Monday, January 19, 2009

Obama Nation

On this historic eve, I wonder how I will react tomorrow. I don't own a TV. So I will watch the inauguration somewhere. I feel the history being made. I have a strong urge to document it yet at the same time I just want to Feel this momentous occasion.
It is like falling in love with a guy that looks great on the surface and after the initial meeting your head is giddy and your light headed with hopes and dreams...
But all men lie so WAKE UP!!!!
Not that I'm bitter. I have some experience. I'm going to celebrate the victory and the following day, I'm going to hold Obama accountable for making the change that he so often spoke. There are no miracle cures but there is a possibility of redemption for Barak will be placed in the House that was built by Enslaved people (Authoress Alice Walker uses the termed Enslaved instead of just saying Slaves-which I prefer).
African Ancestors who toiled and suffered, dreamt about a brighter future for their descendants. The New Day is at hand.
This past weekend, I photographed some beautiful people who share the Hope of the Obama Nation...

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