the advice of his attorney, Garry Sun will be attending Alternative For Violence (anger management program).
The judge also said that if Garry Sun was found guilty of violating Tila Tequila/Nyguen restraining order, he would face jail, fines and sanctions for costs and fees. The Judge also amended paragraph 7 of the November 12, 2010 restraining order. Garry Sun most remain 100 yards away from Tila Tequila/Nyguen. The judge took exceptions to the times when Garry and Tequila would be in court and when they were at the same events. Sun's attorney offered that Garry would remove himself if he was at an event that Nyguen was in attendance. Both parties were warned by the judge that they must not have direct or indirect contact via 3rd parties, no ficticious emails or facebooks.
On Tila Nyguen’s side she had an expert witness who was an Officer of the Law who will be testifying in 6 months when he is recalled for trial.
The Judge warned Sun that jail is not a nice place and that even one day would not be pleasant. He also said that in six months, he would take everything into consideration. If Garry Sun completes his mandatory anger management courses as well as if there is no contact between the two parties. However, he also gave a stern warning that Garry Sun could be facing jail time regardless.

Personal notes, it was very hard to hear in the court room Sun’s lawyer spoke very softly. And the stenographer had to ask several times during the proceedings for the parties to speak up.
I took the best hand notes that I could. The name of the judge wasn’t on the outside of the court room or where I could see on the desk.

We weren’t allowed to film or tape inside the court room. My job was to cover the story just like any other Lindsay Lohan court drama. Garry did say at one point, that they wanted to take him away to jail that day. There was several meetings between the lawyers and the judge that transpired in chambers. Garry Sun said his attorney just got the case that morning.
Due to a TV pilot, Garry Sun was interviewed before the proceeding. I was interviewed after about what I thought about the proceedings. I left after that to go to my car and then photographed Tila Tequila/Nyguen who was across the street from my car. I never spoke to her before, during or after the proceedings. I was in a tight spot because at one point when Tila came back into court she had blood on her white skirt. I could not due to the assumption that I would be having contact with her for nefarious purposes tell her. I had to allow her to find out and eventually someone offered her a black jacket to wrap around her waist. As I was across the street Tila Tequila/Nyguen and her lawyers spoke and Nyguen smoked a cigarette. One of her attorney’s left and she walked across the street in my direction passing me to go to her car. I had no idea that she would be crossing my path. I kept a respectful distance and shot photographs on public property. To be clear I was covering a story nothing more, nothing less which I have been doing from the get go when it came to the first allegations between the pair.

Diva Sheryl Lee Ralph Has A New Play

Caught up with the lovely DIVALICIOUS Sheryl Lee Ralph at the Roger Neal Oscar Suite at L'Ermitage Hotel and she told me about her new play...

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Exclusive Pix: Jason Davis Seen Before Charge of Felony Drug Possession

Another offspring of the uber rich, Jason Davis of an oil family, was charged with felony drug possession. Jason recently appeared on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. According to TMZ, Jason Davis faces up to 3 years in prison. However due to the nature of money, it is highly unlikely Gummi Bear will do any serious time.

Has Lindsay Lohan Had More Court Dates Than Lovers?

Lindsay Lohan was at court again on Wednesday which makes me wonder how many times has she been to court? I can't seem to get a definite number. I will have to do some more checking and find out. That is crazy! Lindsay Lohan has been involved with more court preceedings than most people have had LOVERS! There is definitely some special treatment going on for this 24 year old Caucasian Addict. Although Lindsay is facing jail, she still has time to get her lips plumped before arriving to court. We all know going to court for Lohan is like performing on the catwalk for a Victoria's Secret Super Model. Lindsay's fashion message today: slacks and and open blouse revealing lots of cleavage. We are waiting for the confirmation that the designer that put her court ensemble together sold out of the combo.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

2011 NBA All Star Parties in Los Fearless

Here is a quick look at some parties that went down on Saturday during the 2011 NBA All Star Weekend. Lot of Money rolled into Los Angeles thanks to the visiting fans. It added much flavor and a boost to the local economy.

Dinah Lohan: Mother of The Year Day Before Daughter Goes to Court (Again)

One has to look good when your daughter is going to court for the upteenth time. Dinah Lohan seen walking to parking garage after getting some beauty treatments Tuesday afternoon.

Kim Kardashian Leaving NBA All Star Party

Kim Kardashian seen leaving 2011 NBA All Star party with BF

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Rex Smith Stars in 'Cradle Will Rock' at the Stella Adler Theatre

Nice guy and super talent, Rex Smith is starring in the musical 'Cradle Will Rock at the Stella Adler Theatre Thursdays through Saturdays at 8 p.m. and Sundays at 2 p.m. through March 20. The Stella Adler Theatre is located 6773 Hollywood Blvd. 'Cradle Will Rock' is a updated version of a 1937 play about foreclosures, low wages and poor working conditions.

BRANDY Causes a Frenzy at Louis Vuitton NBA ALL Star Event

Here is a look at Brandy at the Shaunie O'Neal's NBA ALL Star Event at Louis Vuitton in Beverly Hills.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Leonardo DiCaprio and Judy Dench Laugh at Drunk

This is a great example of why drinking and driving is not cute! This girl could have killed someone. She was so intoxicated and out of it. Luckily her keys were taken away by on set police. How she was able to park in the middle of a closed set on a downtown street is beyond me.

Singing In The Rain With Shaeyne

A rainy day gift...

NBA All Star Weekend 2011: The Madness Begins

This was just Thursday night ran into a colleague in street clothes(w/o the sunglasses) looking fly hanging with his homies. The 2011 NBA All Star Madness Begins!

Pan African Film Festival 2011 Opening Night: Shades of Blackness

Beautiful people in all sizes and colors came out to the Opening Night for the 2011 Pan African Film Festival. Some of the those attending Angell Conwell of Young & The Restless, Jimmy Jean Louis, Luenell, Nate Parker, Boris and Nicole Ari-Parker Kodjoe, Vanessa Williams, Ngo Bokfor, Norwood Young, Michael Colyar, Ayuko Babu - Founder of the PAFF and so many more. Its a wonderful festival of film making spanning the globe for Afrocentric films.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pan African Film Festival 2011 Opening Night Videos

Here's a quick taste of the fun and festivities at the 2011 Pan African Film Festival at the Culver City Theatre. You can learn more by going to

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Louis Vuitton Kicks on Valentine's Day Date Outside of Katsuya

Some LV Kicks glowing in the dark outside Katsuya last night...

Bobby Trendy's Valentine's Day Plans

I caught up with Bobby Trendy yesterday on VD and asked him what his special plans for the evening were...

Saturday, February 12, 2011

First Look of Clint Eastwood at the Orpheum

First video of KAT catching a glimpse of one of her heroes, Clint Eastwood...

KAT Checks out Vintage Cars on Eastwood's J. Edgar Film

Here's a look at some of the vintage rides used during the filming of J. Edgar directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Leonardo DiCaprio...

The Man The Legend Clint Eastwood Directing J. Edgar Draws Festive Crowd During Art Walk

KAT catches Legendary fixture in Hollywood, CLINT EASTWOOD filming biopic J. Edgar at the Orpheum in downtown Los Angeles during ART Walk.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Exclusive Garry Sun vs Tila Tequila shot by KAT of KAT TALES TV

Before the start of yesterday's arraignment for Lindsay Lohan's felony grand theft charges, I asked Garry Sun point blank about Tila Tequila and if the fight between them was real or just another ploy for attention.

Lindsay Lohan: Behind The Scenes At LA Superior Court

Here's a look at what it is like to cover Lindsay Lohan...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bigger Than Hollywood with Monica Foster & KAT of KAT TALES TV

Monica Foster and I join forces to chat about current events. We discuss Egypt, Eminem, Italian Vogue, Kacey Jordan and how many things are affected by porn, the entertainment and the internet...

Lindsay Lohan Arrives To Court In White Dress

Lindsay Lohan at another court date is like saying the sky is blue. While thinking on what to call this post, I pondered calling it "Lindsay Lohan Increases Business For Local Courts". But I thought that was too long. Anyway, old news Lindsay Lohan arrived to court today to face charges for Felony Theft. Sometimes I wonder if LiLo is a robotic doll. She acts dumb/innocent while looking sexy. I'm sure Lindsay got paid to wear that form fitting white dress to court. While the fashion mags and blogs report on LiLo's court ensemble, its a good bet that the dress designer will sell out of it and soon will have back orders. While at the court house, I also tried to figure out how many court houses Lohan has done the stroll or the walk of shame. How many restaurants have benefited from increase patronage from reporters and photographers? How many city meters and parking lots got more money from the media covering the troubled actress ? How many additional sheriffs had to be on the clock to provide security? How many magazines, photos, videos and stories were paid for discussing LiLo. Lindsay Lohan is Big Business but for all the wrong reasons. Here is a look of Ms. Lohan doing the catwalk or should I say perp walk...

Monday, February 7, 2011

Lindsay Lohan Where Are The Handcuffs?

I noticed something in the latest allegation of Lindsay Lohan breaking the law (once again). Why is Lohan privacy always protected when she is taken into custody? Why is she never seen with handcuffs? So fascinating the rush for LAPD to handcuff a African American whose is under the suspicion of a crime (he didn't commit) as in the case with Tyrone Burton who was accused of selling bootleg DVDs when in fact he was marketing his own in public. Lindsay on the other hand, has been multiple times accused of stealing merchandise, there is even a video of her leaving the jewelry store with a necklace and she is still free. What kind of blind justice is going on here? Different law for Blacks and Whites? I won't be surprised if Lohan walks again.

Simon Cowell X Factor $5 Million Dollar Man

Simon Cowell is one of the wealthiest and possibly shrewdest businesspersons in the entertainment game. It makes sense that a man with the bank account and ego of Cowell's, would want more money, more attention and a bigger purse for the winner of his Americanized British Import, The X Factor. The winner of the competition not only gets serious hands on mentorship from Simon Cowell but $5 Million record prize.

Tony Hawk 3D Divorce

The World's Greatest Skateboarder is headed for divorce #3 from Lhotse Merriam. Lhotse & Tony have a daughter together and have were married in 2006.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tyrone Burton: When A Good Man Gets Lynched By Assumptions

This is what happens to a person when people make rash judgments, accusations, and assumptions while ignoring the facts. These are the facts, Tyrone Burton was marketing his own Gospel Comedy DVD called PROMISE. It bares his likeness and his name on the cover in Large Letters. I actually did a blog post about him several days ago announcing that he had a new DVD. On Wednesday afternoon the LAPD rolled up on Burton and forced him to obey their rules and shut his mouth. Tyrone Burton, like most innocent people was a little confused about the show of force. He wondered what he did wrong. Tyrone was handcuffed and put against the squad car. Here is that video...

After the LAPD officer ran his ID, he realized a few things. One it was Tyrone Burton and two he had no warrants. Most people who assume people are guilty don't let them explain and act like the Police did. Just like so many people who saw the picture on TMZ and made comments such as "he looks guilty and up to no good." So many people just grabbed the photo (which actually is against the law and goes infringes copyright protection laws as well as is stealing from me hence that is my work) and sliced up a story on their blog accusing Burton of being guilty like a brainless drone. What they didn't know is TMZ had the full description of Burton being handcuffed and that he had his own DVD but instead of telling the whole story, they wrote the most sensational part drumming up fears of another Black Man former actor committing a crime. Brainwashing is so much fun isn't it? Anyone who did a reasonable search on Google or took the time to contact Tyrone Burton personally for his side of the story could have easily validated his innocence. But that would take moving a hand to type or to call. Too much work for the masses with ADD and a racist hue. So directly after Tyrone Burton was released from being treated like almost a King, I asked him what happened and an eye witness gave his opinion. Here is the video.

In a fair and balanced society, in a humane one without stereotypes, public humiliation and threats for being taken to the station for trying to explain when falsely accused, a officer with deductive reasoning capacity could have handle the situation in a less totalitarian manner. The officer could have asked, "Can I see the DVD?" without having the initial reaction to put cuffs on Mr. Burton. Simple. A just person who believes a person is assumed innocent until proven guilty instead of the opposite, would have easily surmised that Tyrone Burton was promoting his own DVD. It was easier to do it in the manner the LAPD did, by the use of force, intimidation and a public lynching. It strikes fear in the attended target audience and the tourists that have been conditioned by TV and film can feel sedated by the fake proof that another Black Man is in handcuffs in real time, in real life. Most people assume the worse in people. I try to not. But I swear this situation as well as others I have personally witnessed makes me start to see the LAPD as they like to generalize/minimize Black People. I have respect for the law but time and time again the law doesn't seem to have the same respect for others like myself. And so many people are so easily trained to walk in lock step with agenda of the racist fear based slanted media that something had to be done. Tyrone Burton will rise above this and sell a ton of DVDs. The founding fathers were all entrepreneurs (and enslavement owners). Tyrone Burton is an Entrepreneur not Enslaved.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Lawrence Hilton Jacobs Takes Time Out To Mentor

You know many times I've been told certain things I photograph won't sell or don't have any value. Because the system loves negative stories and scandals. There are some stars that take care of their children, live a quiet life and do good work. Here is one of them Lawrence Hilton Jacobs of Welcome Back Kotter and The Jacksons: An American Dream to name a few plus numerous film and stage credits. I saw LHJ on Hollywood Blvd recently taking his daughters on a site seeing trip.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Adam Sandler Box Office Billions

As I said in a previous post, I was late but arrived at the perfect time to capture the fun frenzy known as Adam Sandler. Laughter is serious business. Sandler has made over a billion dollars to the movie industry.

Exclusive EMINEM Video

The latest news for Slim Shady is that he will be performing at the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards. I got up with EMINEM recently on his way to his latest video shoot of 'I Need A Doctor'

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Exclusive Rex Smith On Hollywood Blvd

The very talented and gracious Rex Smith who has worked steadily in TV, stage and film was seen on Hollywood Blvd. I was engrossed in a conversation and promptly dropped it to say to him, "I Know You" and the rest is history. Rex was a great sport and really sweet. Currently he is in production of a new play at the Stella Adler Theatre.

Tyrone Burton Has A New DVD

Tyrone Burton of Parent'Hood and That's So Raven has stepped out and up to promote his own DVD called PROMISE. Tyrone was seen on Hollywood this past weekend where he was very gracious with fans.