Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Second Coming or Maybe the 3rd....Jesus spotted in Hollywood

After meeting Russell Brand a few weeks ago and thinking he was the new white Jesus, imagine my shock while walking on Hollywood and bumping into
Considering Hollywood is the closest thing to Babylon, is it any wonder that Jesus Christo would be drinking coffee from Coffee Bean on Hollywood Blvd just days after Xmas? WWJD?
What would Jesus Do but wear burlap on a chilly winter's night and take pictures with the masses?

Doll House Dude Has A Wish For You

A lot of people think that the DOLL HOUSE Dude is a little wacky to say the least. Most just think he is another crazy lunatic running around Hollywood. But when you listen to him he actually makes sense when he talks about everyone having affordable housing and a place to call home. DOLL HOUSE DUDE wishes that everyone has a home in the new year!!!

Diamond-HOT DOG of Hollywood

Diamond is her name and glamour is her GAME!
Diamond is a sweet tempered fashion model who doesn't mind posing for pictures. She cruises in the back of a convertible when she isn't chilling at home.

Friday, December 26, 2008

The Late Great EARTHA KITT

Eartha Kitt passed away. Her song "SANTA BABY" is on the charts. What a woman!!!
Catwoman was played Purrfectly by her on the BATMAN TV series. Kitt and Julie Newmar are my favorite Catwomen.
What I liked most about Eartha Kitt, was her fiery personality. She was hip to fight for civil rights. She lived on her own terms. Her stances got her kicked out of America but she held strong. She had a voice that was rich like fine cognac. She spoke several languages but French on her tongue sounded magnificently. Broadway Star, Movie Star, TV Actress, Political Activist, Dancer, Singer and so much more.
The heavens now have another bright star to add to the magnificence, L'etoile EARTHA KITT.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Danny Bonaduce isn't a Douche (at least not today)

While having a dismal day in Hollywierd, I notice that Danny Bonaduce is roaming around. I had a tiny camera in my purse and when I went to shoot, there was no SD Card. It was typical of the day that was shaping up for me. So I ran to my car, got the situation corrected and luckily for me, Danny and his new girlfriend who has the same color hair as his ex-wife Gretchen, was still where I last saw him. Bonaduce seemed to be having his own shitty day at the ATM.
It appeared that his card was taken by the machine and the ATM was now out of order. Danny was on the phone for 30 minutes enough time for me to fix my camera situation, and for several fans to take pictures with him.

Although, is ATM card was eaten by the machine, Danny was cool enough to still take photos with fans. I spent some time hanging with these Steelers fans who were very nice.

Is Brandy a B_tch? & A Dog Named Rumsfeld

Funny thing happened on Friday, one I was eating cookies in Beverly Hills, and the singer BRANDY happens to come out of a car. Meanwhile I'm sitting, she comes up to me and asks are you the paparazzi? I have to think about it, because I actually don't think of myself as one. I think I'm much cooler and more of an artist. So anyway, she says to me "I really don't want my picture taken today. Can you respect that?" I was still on the question if I was a pap? Also I said hello to her before she came up to me while I was sitting outside in a restaurant. A lot of good it gets me being nice. Doesn't BRANDY have an album out? I actually try to shoot celebrities in a positive light considering so few African Americans are ever in the magazines unless they are in trouble. So anyway, I didn't shoot her. I let her slide. LAST TIME!!!! So in honor of Brandy's bitchiness and me giving her another free pass, I'm putting the video of the last time we met here.
This video was taken after we did the first one...

After Brandy, I met this lady. She was dressed to the nines so I asked her if I could take a picture. She thought I meant just of her dog, no I meant her as well.

Wearing a coat that PETA would HATE, the lady told me her dog's name was Rumsfeld like another political dog Donald Rumsfeld.

Friday, December 19, 2008

KAT Catches (Despereaux) Mouse

I'm driving down Wilshire Blvd the other day and I see something that makes me think someone spiked my hot apple cider. A giant mouse was on the loose in Beverly Hills. I thought he was the cutest thing. So I went around the block, like a good Kat would and found the mouse.
His name was Despereaux from the Universal Movie TALES OF DESPEREAUX which comes out on Christmas.
By the way, I can speak French with reckless abandon when I have a couple of glasses of wine in me. Shameless for me to mispronunce "Despereaux" but as Grace Jones says, "I'm not perfect but I'm perfect for you!"
I don't know about the movie but if the film is as sweet as this Despereaux was, it maybe a blockbuster.

English Export RUSSELL BRAND Hits Hollywood

After doing the red carpet at the movie premiere of BED TIME STORIES with Adam Sandler, Russell Brand made his way to the Jimmy Kimmel Show. In an alley way, while I was talking to some people about some up and coming band, Marissa who was one of the people I was chatting with, tapped me on the shoulder I turned around and the New White Jesus, Russell Brand came larger than life into our midst.

Russell was charming, well dressed with his trademark wild hair. He is sexy in a very dirty way. Brand looks like the kind of guy that you see on an airplane on a business trip and you decide to either do it in the plane's bathroom or hook up later in a hotel. He definitely looks like the kind of guy that would leave you the next day but oooh the memories. Brand was cool and very tall. We had a great time with him.

Lindsay Lohan Gets Some Protection

MEAN GIRLS star, Lindsay Lohan got protection from an unusual source.

Two male waiters provided the front line between Lindsay and the paparazzi.
Instead of girlfriend's Samantha Rhonson watchful eye, Lohan left with another female by her side.
Surrounded by 30 or more paps, Lohan left Beverly Hills and went to the trendy uber-expensive Maxfields.

Rapper Won-G Out & About in Beverly Hills

Haitian Rapper Won-G gave out holiday cheer and some words about our next President.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cutest Little Elf

After photographing the SUPERSTAR DANCERS OF THE WORLD Sunday, I met the cutest little elf...
This little Pomeranian had the sweetest temperment and the softest fur and looked adorable in his Xmas sweater.

Monday, December 15, 2008

SHAOLIN Wheel of Life Monks

Its a long story but I have had a love affair with Kung Fu, Martial Arts, Bruce Lee, Jet Li, Tony Jaa and the movie Shaolin vs Wu Tang Klan. A few years ago, I had the pleasure of being invited and going on stage with Shaolin Monks performing downtown. They were very nice and so talented. One Monk is balanced on spears with his full body weight pressed against them. So imagine my delight as I saw the familiar robes and shoes striding down Hollywood blvd. I immediately went over and spoke what little Chinese that I know. I asked if I could get one of their robes in purple. They said no. They were wearing beautifully bright fabric that flowed as they moved. There were a couple of English speakers in their group and I spoke with them about seeing the Monks previously. They told me that these were monks from the same temple but a different group and that they were performing in a new show SUPERSTAR DANCERS OF THE WORLD on NBC. This show has contestants representing 8 countries depicting a specific style of dance brought to you by the same producers who brought you AMERICAN IDOL and DO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE.
Anyway, one Shaolin Monk who was from England told me that when he was eleven, he saw the group perform and he knew that is what he wanted to be so he was accepted into the Chinese Monastery. I enjoy hanging out with the monks. We have a lot in common we both are getting any sex. By choice!!!! Ha Ha! Anyway, watch the videos and check out their site @

President Bush Ducks Shoe Same as He Does Responsibility

In an interesting shoe of force, I mean, show of force an Iraqi Journalist, Muthathar al Zaidi threw his boots at the soon to be exiting U.S. President. "The boots were made for throwing and that is what I'll do, one of these days these boots are going to beat all over you," was heard coming out of Zaidi after he was dragged out of the news conference held in Iraq.
Bush made a surprise visit hoping to receive a warm reception for his great job in Iraq and all he got was a size 10 boot thrown at him. By the looks of the video, Bush has had practice dodging dangerous things like the draft, personal responsibility, the constitution, habeas corpus, anti-torture laws, health care, having an infrastructure to handle U.S. disasters and I could go on but I don't have time to type an encyclopedia.
As for Muthathar al Zaidi, he received a nice warm applause from millions of people around the globe...No he received a ass kicking from Iraqi Security because he missed.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

ALVIN AILEY Celebrates 50th Years

Unfortunately I have yet to photograph the ALVIN AILEY Dance Company so I have no photos of mine to put here. But I do what to give a shout out to Melena Ryzik from URBANEYE of the NY Times who did an excellent piece on the 50th Anniversary of the acclaimed dance troupe.
I have seen the ALVIN AILEY dancers perform. It is too hard for me to watch REVELATIONS without weeping it is simply ART at it's best. Oh to be a great dancer apart of ALVIN AILEY. Next life time. I'll will have to take a class there when I go to New York. If ever you have the opportunity to see the ALVIN AILEY Dance Company in person, you simply must. For now if you go to my and look at my FAVORITES (videos), you will be able to see "REVELATIONS" and Ryzik's video.
I think "REVELATIONS" should be performed at the Innaguration of Barak Obama.

Classic Beauty Jacqueline Bisset

One of the most stunning women on the planet, Jacqueline Bisset strode by me. It is an interesting side note the Jacqueline is the god mother of another beauty, Angelina Jolie.
Jacqueline who is fluent in French, is an international film star who began her career in the late 1960's. Recently seen in the series NIP/TUCK as the evil "James", Bisset has enjoyed a career that defies the norm.
Ageless beauty, Jacqueline Bissets still garners interesting roles unlike most actresses who are past 40.
Bisset had another classic beauty with her, a black convertible Cadillac if I remember correctly I think she said it was a '71 or '72.

Mickey Rourke Back in the Spotlight

The rollercoaster ride known as Mickey Rourke was on Melrose yesterday after leaving a secluded restaraunt. Wearing a pinstripe suit, Rourke seem to like the attention. After many years of being out of the spotlight, Mickey with a vengence is back in it. THE WRESTLER (Rourke plays the title role) has Oscar Buzz written all over it.
Rourke has several movies roles on the way, THE INFORMERS, KILLSHOT (both completed) & SIN CITY 2 in pre-production.
With cult classics like THE POPE OF GREENWICH VILLAGE, 9 1/2 Weeks, ANGEL HEART, WILD ORCHID, BARFLY, RUMBLE FISH and DINER, Mickey still has a loyal international fan base.
One might call him the "BUKOWSKI of the Cinema".

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tom Cruise Plays Nice for Fans

Mr. Publicity - Mr. Nice & Mr. Scientology made fans very happy by taking the time to sign autographs. With a new movie and a new pair of jeans, Cruise charmed fans who stuck posters through a fence and waited for hours to see him.

Bobby Trendy Queen of Robertson

Every time I bumped into Bobby Trendy he out does himself. Wearing boots that I would wear, Trendy showed me how to get out of paying meters...

He also shows off some new sunglasses that Kanye West would be envious of...

Prince A-hole Says F U

This might be one of my favorite videos of Prince Frederick Von Anhalt. The set up is he is leaving the Ivy with 2 Studs and I ask....

Eva Longoria Shops with New Hair

With some new hair extensions, Mrs. Tony Parker, Desperate Housewife EVA LONGORIA does some shopping at Sunset Plaza Wednesday. While photographers shot her every move, Longoria kept her eyes on clothes at the high style store.
Eva looked lovely with a reddish tint to her hair and hid "sort of" behind dark sunglasses. Her tattoo on her wrist and her large ring prominently showed.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


In a show of collective strength Teachers and their supporters picketed Hollywood during evening rush hour traffic.
With slogans, banners and bull horns, they made their presence loud & clear. Walking in a circle around Highland to Orange on both sides of Hollywood Blvd.
The group received support by on lookers and people driving home. I think they would have been shut down if they attempted the same in Beverly Hills where the Governator hangs out.Facing massive budget cuts, the Teachers made a preemptive strike on the hearts of minds of Hollywood.

Another Kardashian Gets NAKED

In a world where the only thing "real" about Reality Shows is that they are fake, The Kardashian Klan holds a press conference to unveil Khloe Kardashian nude for another PETA campaign. The cops came by and shut it down after the Kardashians had left and the crew fended for themselves.
By the looks of Khloe, I think she eats meat and I wonder if she wears leather goods but that is another story. Besides Khloe, Kim Kardashian was there of course so were Kourtney, Robert and mom Kris Jenner. I missed the main "press conference" but I did arrive to notice that Kim and Khloe were wearing see-through shirts which is always a smart move because the pap biz is 99% straight men and mostly lesbian women.
The video was funny. But for those who love women with some meat on their bones, Khloe Kardashian is right up their alley.