Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Even though I was desperately in need of a new computer and had spent hours researching ads from various stores, I just couldn't get myself to stand outside in the cold for 5-8 hours to get a cheaper deal. I decided to sleep instead. I woke up early and went to a Best Buy that looked like a War Zone. Long lines, people driving crazy in the parking lot, boxes placed to block people from entering, I ended up leaving and going to another store. I went to Staples. Of course their computers were already sold out. They had a deal on a camera they said it came with a printer for free. I was in line to purchase it and the total was over $300. I said to the sales person, "you must have rung it up wrong". She said no she hadn't that the "free" printer was a mail in rebate. I said HELL NO. That is false advertising and that wasn't what I was told originally. I was pissed and left that store. Then I went to Office Depot. Of course there advertised computer was already sold out so I was looking at others. I spent too much time looking and comparing specifics - that is how I like to shop. Rushing around isn't my cup of tea. I like to know what I'm getting and matching it with what I can afford. So there was this computer, I was looking at. The sales person said it was the last one. Then one said we have some computers in the back so I went to look at those. Another salesperson told me that they only had one computer in the back while the manager had told me there were several. So I went back to the manager he showed me 3 other ones out of my price range. I went back to the computer that I had seen. There was a price on it that was a little more than I wanted but I was well I'll get it. Everything was sold out at the other stores. So when I went to purchase it, I was told I had to buy extra this and extra that. The total was close to $200 more. I was walking out the store and the manager was like Oh I will deduct this and I will give you a free that. I was like HELL NO!!!!! And decided to shop later. I'm comforted myself by going to Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles and got me some grits added. I felt much better after eating and then decided to check back with the stores after the mad rush.
I heard about the man who worked at a Wal-Mart getting trampled to death over some bullshit cheap merchandise probably assembled by slave labor in China. This sales HYPE is all so stupid. People become mobs over crap. How many plasma TVs does one really need?
Saturday night I went back to a Best Buy after I had called on the phone and I was told they still had some on sale computers in stock so I went over. When I got there the salesperson did a physical check and said they had NONE. They had some E Machines (that nobody wanted) and of course they had some other ones that were available. I explained to the salesperson that I was told they had them in and I was getting upset that I was repeatedly getting false information. Another family that was standing near me said the same thing. They ended up leaving. The salesperson showed me a computer that was again out of my price comfort zone. He also told me the sale computers that were listed for BLACK FRIDAY didn't come with Software. It was an add on and it wasn't really the better deal. I realized it was all BullShit.
If I had gotten the computer on Black Friday I would have had to spend another $200 or so on software and etcs. Finally the guy whispered to me, just come back on Sunday or Monday. He said check the flyer in Sunday's paper and they will have the best deals. I did and he was right. So all the hype was a waste a time for me. The real deal for me at least happened Monday night. The most positive thing that happened out of all this was I talked with a MAC guy at Best Buy who really knew his merchandise better than the Grove Mac Guys who rush one through. Anyway, after talking to him, I realized I really want a MAC. I'm going to save up for one. There are no real sales on MACs. They cost what they cost but for what I have to do with editing photos and videos etc, MAC seems like the purrrfect fit for me.

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