Monday, December 22, 2008

Danny Bonaduce isn't a Douche (at least not today)

While having a dismal day in Hollywierd, I notice that Danny Bonaduce is roaming around. I had a tiny camera in my purse and when I went to shoot, there was no SD Card. It was typical of the day that was shaping up for me. So I ran to my car, got the situation corrected and luckily for me, Danny and his new girlfriend who has the same color hair as his ex-wife Gretchen, was still where I last saw him. Bonaduce seemed to be having his own shitty day at the ATM.
It appeared that his card was taken by the machine and the ATM was now out of order. Danny was on the phone for 30 minutes enough time for me to fix my camera situation, and for several fans to take pictures with him.

Although, is ATM card was eaten by the machine, Danny was cool enough to still take photos with fans. I spent some time hanging with these Steelers fans who were very nice.

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