Saturday, January 17, 2009

Dragelicious RuPaul No Drag!

In one of the best parties of the year (and it ain't even started), RuPaul can't even get into the hottest party in Hollywood. His OWN!!!!!

RuPaul's Drag Race celebrated it's premiere party at a little art gallery on Hollywood Blvd. Not a bright idea because the party spilled out into the streets. So many festive people waited and BITCHed while being told they couldn't get in. The Fire Marshall was there and told the powers that be that the place was too hot to handle and was going to be shut down if the size limits weren't enforced.
My friend Bobby Ras, one of the artists that had invited me to the gallery, was outside smoking when he saw me and tried to get back in with me along. The security wasn't having it. They were RUDE and said NO BODY could get in...
I was about to leave when Bobby Trendy grabbed my hand and try to drag me in. Even he had to wait. Then Debra Wilsonwas leaving and some spots opened up. Finally someone got me in. Once inside Bobby and I were looking for RuPaul and we asked everyone. And everyone inside hadn't seen him. We were running around through the gallery and being interviewed by some funny people. Later I met an artist and his friends and they told me that they had seen RuPaul but he wasn't in DRAG!!!!! What What WHAT? Drag Race Party and No RuPaul DRAG??? RuPaul looks like a Better America's Next Top Model Tyra Banks.
So many great people inside Derrick Barry aka Britney, Nina,
Doll House Dude was in the house and so many more...The Fiercest Bell at the Ball
But the pre-climax of the evening for me was when the Absolut Display Tower of silver Absolut plastic bottles fell. I thought I got it on camera but I didn't SORRY EVERYONE!!! It was the greatest.
Everyone was standing around begging for a bottle and they all fell.
I left carrying my two bottles and someone was kind enough to let me know after I asked one of the RUDE security guards if they had seen RuPaul outside, that RuPaul was down the way.
The best part of the evening was meeting the DELIGHTFUL, DRAGELICIOUS, DIVA/DIVO RuPaul. What a wonderful, kind and generous person. He stayed outside with the people and took pictures and met his fans. The Greatest. What a story, RuPaul can't get into his own Party.
But makes a better one out in the Street.

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