Friday, January 30, 2009

The Latest from KAT....

Sitting in Coffee Bean putting down some thoughts. First off, I like marshmallow in my hot chocolate and nobody carries it. Why is that? So I finally started bringing my own, my hot chocolate tastes much better.
The last few days besides dealing with helping a friend, I've been working on my photo portfolio. I think I spent over 3 days on it. I can't remember. I remember having to do it over and over again because for some unknown reason, sometimes the files would disappear after I put the shot list in order. It would drive me crazy. So frustrating anyway, it was very difficult deciding on which pictures at times. Furthermore, some of my pictures I couldn't find or had difficulty getting from my agent. Long story. Any fucking way. David Beckham isn't on it which ROYALLY SUCKS! If any one made a copy of my video of him and me chatting him up in his Porsche please let me know. Regardless, I had to do with what I had. Couldn't find my pictures of Angela Bassett, Halle Berry, Forest Whitaker, Laurence Fishbourne and some other good pictures. Maybe they are somewhere in my other computer. So obviously, I will have to do several portfolios. This is what I have now. Feel free to let me know what you think....

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

KAT Asks Sly Stallone....

This video was taken right after the Welsh Actor handed Rambo/Rocky - Sly Stallone his headshot (see previous Stallone post).... I took the opportunity to ask Stallone some questions...

Monday, January 26, 2009

Dave Chappelle & Lady Ga Ga

Thank Goddess one of my homies, lent me his Dave Chappelle's Show Season 1 & 2. Considering Chappelle started his show in 2002 , I'm a little late. I heard about it and saw a few clips. Damn Chappelle is FUNNY. He is a Gifted Genius. And did he take RISKS!!!! Also funny, one of the first shows from Dave Chappelle, was about a shitty Copier place. I happened to go to one today Staples. There were 8 people in line with no one at the register. Meanwhile down the way where they sell ink, there were 2 people behind the counter. I needed copies made and there were 5 people waiting in line with one copier machine. I was getting pissed. Anyway, Chappelle got it 7 years ago. Kudos to him.
And speaking of getting good stuff late, I went to Amoeba Records the other day. I love Amoeba by the way, I needed to get me some dance music since I promised to do a dance and put it up on Youtube. I was looking for Lady GaGa. I like her song "JUST DANCE". I couldn't find a remix version so I bought her album. GaGa gots some tasty Trax. Kudos to her.
Stay tuned for the video, I'm a tad busy so look for it around Valentine's Day.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Paris of the Fall & the Fake Tan

Paris was Burning yesterday. After leaving a trendy Tanning Salon, Hilton was mobbed by some anxious fans. It was a funny scene.

I fell on my ass due to the medley while some video guy filmed over me. I promptly got up and resumed shooting.Meanwhile teenage fans of Paris were running from behind. Later a fountain outside a store was knocked over. It was on the sidewalk. Don't know who did it but it Wasn't ME!!!
Paris being the media savy whore that she is, was wearing her own signature Hand Bag. Her initials were displayed all over the bag. Paris doesn't leave a place until there are many photogs to shoot her. Clever girl....

Arnold Gets Keys - Although CA has No Budget

The Buff Governor of a Budgetless California, took time to get his handsome hair coiffed at his favorite salon, Guiseppe Franco.

Arnold got a nice dye job and a hair cut to go with his shiny muscle car...

Prince Frederick Blindly Looses Zsa Zsa's $$$$$$$

Prince Frederick de Zsa Zsa wasn't so charming yesterday after being asked about the multi-million dollar investment lost that he and his wife suffered. Reports vary from estimated $4.5 - $10 million loss as a result from being duked by an investment Banker's pyramid scheme.
His Royal Highness was pissed and he took the opportunity to blame Obama, (how his name came up I don't know) but it is a historic German trait to look for an ethnic scapegoat for a problem that was caused by one's own doing.
Anyway, Anhalt said he still will drive his Rolls Royce and that he still has money. Although, exactly whose $$$ we have yet to know considering Prince Frederick Von Anhalt (a former masseuse) has lived off rich women's money for decades.

Sly Gets Welsh Surprise...

After having lunch with his pal Arnold the Governor of Cali, Sly Stallone got approached by a Welsh actor looking for a job.

Stallone kindly told the man, his latest project is already cast.
He took the ballsy "actor"'s headshot anyway.

I Can't Believe it is ....

Look who I bumped into yesterday, "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" FABIO.

Looking fit and carrying a bag of health products, Fabio was his charming tall self.

Something for the Lesbians...

Alot of Drag has been going on here lately so to be fair I shot these photos off a proud Lesbian...

Saturday, January 24, 2009

When Life is a DRAG.... Have a Party!!!

Here are some of the RuPaul Drag Race Party Videos....
Fabulous & Flawless NINA FLOWERS tells me how she does her MAC up...
RuPaul in the Dark...

Bobby Trendy Toasting Nina Flowers...

Britney aka Derrick Barry...


I've been swamped the last week. So I haven't had time to do as much blogging as I would like.
I just want to give a SHOUT OUT to some COOL People.
One Kim O'Brien @ Coldwell Banker in Beverly Hills. Also Alla for giving me some great information regarding property if you ever need to purchase property in Las Vegas, let me know and I'll pass on her number.
COMPU S INC in Glendale - Arman fixed my computer problem w/o ripping me off unlike another computer place tried to in Beverly Hills. Also to my friend Shane for helping me with the casa.
Last but not least to my FAMILY, whose hard work and diligence survives. I have so much respect for what my family has accomplished.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Obama Nation

On this historic eve, I wonder how I will react tomorrow. I don't own a TV. So I will watch the inauguration somewhere. I feel the history being made. I have a strong urge to document it yet at the same time I just want to Feel this momentous occasion.
It is like falling in love with a guy that looks great on the surface and after the initial meeting your head is giddy and your light headed with hopes and dreams...
But all men lie so WAKE UP!!!!
Not that I'm bitter. I have some experience. I'm going to celebrate the victory and the following day, I'm going to hold Obama accountable for making the change that he so often spoke. There are no miracle cures but there is a possibility of redemption for Barak will be placed in the House that was built by Enslaved people (Authoress Alice Walker uses the termed Enslaved instead of just saying Slaves-which I prefer).
African Ancestors who toiled and suffered, dreamt about a brighter future for their descendants. The New Day is at hand.
This past weekend, I photographed some beautiful people who share the Hope of the Obama Nation...

KAT News...

The last few days have been filled with STRESS!!!!! Actually it hasn't been the last few days it has been all the days of my life. When you get lemons make lemonade so they say and add some VODKA!!!!!
My laptop was down for several days which was a nightmare. I went to 3 different places to get it repaired. Everyone said something different. Considering I got the laptop in December I was a bit perplexed. Anyway supposedly it will be fixed tomorrow. And if so I will do a dance and put it on youtube.
Also I just found out some of my pictures from the RuPaul DragRace Party are on TMZ.
One thing you find out as you grow up, there are a lot of people drinking HATERADE. All you can do is do your own thing! The best Revenge is SUCCESS!!!!!
I sincerely want to thank all the people who have allowed me to take pictures and meet them. I truly appreciate it. To me everyone is a STAR!

More Cute Puppies...

These 2 dogs are the latest cute puppies on Kat TalesTV. Both made me stop in my tracks and take their pictures.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Dragelicious RuPaul No Drag!

In one of the best parties of the year (and it ain't even started), RuPaul can't even get into the hottest party in Hollywood. His OWN!!!!!

RuPaul's Drag Race celebrated it's premiere party at a little art gallery on Hollywood Blvd. Not a bright idea because the party spilled out into the streets. So many festive people waited and BITCHed while being told they couldn't get in. The Fire Marshall was there and told the powers that be that the place was too hot to handle and was going to be shut down if the size limits weren't enforced.
My friend Bobby Ras, one of the artists that had invited me to the gallery, was outside smoking when he saw me and tried to get back in with me along. The security wasn't having it. They were RUDE and said NO BODY could get in...
I was about to leave when Bobby Trendy grabbed my hand and try to drag me in. Even he had to wait. Then Debra Wilsonwas leaving and some spots opened up. Finally someone got me in. Once inside Bobby and I were looking for RuPaul and we asked everyone. And everyone inside hadn't seen him. We were running around through the gallery and being interviewed by some funny people. Later I met an artist and his friends and they told me that they had seen RuPaul but he wasn't in DRAG!!!!! What What WHAT? Drag Race Party and No RuPaul DRAG??? RuPaul looks like a Better America's Next Top Model Tyra Banks.
So many great people inside Derrick Barry aka Britney, Nina,
Doll House Dude was in the house and so many more...The Fiercest Bell at the Ball
But the pre-climax of the evening for me was when the Absolut Display Tower of silver Absolut plastic bottles fell. I thought I got it on camera but I didn't SORRY EVERYONE!!! It was the greatest.
Everyone was standing around begging for a bottle and they all fell.
I left carrying my two bottles and someone was kind enough to let me know after I asked one of the RUDE security guards if they had seen RuPaul outside, that RuPaul was down the way.
The best part of the evening was meeting the DELIGHTFUL, DRAGELICIOUS, DIVA/DIVO RuPaul. What a wonderful, kind and generous person. He stayed outside with the people and took pictures and met his fans. The Greatest. What a story, RuPaul can't get into his own Party.
But makes a better one out in the Street.

Friday, January 16, 2009

On the Same Day as MLK 80th Birthday...

As seen on the front page of the LA TIMES, weeks later, a Murderer is Finally Charged with MURDER...
The Reverend Martin Luther King would have been 80 years on this planet if he wasn't shot to death by an assassin's bullet. Much like the father who was shot dead by a BART officer in the back while laying face down on a metro platform with a cop's boot on his neck. Why it took so long for a formal charge to be made by a fugitive says much about the system that we live in.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mickey Rourke in Fine Form

Mickey Rourke just won a GOLDEN GLOBE for The WRESTLER and many say he is up for an Oscar...
Mickey took time to sign for some fans Wednesday Night in Hollywood. Rourke was wearing a suit from Billionaire.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Kiefer Keeps Up 24

24 Star Kiefer Sutherland demeanor in public is very interesting. The last two times I've photographed him he seems so reserve and quiet. Yet when he appears on the scene, the crowd goes wild. I like taking photos of the star and the reactions of the fans.
Anyway, Kiefer was very apologetic that he couldn't stay longer and sign everything that people were asking, begging, pleading for him to sign. Sutherland signed everything from caps, to posters, to DVDs.
He seems like a very gracious person.


I do not watch TV which may be an odd thing considering what I do. So when I walked by a bunch of fans listening to a guy rehearsing, I asked them who he was. It turns out it was David Cook former American Idol doing a sound check for Jimmy Kimmel.

DC is a very nice guy.
He took time out of his busy schedule to make some fans extremely happy. I think that is COOL. David took pictures through a fence which make the shots unique.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Sexy Super Couple Harry Hamlin & Lisa Rinna at the IVY

Ageless Harry Hamlin and super sexy Lisa Rinna were at the Ivy today having lunch with Jason Binn of Niche Media. I asked Hamlin about the reality TV show that is in the works. He had the following to say...

Lisa Rinna also a DANCING WITH THE STARS alumni, looked lovely and in fit shape wearing a black dress.
Married for over 10 years to Rinna, the spouses shared a kiss before leaving separately from the Ivy.