Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Strange Day in Deed - Upside Roseanne Barr

Today started with washing clothes early and then I drove into traffic. If you haven't experienced LA traffic than consider yourself lucky. While driving through Westwood, traffic was at a stand still. I found out why 15 minutes later. There was a group of people celebrating the bombing of Gaza. Star of David Flags lined the street in front of the Federal Building. I did try to take a photo but I was driving and it is very dangerous to shoot pictures and drive at the same time. The people lining the street seemed jubilant that Israel was bombing the hell out of the Gaza strip and hence taking care of their "enemies". I felt disgusted. Lots of young faces held the flags up and waved at the cars going by.
Later in the day, I seemed to be too slow for getting pictures. I missed Jessica Alba and Kim Kardashian. Later, I misjudged Tyra Banks leaving a restaurant. I ran to the back and got a few seconds.

Maybe the best comes last becomes I got an interview and pictures of Comic Legend Roseanne Barr after she finished her new show on KPFK.Roseanne was very kind and was very proud of her "peace" bag that she was wearing. During her radio show, Barr denounced the war in Gaza and said that she was for peace and solutions to the conflict.

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