Sunday, September 21, 2014

Eric The Actor Dies Before Becoming A Hologram

Eric The Actor formerly known as Eric The Midget from the Howard Stern Show passed away yesterday. Eric Shaun Lynch was one of the "disabled" side kicks that was used as entertainment fodder on the Howard Stern Radio Show for many years. As a member of the "Wack Pack" Eric drew laughs and a fan based partly due to his size and partly due to his anger. Eric wanted to be taken seriously as a man and as an actor so he changed his moniker from Eric The Midget to Eric The Actor. Johnny Fratto his manager was desperately trying to get Eric to travel to Beverly Hills so he could be turned into a hologram. Luckily for Eric Lynch that didn't happened. Sometimes it is better to go out without being the butt of a sadistic prick's jokes. RIP Eric.

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