Thursday, December 4, 2008

Bobby Trendy Does His Bizness - If You are Easily Offended DON'T LOOK

I was driving and I literally drove up on BOBBY TRENDY. He was wearing my shoes!!!! Bobby being the fashionista that he is had to use the loo aka Porta-Pottie on his Birthday. Plus size model CHER RUE was shocked to find him without hand sanitizer.When Bobby was asked how he continues to look so Fab, he said, "Anna Nicole paid him very well!"

1 comment:

  1. I'm sorry to be this negative but bobby trendy doesn't have the first clue about what's happening today in the world of fashion. I mean take a look at the hideous gift wrapping that he usually wears on his shoulders and than to say that he's living of money from anna nicole. She must be rolling over in her grave. Anna and her lawyer hated Bobby Trendy and Cher Rue, who the fuck is she? She couldn't model her way out of Hefty garbage bag. Does the word "wannabe" ring a bell? I guess when you have no talent you have to work extra hard to be famous for nothing...