Saturday, December 13, 2008

Mickey Rourke Back in the Spotlight

The rollercoaster ride known as Mickey Rourke was on Melrose yesterday after leaving a secluded restaraunt. Wearing a pinstripe suit, Rourke seem to like the attention. After many years of being out of the spotlight, Mickey with a vengence is back in it. THE WRESTLER (Rourke plays the title role) has Oscar Buzz written all over it.
Rourke has several movies roles on the way, THE INFORMERS, KILLSHOT (both completed) & SIN CITY 2 in pre-production.
With cult classics like THE POPE OF GREENWICH VILLAGE, 9 1/2 Weeks, ANGEL HEART, WILD ORCHID, BARFLY, RUMBLE FISH and DINER, Mickey still has a loyal international fan base.
One might call him the "BUKOWSKI of the Cinema".

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