Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Juice Fountain On Hollywood Blvd Great Place For A Healthy Snack

Hollywood Blvd looks like a depressive bomb exploded. I haven't been walking around there for a while but I did recently and I checked out one of my favorite places to eat a healthy bite.
The Juice Fountain on 6332 Hollywood Blvd., is a inexpensive and tasty place if you are in the area. There are so many great juice and smoothie combinations that it may take you a while to make up your mind on what to get but it is well worth it. The area was looking shady with the desperate tour guides, solicitors trying to hustle cosmetic gift bags and the people asking for money sitting up and down the sidewalk but if you are looking to film some local color and the real Hollyweird, take a walk around Ivar and Vine. Anyway, The Juice Fountain is a great place so stop by if you are in the neighborhood.

Eric The Actor Dies Before Becoming A Hologram

Eric The Actor formerly known as Eric The Midget from the Howard Stern Show passed away yesterday. Eric Shaun Lynch was one of the "disabled" side kicks that was used as entertainment fodder on the Howard Stern Radio Show for many years. As a member of the "Wack Pack" Eric drew laughs and a fan based partly due to his size and partly due to his anger. Eric wanted to be taken seriously as a man and as an actor so he changed his moniker from Eric The Midget to Eric The Actor. Johnny Fratto his manager was desperately trying to get Eric to travel to Beverly Hills so he could be turned into a hologram. Luckily for Eric Lynch that didn't happened. Sometimes it is better to go out without being the butt of a sadistic prick's jokes. RIP Eric.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Brittny Gastineau Looking Much Better Since Miami Incident

Brittny Gastineau was looking great yesterday as she was seen going to lunch. Last time Brittny was seen she was a hot mess in Miami and at Villa Blanca last month. But everyone has their bad days. Gastineau was seen having lunch with Shiva Safai. Both women were wearing sexy shoes...

Mickey Rourke Spends Birthday Dinner At Russian Restaraunt

Mickey Rourke spent his birthday with his girlfriend at a Russian Restaurant. I think some crazy cake was involved. He seemed that he had a great time. Mickey spent some quality time with his pals for over 25 years Giuseppe Franco and Richie Palmer yesterday...

Hedo Turkoglu - "You Gave Me Promises Promises" Back With The LA Clippers

Well look who the KAT dragged in. The last time I saw Hedo was right before the NBA Playoffs in April. Unfortunately Turkoglu had a back injury and was out and then all hell broke loose with the Donald Sterling tapes and the rest is history.
Hedo's back is now back in line which is great news and he is re-signed to the LA Clippers for another year.
Here are some blasts from the past Hedo Turkoglu KAT TALES TV videos...

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Robbie Keane Says Happy Birthday To Mickey Rourke

I bumped into Robbie Keane and his lovely wife Claudine Palmer earlier today after they enjoyed a very long lunch LOL! Anyway, it turns out today is Mickey Rourke's birthday. And the rest is history. Happy B-day Mickey!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Goodbye To The Hardest Working Women In Show Biz - Joan Rivers

When I heard Joan Rivers was in the hospital I didn't feel like talking. I just wanted to keep quiet and lay low. At 81 to go under the knife is risky and I had a feeling Joan Rivers being the competitive talent that she was would want to go out in a way that garnered the most attention, a place where she felt the most comfortable and on her own terms. What better place to leave than at the top of her game? Who else but Joan Rivers would kill it at a comedy club the night before, go out to dinner with a friend and the next day get some work on her throat done? Part of me thinks she was jealous of the top billing Robin Williams was getting in heaven so Joan Rivers had to tell Johnny Carson what was up! All kidding aside, Joan Rivers was a force of nature, an icon, a true talent, a bitch, a doll a mother and a grandmother. Mad Respect to a woman that made her way in a male dominated field where women weren't taken seriously until she walked into the room. I didn't like all the things she said but that is OK. I liked her anyway. RIP Joan and to your family and loved ones you are suffering a great loss but she loved you as sure and as fiercely as she was talented......