Thursday, May 22, 2014

Jermaine Jackson Mum On MJ Hologram At Billboard Music Awards

Jermaine Jackson with wife  Halima Rashid had no comment on the appearance of his late brother Michael Jackson as a hologram during the 2014 Billboard Music Awards.

Human Ken Doll Chats With KAT

Justin Jedlica aka the Human Ken Doll answers a ton of questions about plastic surgery and more...

V.Stiviano Crosses KAT's Path

This had to be one of the most surreal moments I had in a long time. Of all the places in the world, as the saying goes, she or V. had to walk into mine. To be honest gold diggers kind of piss me off. So many men think all women are nothing but whores that can be easily be bought and used. I shoot around so many chauvinist pigs that can't stand it when a person like myself can be competent and look good at the same time without using people. So when I saw V. Stiviano the other day, a rage that has been burning in me came out a little. The funniest part of all this, I really was hoping to get an interview with Donald Sterling NOT V.Stiviano. 

Monday, May 12, 2014

New York Giants Owner Steve Tisch On NFL Draft, Michael Sam Kiss and Donald Sterling

What does one of the favorite sports team owners have to say about a busy media day reflecting on the NFL Draft, the controversy over the first openly gay NFL player Michael Sam kiss of his boyfriend Vito Cammisano and the Anderson Cooper interview with Donald Sterling? Watch the above video to find out what Steve Tisch owner of the New York Giants has to say.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

KAT Bumps Into Floyd Mayweather After LA Clippers Game

After an exciting battle between the LA Clippers and the Oklahoma City, KAT and her friend are discussing returning to cheer on the Clippers and they run into boxing great Floyd Mayweather and his Money Team.

Mark Wahlberg & Rihanna Courtside at The Clippers Game

Mark Wahlberg and Rihanna were enjoying an exciting game between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Los Angeles Clippers earlier today...

Justin Bieber Gets Booed At Clippers Game

Justin Bieber wasn't too popular with the Clipper Nation during the playoff game...

KAT Goes Back To The LA Clippers Game

After being conflicted about supporting the team, I return with my friend to go to cheer on the Clippers. To be honest I like the team the way the play ball and I enjoy going to the games. Regardless of Donald Sterling and the issues of racism, I just wanted to have fun and watch the game. By the way it was an exciting game. Sometimes I just need to have a little bit of fun...

Exclusive Jermaine Jackson Hugging B Howard Leaving FilmOn/HologramUSA

"What a tangled web we weave when we conspire to deceive". Anyway, the rumor was that Jermaine Jackson didn't know B Howard when the story came out that he could be the biologic son of Michael Jackson. Jermaine distanced himself and a few days ago Jermaine Jackson was seen giving B Howard a hug.

Exclusive Corey Feldman & Richard Donner Talk The Goonies II

I ran into Corey Feldman earlier in the week who had just appeared on Huffington Post promoting his new movie and also speaking about Goonies II. The above video is what he had to say regarding doing Goonies II. Later in the week, I spoke with Director Richard Donner and told him that I bumped into Corey and the 2nd video is what Donner had to say.

Exclusive Mickey Rourke Buying Mothe's Day Gift

Who knew Mickey Rourke had a heart an "Angel Heart" LOL! Anyway, here is the Mickster leaving Alan Friedman yesterday after purchasing some jewelry for his grandmother!? Happy Mother's Day!